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  1. it's actually the same argument you keep picking every month. it's an insanely different situation between the two bands. tom demos out all of the songs he writes and then ilan (the drummer of the band) and his brother add additional instrumentation. mark purchases full songs from top 40 songwriters and then adds a few lines about melting popsicles.
  2. you're right. needs 15 more hollywood based writers. he should probably look into purchasing some scrapped miley cyrus b-sides.
  3. it's a perfect example of how one can write a modern pop song while remaining true to their sound without hiring 15 shitty song writers.
  4. losing my mind leaked. way better than restless souls and rebel girl but not quite on the level of the other two.
  5. i mean my jaw isn't dropping because these songs shouldn't be hard for any professional vocalist to sing but yeah that doesn't sound very far off from the album.
  6. i just watched a video of the war from last night and honestly this is the best tom is capable of singing at his age. would i like him to sound as if he was 22 years old? yes. but he's not going to and i'm willing to accept it because he does sound better than both mark and skiba (when not performing with trio) right now.
  7. unpopular opinion - tom sounds "good" in these videos. i think the sinus surgery helped him breathe more. i didn't think he'd be able to sing this song at all. the live mix recorded through an iphone or whatever makes it sound way worse than it probably is. also, timebomb has a ghost on the dance floor sound to me. i like it.
  8. it's a good song it just wasn't the right choice for a "comeback" at all. if it was just a deep cut we heard later i don't think it would have a bad reputation.
  9. someone should just tell mark that ry collected money from fans to bootleg DED on vinyl. then, he'll be back in no time.
  10. i don't give a shit if ilan writes music for ava because he's in the band. nor do i care if his brother lays down some keyboard i don't even hear in the mix. what they are helping tom create sounds awesome. what feldmann and his friends do for blink sucks ass. if it was actually good music and not a rehash of everything else he puts his name on, i probably wouldn't care. that's the difference.
  11. my predictions are often incorrect but i really see it all going down like this: we get one more album in the same style of Nine. a hundred songwriters, feldmann producing, and occasional skiba yells. they do a longer tour for it and go to europe. afterwards, we hear nothing for months. skiba then leaves gracefully and we never hear about feldmann again. tom rejoins and they attempt to make another album together in the same studio with chris holmes. tom only commits to a few weeks and then records the rest of it in san diego with aaron rubin.
  12. not even mark and travis want skiba for his guitar playing and he's actively in the band right now. if tom comes back and they want a touring guitarist, they'd hire someone who can actually play the songs.
  13. blink with both tom and skiba will never happen. neither will blink with tom and feldmann producing. people who believe either could happen are ignoring everything we know about tom delonge.
  14. i wouldn't be surprised if mark's situation brought the band together just like travis's accident did. but the timing just doesn't line up. ava will be touring. skiba is obviously still in the band. you're getting Nine Pt II (Ten) featuring MGK and the kardashians as added songwriters.
  15. if the blink-182online instagram and twitter accounts shared this with prize photos we'd probably blow past the goal in two days.
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