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  1. haha yep. I've found the worst/the funniest to be the "omg did you hear blink is back together" and you've gotta try and explain to people that you've been refreshing several forums and subreddits for 5 days following every little rumour.
  2. I've cuaght up with friends i haven't spoken to in 5+ years over the news of the reunion and tour. Crazy how much this news has brought people together.
  3. I don’t want to have to keep refreshing r/blink182 to suss a rip but fuck I feel it may pop up there
  4. Just took the pup for a night stroll. She’s chill now. I’m ready to set up camp for the next 2 hours till it leaks.
  5. Thanks I tried my best! Its 745 here now and we are 2 hours behind. Almost there guys!
  6. “Your account wasn’t created. Looks like your device is connected to a proxy or VPN service. Close these services and try again.” Sorry guys. Doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to get on it. I’m sure someone will dump it pretty quick regardless.
  7. I’ve listened to every blink release over the last few days. Hype levels are at an all time high.
  8. Anyone know a free vpn that lets you choose New Zealand as a country?
  9. Tom said it’s the best album they’ve ever recorded and when has he ever over promised???
  10. Yeah that’s pretty shit too. I was gonna hang at the further back parts of the standing section anyway so my gf doesn’t get mangled but having the option to get as close as possible without forking out extra $$ would’ve been nice.
  11. Yeah I’m gonna wait till we get some more news before buying the first variant that comes out. Ticket prices here were pretty on par with a lot of other shows happening so not too upset there personally.
  12. Dynamic pricing is shit. Glad that ain’t a thing here.
  13. I tried getting standing in melb but kept saying I was asking for too many even though it was only 2. Then I tried 1 and it said same so assumed it had sold out. Seats will be fine. Also have 16 months to trade my way up lol. Glad you got your tickets too! Have to grab a schooner before the Sydney show fuck yeah
  14. And got seats for Melbourne! I’m so happy. I love you all.
  15. Got Sydney tickets!!!!’ mums still in line for Melbourne but fuck yessssss
  16. 9 mins till tickets go live and the queue is already super long. Fuck.
  17. My WPM is over 141, so it's seamless for me.
  18. You’re a fairer man than most. Just remember I’ve never once dissed Detroit, not once.
  19. It was more the calling into question his posting habit as opposed to the Detroit diss. Didn’t even see that part! sad to lose your vote but wasn’t Jan shitting on Detroit himself? Jan is only defending himself having his own chat, not defending Detroit. You’re voting for someone bad mouthing your home town bro. take a proper look before you do anything rash Diddy. Jan cares not for Detroit but only himself.
  20. @Knappperswow Jan is being a real jerk to you right now. Feel free to venture over to our BOTBM thread in free for all and let him know you don’t appreciate it by voting Coight.
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