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  1. even he admits nobody is ever going to see that movie
  2. but that literally means nothing and shouldn't have gotten your hopes up for anything cool.
  3. travis mentioned the song existing a few years ago and a radio host recently asked tom about it during an interview. he wasn't necessarily hyping it or promising some cool 20th anniversary thing at all. he didn't even know it was the albums anniversary
  4. damn don't buy it then lol. i got mine for $12 at the mall in like 2009 so i personally don't care what people have to spend to get one now.
  5. to be fair, you're probably wrong about a lot of this. i doubt it's being "pressed super cheap in china." due to pressing plants and lacquer facilities ceasing to exist in the US, it's taking 6+ months to press any vinyl at all because it's mostly being done by pressing plants in Europe (Not China). combine this backup with covid and you have massive delays. i'm not sure if they are charging more for services either. regardless, i'm sure they are tacking an extra $30 on for the lame signed print, though.
  6. $70 and estimated ship date is next year lol.
  7. that guy quit TTS so he might not even mention it
  8. wow somebody call the european police
  9. very annoying to release a long interview about a new song and then not premiere it afterwards or even give a release date
  10. i don't think this band has ever had good artwork up until this current era. i actually like the way the singles look. they aren't amazing but make good 7" releases. im betting they will totally blow it with the album art though.
  11. this is the artwork for the next single, not the album.
  12. it matches the other three what the fuck are you guys crying about lol
  13. i think if you hate first date, you might as well hate the majority of this record. all of tom's songs on this one are about being a teenager. for that reason, i find it hard to go back and listen to. wasn't he at least 25 years old at the time? i know that's still young but so far off from thinking and feeling like a 16 year old.
  14. mutt is one of the best songs on the record and scott wrote the drums parts for it. i know travis is nearly untouchable but he wasn't playing anything scott couldn't on that record.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/COEWvI3JBcC/?igshid=fp9gkdqk6sgp
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