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  1. It was crazy fun there last night. Even just being outside with everyone vibing vibing to Taylor swift before going inside was just a real good feeling. I got last nights poster and one of the Melbourne gigs too. Shirt from Melbourne as well. Post gig blues have set in hard today haha.
  2. Tom had mark rip his Taylor swift wristband off during the set tonight.
  3. Wendy clear and reckless abandon tonight. Unreal. Amazing time.
  4. @Jared Goff currently skipping rise against to listen to Taylor swift outside before heading into blink.
  5. Pretty sure that’s just someone talking shit. They can also fly airbus to Christchurch anyway so it’s definitely not that. Saw others suggesting it’s cause qotsa are playing the night before and they can’t pack down and then set blink up in time. Who knows. band needs to address it.
  6. People assumed a turpentine vid based on some snapchats we saw or something. Nothing ever confirmed.
  7. Bro I was never able to get tickets. Sold out too quick wife went last Thursday though. Taytays biggest show ever and said it was unreal.
  8. Put Diddy on ignore. Will cover 98% of them.
  9. They only played always at 1/4 show I went, Dystentary Gary got swapped out that night.
  10. Tickets was a good album. I don’t care about anything else. I enjoyed the fuck out of those songs.
  11. Changing the name after release = dumb Leaving song off album because it’s been out forever beforehand = just fine
  12. Someone’s uploaded the full show. Watched some snippets. Not the best quality, sure more will pop up.
  13. Unreal night again. Same set as last night but the energy was off the charts. Shirt was drenched with sweat. Boys sounded amazing. New songs went absolutely off. People need to watch footage of these two shows if they have any doubts about the aus crowds. I bumped into old friends I haven’t seen in 10+ years. Magical couple of nights. 4 shows in one week and I’m fucking exhausted though. I’m not 21 anymore this shit ain’t easy. Week off will do me good.
  14. I was in the back GA section. In the crowd but wasn’t mosh but ones a jumping around heaps. So good.
  15. I’m pretty sure that I was louder than Perth just by myself.
  16. it’s been an unreal couple of nights. The boys sound so fucking good. I had the best time. Got a day off today and I’m flying home then down to Sydney for the next two shows. Got standing tickets in Sydney. I definitely need space haha. Seats aren’t my thing. Anthem pt3 and turpentine were great live. I got the event shirt and poster yesterday. They’re cool. And ofcourse my bucket hat (❤️ @Elisa) Mark said it best last night “this is way better than cancer” fuck yeah it is. Let’s keep going!
  17. I won’t cry lol. Ill Be way too stoked.
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