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  1. most people don't look as good as they did seven years ago so i don't really see the point in bringing it up
  2. i follow him on insta and just assumed he has mental health issues (not in the way we assume tom does). i have friends who act similarly on social media when they're off their meds. when he starts channeling crispin glover, you know something's up. i also don't know him at all and am not a medical professional so idk.
  3. skiba's instagram post about the song ends with "sincerely, the management" which is leading commenters to believe he's only posting about it out of obligation or he's being passive aggressive
  4. i'm going to agree that mark/travis aren't going to have a revolving door of frontmen. if skiba gets kicked out it's because tom is back. i think skiba and deryck whibley were the only two realistic options. i bet justin pierre probably hasn't spoken to mark in 10 years.
  5. mainstream awards ceremonies being politically driven is absolutely a fact.
  6. awards for everything entertainment related is nearly all politics. sum 41 was nominated for a grammy years before blink and it was for a song off an album absolutely nobody paid attention to. it doesn't mean anything, sorry.
  7. i don't know anybody who listens to music or values it based on grammy nominations. let's stop pretending like that matters at all. enema of the state was their most successful album and the peak of their career but it wasn't nominated for anything. the grammy nomination doesn't suddenly make california on par or better than it. nor does it mean the band is doing better than ever.
  8. is it rare for someone to be a star wars fan?
  9. FYE was the only place i could ever find anything after the death of sam goody/media play. I actually found my MTTS used there and then in the late 2000s they had new ones. the only difference i noticed was that the original one has a red bar code on the back and the other had a white one. i don't know if the white bar code version was a newer release or just imported.
  10. all i was saying is that 500k copies of a CD is a laughably large amount to be considered "limited" in comparison to a 2500 vinyl pressing. for the year 2000, i can see how that could sell out quickly when it was one of the only ways to hear it and the band was bigger than ever. i struggled to find a copy for myself for many years and i was searching for one in stores as far back as 2002. you shouldn't have been surprised about not finding one in 2008, though. CDs were dead by then and i'm sure most of blink's back catalog was no longer in print, just whatever was left in stock was still available to buy.
  11. yeah, that's basically what i just said
  12. MTTS was "limited" to at least 500,000 copies because it went gold in 2001. i think the limited hype sticker on the CD was more marketing than anything.
  13. my guess is they pressed 2500 on color and 2500 on black
  14. no offense but i hope they remove copies from orders that have more than one of a single variant so that other people can buy them. i'm sure some people bought two so that a friend could have one but the majority of them are just going to be flipped on discogs and ebay for 5x the price.
  15. should have set an alarm. totally missed it
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