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  1. Boxing Day grew on me and the rest of the songs are better than expected. So wierd to have a new Blink album that doesn't sound like a frankensteined-together mess. Nowhere on the whole album did I stop and go, "Wait, that doesnt fit there." So, expectations were low, but I'm pleasently surpirised.
  2. I'm so glad I didn't pay $99 (or any money at all) for Dogs Eating Dogs if this is the kind of crap that's going to be on there.
  3. Dude nobody even said anything Talking about the Karma (referred to as "rep" on most other forums) that's under your user name on each post.
  4. Lol every time I express my opinion about Snake Charmer I get repped down. What a bunch of sissies.
  5. A few months ago I might have said Down. I have since been exposed to Snake Charmer, which sometimes makes me wish the world ended in the middle of August, allowing me to die believing that my favorite band could never make such an awful mess of a song.
  6. I haven't been following this thing, and I came in this thread to vote for Snake Charmer, but I see that's already been done for me. Good job, guys! My only complaint is that it should have been much sooner. After Midnight it is, then.
  7. Wow I can't believe I'm finally seeing this after reading about it 10 years ago. I really never thought I'd get to see it. And it really is just as awful as Mark and Tom said it is.
  8. No, probably not. Definitely not if they never plan on physically getting together in a studio again.
  9. I think it's pretty good. I know some people who consider it their favorite. That's fine. Doesn't bother me. I like the bridge and the industrial rock ending, but other than that I don't really like it.
  10. Snake Charmer is just a bad song. God that chorus is just awful. I'm thinking of deleting it off my player. I can totally see why they left this one off the standard edition.
  11. so I guess you didnt like most songs from enema then? or some songs from toypaj as well. Lol what are you talking about man? I'm pretty sure that it isn't actually most of the songs on Enema. Isn't it really just Party Song and All the Small Things? And on TOYPJ it's just Online Songs and Story of A Lonely Guy, right? Even then, it doesn't sound as out of place or as obnoxious in those songs as it does on Wishing Well. Anyway, I never said I didn't like Wishing Well. I just need to build up a tolerance to the yodeling.
  12. I like it, but the La Da Da's almost ruin the song. No way around it. It's annoying.
  13. Yeah I've been having trouble expressing what I think about Neighborhoods, but I think you put it simply and effectively. Agreed.
  14. I didn't say every song. Ghost on the Dance Floor is pretty good. I don't think the intro guitar riff fits with the rest of the song particularly well though. I already excluded the other 3.
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