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  1. doesn't change the fact that it's at least 15 years old
  2. i think blink is one of the worst live bands ever but keep in mind you're posting a video from 2004. gerard way at 23 years old will probably not sound the same as he is going to today especially if he is out of shape and hasn't performed in almost a decade.
  3. i genuinely think tom was fucking weirded out by the people during the last round and doesn't want to do it anymore
  4. i always forget that cover exists. crazy how it could totally pass as a dan written song.
  5. it's just a knock off of a shirt keith richards wore https://imgur.com/r/OldSchoolCool/6nhXNee
  6. take a look at his picture from the last meet and greet. he was already weirded out lol. grown man waiting around with tons of merch in hands and backpack.
  7. what's the problem with ava playing normal sized venues? most successful touring bands play these same 2k-5k capacity places. it's cheaper, they sound better than arenas/amphitheaters, and you aren't suffocated by a million people. attending those blink shows is a fucking chore and it feels like you were in lines at an amusement park all day just to see them play for 70 mins.
  8. davey, you got ripped off by MCS too. i saw them so many times in high school and they always went outside the venues immediately after the shows and hung out, took photos, and signed stuff for several hours until everyone got their chance. they didn't charge for any of that. sounds like near the end of their run they hopped on that M&G cash grab.
  9. just got back from a show. lots of fucking weird adult men who were obsessed with tom. it's all they could talk about before the show. super cringe. i said it before but i do not blame tom for dodging his fans most of the time. tom definitely gave it his all but his voice is totally busted. i do give him credit for trying and also laughing when he hit bad notes. it's not going to get any better unless he has surgery. i personally thought the crowd was most responsive to the two new songs, which was cool. overall, i think it was worth the $40 and i enjoyed it more than the last time i saw blink, which was the cali tour.
  10. pretty sure mark said they scrapped the majority of the feldmann songs, not the "songwriter collective" ones
  11. there has to be a reason why skiba isn't allowed to have his own song. doesn't make sense to me.
  12. i trimmed this album down to nine (unintentionally) songs. i wouldn't hate it as much if they kept the bad songs to themselves.
  13. i'm gonna make another post claiming Hungover You is the standout track. i'd take a full album like that one. i think it's the most original one
  14. hungover you is the only one i feel like listening to again
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