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  1. Blink-182 is playing my hometown of Windsor. Sadly I don't live there anymore, and there's not much point in me going. It's crazy though, Windsor rarely sees bands, being that we're right across from Detroit. The perks of having a Casino... https://www.caesars.com/caesars-windsor/shows/blink-182#.WrOoQ5ch2Co
  2. I think I have these somewhere on a disc, but I don't even know if it would play anymore. If I could get a link, that would be super rad!
  3. It'll be available on the site once it's done as well.
  4. He claims Blink was falling apart because he was traveling around meeting with top secret people and couldn't tell Mark or Travis.
  5. can't help but watch. Trying way to hard, already. Not to mention - they're going to learn and develop all this great stuff...But they're using FB live to stream the announcement? Tom HAD a website that had live broadcasting capabilities...dear lord what a train wreck.
  6. Honestly, I really liked this guy. Growing up this guy was an idol. I really, really do not like this guy now. The AVA Acoustic EP almost won me back because it reminded me how fun some of their tunes could be. I'm just...shocked and at a loss for words. Like, fuck. Just, wow.
  7. Or the bring nothing new to the table Aomeba cover. Fun and all, but needed?
  8. Let's not forget this very random collab for a "Passion of the Christ inspired" album
  9. This happens with just about ANY film - I HIGHLY doubt there's much change in tone or anything. 95% of films go into reshoots, no matter what the cost. The only reason why it's making headlines is because it's Star Wars - and fans will read any star wars related news.
  10. Just ordered Dude Ranch, Self-Titled, and pre-ordered the second pressing of Enema. Parents ordered me MTTS for my birthday. Solid - once they all deliver/California comes out, I've got everything except for Dude Ranch.
  11. Curiously - this is probably a stupid question but does anyone else wonder if they'll be stamped autographs or they're actually going to sign each individually? I doubt they're stamped (it seems the rarely do things like this these days) but I do wonder... The purple is sold out but now there's white signed vinyl available now...
  12. Its interesting for sure. I just never really gave it any thought, haha Ahhh. Makes sense. Probably. Ha!
  13. true - I thought the implication was that they weren't an actual band, at all though.
  14. They did release albums though...And they're playing a show again soon? http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2016/apr/27/blurt-katching-kut-u/
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