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  1. Got through the queue for Pheebs 3 mins after the general went on sale and everything was gone. What a fuck around.
  2. Those shows are popular for a reason. Makes sense they’d be in a lot of peoples top lists. Better than just listing something obscure just to be different.
  3. I’m not a huge fan of anything. Gf is though, her and Tswift are her top 2. I do like Phoebe though.
  4. Wrong thread but close enough. hopefully gonna get Phoebe Bridges tickets today. Festival sideshows announced yesterday and presale went up almost straight away and I was at work and missed the news so all were gone by the time I got on. Fingers crossed for general public sale today but I don’t like my chances.
  5. Also voice acting. Gamefreak needs to get their shit together and add voices to the game. It’s so fucking awkward having everyone be silent whilst their mouths are moving and text is scrolling. Surely they can afford it.
  6. The open world is great! its seriously fun just running around and getting lost but as i said to Dean above it's kinda ruined by there still being technically a linear path you should follow. You can do groups in any order like 1 or 2 or 3 in any order and then 4 or 5 or 6 etc. But you are limited by there being no scaling. Yeah the lets go controls sucked. Even hackers couldn't work out how to change it. I never played it docked because of that.
  7. They're great fun but definitely some disappointing bits. Mainly being that despite the game being fully open world so you can battle gyms and do all other tasks in any order there is no level scaling. So if you wanted to go to the "last" gym first for example you'd have to grind for days to be strong enough to beat it but then you'd completely steamroll the rest of the game. That's easily the worst part.
  8. New Pokémon games are pretty sweet been playing the leak for about a week now. Open world is such an improvement for these games. Definitely needs some improvements buts it’s not a bad effort from gamefreak at all.
  9. @_Bagel If it can run the switch emulator on it well then I’d say it’s pretty decent.
  10. Yeah I’ve seen it. First season was great. It has fallen off though but still enjoyable. I think a lot of the too far/shock value moments come from the comics so at least they’re sticking to the source material for some things.
  11. Diddy has done a lot of research into hair transplants it seems. He’s brought it up a fair bit.
  12. Same. I’m 98% listening to podcasts now and the other 2% music. Still love music and all that but just don’t obsess over it as much. Still love the song though. Good and catchy. What’s not to love? Now that the initial hype has died down I’m hopeful they kinda tone down a bit on the whole “dick joke” thing. It’s funny but I just don’t want it to be their whole thing this time around.
  13. Yeah he was definitely just talking about recording blink today. I am getting antsy for something new though. Anything. Album name. Something.
  14. Not getting a Matt only song at least once is such a bummer.
  15. I’ve been playing the ps5 version lately and haven’t noticed any game breaking bugs or anything all that minor at all. Seems like they ironed out the kinks. It’s still just an okay game though imo.
  16. I’ll let you know as soon as I get into! Remind me when it finishes lol
  17. I’m all for those types of stories set in the Star Wars universe so you’ve got me very excited.
  18. You’re making me very excited to binge it.
  19. I’ve had people show me her thumb before. How do so many people know what her thumb looks like?
  20. Yeah nice so did I. Was at work and saw the preorders went up early here so fucked off to the dunny so I could get one with no distractions lol. Sweet I’ll give ya an add when I get home.
  21. You got a ps5? Pretty good aye. What’s your ps username thing? We can be friends.
  22. I think that’s finally it. Might have to unfollow.
  23. Really enjoying how they’re acknowledging Matt and not just pretending he wasn’t in the band.
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