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  1. I am of the same belief. Others most definitely were not.
  2. Wonder how many “it’s okay when Tom does it” we are gonna get this time.
  3. South Park movie may be the best musical ever made.
  4. Build a slideshow and set it to time of your life or I ban you @Grilliam Shatner
  5. Yep. He also played the doctor in the movie. He was a big supporter.
  6. Toms latest Instagram post seems to confirm there won’t be any delay to starting the NA tour.
  7. "The band was one of several musical celebrities that joined the boys' band, Moop, in their strike against illegal music downloading. Although this is their only appearance as a group, they were mentioned in the episode "The Snuke", when the boys are finding information about the new student, Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem. Hakeem's MySpace profile states that his favorite band is The White Stripes, while he told everyone in class that his favorite band was Blink-182. This leads Cartman to conclude that Baahir was lying, and thus likely to be a terrorist. They are again referenced a few episodes later in "Le Petit Tourette" when Thomas uses the "CuteBilly182" moniker to attract older men to the Dateline Studio. Travis Barker appears alone in the Season Twelve episode "Britney's New Look" at the 2007 MTV music awards" Band 3 times. Travis alone 1.
  8. Yeha most of the time it’s parody but there has been a few instances of musicians actually playing themselves in the show. Radiohead is another that did.
  9. he was on an episode of south parks first season.
  10. You guys think we need new music or nah?
  11. I’ll give the demo a go. Is it stealthy? I basically play TLOU as a stealth game with minimal shooting which is how I like it.
  12. I’m pretty sure golden state was proven to be written before he quit blink. There was some photo with the lyrics by a microphone.
  13. Yeah exactly and Mark picked up a bass when they were talking about putting the boxcar racer song on the album because he felt awkward and didn’t know what to do with his hands. It all makes sense.
  14. This was my thought too. Figured they were just listening to tracks that have come back mixed/mastered and deciding on sequencing.
  15. You’re working yourself into a frenzy again.
  16. Yes cancelling the shows because of that injury was an overreaction. You are right.
  17. Yeah matty is right. You cunts hyped yourselves into a frenzy. You did their job for them.
  18. Oh so now Tom is back in the band suddenly everyone is cool with another band writing blinks songs for them? What a joke.
  19. I was just looking at the 1-16 for anything I recognised or heard them talk about.
  20. enhance enhance SKIBA CONFIRMED
  21. 16 songs with a potential 4-5 that could make it in.
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