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  1. I’m not going to be too rattled if they tour here with that set. Would be awesome to hear some more OMT songs live but I can live with that set. We don’t get tours here often so it’s not like I’m sick of it.
  2. My cope is it’s just a printout of last years your set list and they’re working out which songs to swap out for OMT songs.
  3. Especially with all the sex he is having
  4. Damn I wish I was getting laid as much as Jan the alpha stud.
  5. I’m going to listen to Cheshire Cat through. to untitled today just to fuck with Jan
  6. Your meltdown tracker must be starting to ping. Jan is on the verge.
  7. He meant everything he listens to after hearing one more time is mid. So yeah, everything from before. Jan is just trying to be smarter/more insightful than everyone else again. It’ll pass.
  8. He talks out of his ass so confidently it’s almost impressive.
  9. Sidelining the GOATs but praising neighbourhoods is fucked bruh
  10. What’s he say about that?
  11. Fantastic song. Love it. Album is so underrated.
  12. Have you tried accessing the stream with a vpn @Thibaut182?
  13. @Dean @Pussay Patrol @dildo69er best chances maybe
  14. Those would be mine too. Shake With Me also makes the top 5 for me.
  15. Verses of Break might be my favourite part of the album. Matt’s vocals in the foreground with his harmonies(?) in the back works so dang well.
  16. There’s not a bad song on this one and the bangers hit hard. Love how often they share vocals on song. You can really see what Matt said in that podcast a couple pages back about how they wrote this all together in a garage again.
  17. https://iview.abc.net.au/show/abc-live-stream this is the streaming link. With a vpn(possibly without?) you might be able to watch it live there. I’ll be working sorry so won’t be able to record it.
  18. I’m not sure if it beats out ITTC for me just yet but it’s definitely up there.
  19. Yesss. It’s so good! I listened to it on repeat all day today.
  20. Fantastic album. Not a bad song on it. Break is my favourite on first listen. Matt heavy as per usual lately but they do a lot of shared vocal songs. 2 weeks early is huge too. Doesn't happen that often these days.
  21. I enjoyed Travis book when I read it but don’t remember too many details about it. Might have to revisit it soon.
  22. Album has leaked. About to give it a spin.
  23. Very keen for marks book. He’s a smart dude. Hope he lashes out.
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