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  1. I think Sirens is one of Tom's best songs from everything he has been apart of. Above that you said it was fact he was the most talented. Its not fact its opinion. Tom sold more copies of WDNTW than WYHSB for sure. I honestly think thats because he hyped it saying it was the 2nd coming of christ more than anything.
  2. Again your stating opinions as fact. Tom himself has said that after love part 2 all of the albums sounded the same. To me playing one album back to front, post 03 +44 is miles ahead. That's the beauty of opinions you can have your own.
  3. So your argument is quantity over quality?
  4. He uses a teleprompter even on his Alk songs. Id rather a teleprompter and someone who can sing in key than someone who mumbles the words when he likely cant remember and sound like a dying giraffe.
  5. Fair call, i do love commit this to memory also.
  6. If only your username was Mark182222. I still think more passion and talented songwriting exists on +44 than anything after it. Boxcar was an amazing album as was Self Titled clearly. But since 03, my opinion sits with +44 as the best album any of them has done since 03. So opinion is one thing, fact as you list is another.
  7. So...first show is soon? Wonder how they will fill the time
  8. Good song. But nah prefer Skiba by a mile
  9. No idea how you're running it now, but back then it was dodgy as fuck and i didnt want any part of it.
  10. Actually i am still around. My "freakout" as people like to assume was the dodgy shit going on in the moderators area where they were telling everyone publicy one thing and doing the opposite behind the scenes. And i remember your post Redhot. Aria had just stated that no fake topics where allowed leading up to release. So i locked it and said it wasnt real.
  11. I enjoy that Mark is trying new things. Probably boost his confidence in writing some more and hopefully allow him to take new approaches to all his music. Whilst i dont love this stuff I did think California had some gems and hope to see more
  12. Being on GMA and a few other shows and having btd be number 1 is probably the best you can hope for in a pop rock/punk bad nowadays.
  13. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/7431229/blink-182-california-drake-views-no-1-on-billboard-200-albums-chart California and bored to death both hit number 1 lol. Whilst im not a big fan of the album it was undeniably a huge success for the band breaking back onto radio
  14. Tom gonna need some ointment after that burn
  15. Angels isnt a place where people check him. If they do they get the boot Ryan style
  16. they also beat blink/green day/ offspring/ sum 41 in the category of sexual assaults.
  17. Record signing...a decent loan? What year is this
  18. Hey mum, theres feldmann in the back room.
  19. good to hear screamy mark. Whilst it isnt my genre i dont blame blink for not liking it.
  20. I think you are actually just a guy in a suit.
  21. its hearsay that it was created pre feldmann anyways
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