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  1. haha the best is that last picture of scott. epic.
  2. does this mean blink-182online.com will also come out of "indefinite hiatus" as well? hah best news in 4 years
  3. went to the Phoenix show on Saturday. ava put on an ok show. pretty much what we've seen before. weezer killed it though. too gooood. but anyways, while at the show and i was screwing around with my iphone, im pretty sure I picked up angels and airwaves wifi haha. they must have an access point on the bus or something. i thought it was kinda cool, so i took a screen shot.
  4. is there like an average time they ever get on? ive only caught them like twice and i still have never seen tom sit on there and play guitar.
  5. thought the video was tight. but why are you guys arguing who wrote what? blink was a very collaborative band... tom and mark both helped write the songs from day 1...
  6. i dug it. i have a pretty big signed picture of the band, and this reminds me i need to get it framed... haha
  7. alright let me rephrase that... the ATST video and i even think the WYHSB video are classics, not the ava video. but even then, these people arnt funny and shouldnt be on tv.
  8. that has got to be the worst fuckin thing ive ever seen. nobody is even funny or clever at all on this thing. they are totally trying to make jokes like all those vh1 shows but its not working. if they are going to do this show, why dont they make fun of videos from like the 80s or something that are actually cheezy. these videos are classics.
  9. yeah that video totally pwned everythings magic. the stuff in the city reminded me a little bit of the performance part in the I Feel So video, anyone else get that vibe? the only thing i didnt like was some of the stuff in the snow with the little news thing on the phone. was pretty lame haha. but yeah i think the video really did capture the "epic" feeling toms going for. everythings magic video was a joke.
  10. i went to the show last night. and it wasn't half bad. Tom singing actually sounded pretty good but yeah he did sound like a robot for a lot of the time All the songs were preformed pretty well, except everythings magic and i think the adventure didnt sound all to great either. yeah tom did not now solo, and it was pretty sweet. prolly the highlight of the show. and i dont think he had the voice enhancer going on that one either. sorry i dont have a video guys. he did sing the lyrics to the of heaven at the end of good day performed with matt and david on keyboards. it sounded real
  11. haha this is my 1st post in like 2 years haha, but im a long time reader. haha. i just got back from the first show of the tour in tucson, and it was pretty good. ace enders and color fred were both real cool bands too. and meg and dia are just amazing to look at haha. anyways, yeah tom played Not Now by himself a lot like how he played down and stuff at past shows. it was tight though, he lead it into rite of spring and he played that by himself too. it was hella sweet. the show was prolly the best AvA show ive seen so far.(ive seen them 3 times) tom must of been singing into a
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