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  1. Where did I do any of that? I'm trying to keep up with you best as I can. Truth be told, no matter what I say to try and reach you, I feel as though you'll ignore it and say I'm wrong, case and point when I posted those videos your response was "I am better, hands down" but that's just a general statement, there is nothing to back that up, and from what I recall of your video, you were not better - so then, who is right in that situation? It's such a bummer cause the video was really fun, and I truly do commend you for putting yourself out there. Hubris though, and humbleness. I
  2. We did, several times, you chose to ignore it and say "I did better, no question" We're saying you didn't. Accept it. Take the L /end of thread.
  3. If I train a parrot to say a sentence does that put the bird on par with me? You're parroting guitar playing - Means sure you're a good guitar player but sitting there learning a riff does not mean you're "better"
  4. How does that not make sense? That makes perfect sense. You're not as good any of these people mentioned. Doesn't mean your bad!
  5. Okay, but was that not the original debate? You said you could post a video now, currently, and it would be better than Skiba Sure, maybe one day you could be, but you said "I could do this and I could beat him" and now you're even saying yourself you didn't. So can you not concede and say that Skiba won this time around? Again, take the L So practice up and in another month or so post a new video, and prove us wrong THEN.
  6. You are all over the place with this argument. So now it's about complexity? I am so confused.
  7. So, question - when you say you are better, do you meant better at guitar? or performance? or both Since you've locked your videos and I can no longer watch them to compare, I have to take what you said and toss it back your way (slightly amended): Show me any video of you coming close to matching those riffs he plays. He's got you beat unless you can do that. Saying you already did but then taking down the video doesn't count - because we can't compare anymore.
  8. I included cell phone recordings in my post
  9. There's a mix of acoustic, with Blink, with Alkaline, with some riffs. In all of these, Matt Skiba is a better performer than your video was the other day. A couple of responses - why are we including the Queen video? You said yourself this was originally about Blink. So isn't posting that video saying look how much better I am moving the goalposts? Also, yes - he has more experience, but your original argument was that you were as good, if not better than him - so saying it's his profession and you just picked up your guitar therefore you could be as good if not better is moving the
  10. I think I am going to pause this now so I can just watch later and jump ahead if need be... My overall consensus Oliver is that you are a fine guitar player and an okay singer. Could move around more but you are in a confined space so I get it. But you are not better than Skiba, sorry. That's my opinion, it's not 'wrong' and you're not going to change it. Good effort though, bud.
  11. this doesn't sound right to me at all...So I'm ultimately confused as I thought this was supposed to be more correct and have more movement than Skiba does. Then again I'm watching oliver on a Saturday night, that in itself is confusing enough...
  12. you're just walking back and forth...Also your guitar is starting to sound a bit out of tune..
  13. Been lurking all these pages, and am looking forward to hearing the song. I hope it's similar to the intro of this...
  14. Blink-182 is playing my hometown of Windsor. Sadly I don't live there anymore, and there's not much point in me going. It's crazy though, Windsor rarely sees bands, being that we're right across from Detroit. The perks of having a Casino... https://www.caesars.com/caesars-windsor/shows/blink-182#.WrOoQ5ch2Co
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