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  1. i think i asked this before but does anyone know where to get any leftover macbeths? i see the macbeth philippines website is still live but i don't know if i could (or would want to) order from there. i used to have tons of them as a teenager before i switched to doc martens and now i want some eliots or wallisters for summer again.
  2. i bet lil wayne legally can't back out of the tour and someone informed him of that this morning. i'm sure he'll just do four song sets from here on out unless it's packed
  3. i love that travis told matt to throw the sharpie away. these meet and greets are so demoralizing.
  4. adults paying $400 for a whoopi cushion and a keychain
  5. woah yeah this tour is selling painfully bad. some of these shows are next week. NJ is usually one of the easiest places for bands like this to sell out and they aren't even close. as it was already mentioned, i remember tickets selling out within a few days during the first couple post reunion tours
  6. apparently some of blink's masters were lost in a 2008 fire and the band might not even have been aware of it https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/25/magazine/universal-music-fire-bands-list-umg.html?curator=MediaREDEF i wonder which albums were lost. it would certainly blow away the claims that some recent vinyl releases were sourced from them
  7. i think graham hancock's take on lost ancient civilizations isn't far fetched. it's not crazy to claim there is lost history when scientists are actually discovering massive abandoned cities in the amazon that nobody knew existed before. our understanding of world history should be able to change just like science as new discoveries are made. even if you disagree, it's pretty ridiculous to claim that people like him don't deserve a platform to share their opinions for a few hours. that's kind of the point of having people like that on the podcast, to offer different takes to people who haven't considered those ideas before. doesn't mean you have to buy into them.
  8. my lifestyle couldn't be further from bro/right wing culture and i love the rogan podcast (excluding the mma ones).
  9. the bob lazar thing is certainly interesting. especially because he's been raided by government agencies twice and there is evidence of his work history being erased. but the wildcard of that documentary (which was honestly poorly made) was the part about him getting arrested for starting a brothel or something? i need more clarification on what the fuck that was about.
  10. there's way too much thought being put in to this. they are just signatures and these guys are making money off of it. they don't care what you bring because they'll forget about it two seconds later anyway
  11. i just got the new vinyl pressing of WYHSB in the mail today and it blows the shitty hot topic one from like nine years ago out of the water. it's not a surprise but it's worth the upgrade. still not thrilled with SRC, though. took forever to get pressed and ship. some of their releases sound kinda weird (WDNTW) but this one is good.
  12. would kill for a blink album produced and mixed by neal avron and rich costey
  13. they should scrap the whole new album have lil nas x write it
  14. so far it sounds like a +44 song, which i obviously dig. not sure how the fuck it will flow with BIOMY in an album sequence though.
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