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  1. a quick google search tells me that in the grand scheme of a successful music career, you barely make shit off of radio play and that it's mostly a promotion tool to hopefully sell the music. ATST and I Miss You would have to be played as often as AC/DC songs every single day in order for them to make significant money off it. i know it's hard for you to believe, but blink probably isn't sitting back and collecting royalties in the sum of millions in 2020 like artists from the 1970s are. those artists' songs are played everywhere numerous times per day and they constantly shit out reissues of their old albums. since david bowie's catalogue was acquired, there has been a new release every few months. blink just isn't on that level anymore. they make their money from touring.
  2. what would be the point in owning 1/3 of something if you can't do anything with it? if that's how this works, then tom for sure made the right call because the other 2/3 would block him from making any decisions.
  3. they probably have the time to try to license out random songs to be used in the background of reality tv shows, music venues, chain restaurants, movie theaters, etc by offering packages of music from artists' catalogues they own. so, they can easily make their money back over time. since tom's back catalogue isn't super relevant anymore, i doubt anyone was seeking out the ability to license his music for anything. he's certainly not going to take the time to try to do what this company does just to make money off it again.
  4. pretty sure he's made all the money he can off his back catalogue and this was a way to get a shit load of cash for it one last time. i would imagine a decision like this could easily be made by weighing how much money he would get from the sale vs how much he had been making per year off owning 1/3 of it, especially in the last five years. maybe he really wasn't making shit off those songs anymore. and it's not like the band was ever going to do special re-releases anyway.
  5. that article says this person has lied about so much insane and unnecessary shit. argento is accusing them of faking the texts. i wouldn't be surprised at all if that were the case and they are altered. this person is so on the bottom of the fame totem pole that they needed to lie and sell texts to pay their rent.
  6. pretty sure the model is admitting to have faked the texts. that's not very hard to do.
  7. i do find this part hilarious. each post has just been an excuse to address the criticism or questions people have. i think people were saying his daughter was mad at him and his next post was of his kids
  8. yikes. seems like tom is the one who left her. that explains all her insanity on social media attempting to cope with it. who knows how bad their relationship had gotten but i'd be super fucked up too if i married my high school partner, they became massively famous, had kids with me, and then walked away 20 something years later. it's on a different level than a common relationship.
  9. idk why everyone keeps saying she's 20 years younger when she looks like she's at least 34.
  10. you just described what it means for something to have a cult following. that's like the exact definition.
  11. your post was literally the fan fiction one and contradicts mark's story. what are you saying here?
  12. they'd play the same sized venues as they did before. it's not like they were headlining arenas. they could easily sell out a club tour. do you honestly think they'd be playing to half filled rooms? travis's name alone draws crowds and the album has cult status now. they probably have more fans now then when the record first came out. they disbanded before they could even establish a proper fan base.
  13. it's been forever since i've read that statement by mark but i think i from what we know about him now and his tendency to completely make shit up to better his own story, shane probably wasn't that involved. maybe 50% of what skiba currently contributes.
  14. i'm bored right now and i'd like to say i think this is all wrong. +44 was never meant to be an electronic project. when the band was announced, mark stated in an interview that everything was very electronic solely because they were writing in his living room at the time with an electronic drum kit and a drum machine. it was prior to him and travis buying their own recording studio and having the ability to record with live drums. those demos are readily available and by no means were they "electronic" by genre definition. they are essentially the same songs and they predate shane and craig joining the band. we don't know what happened with carol. mark claims she "wanted to start a family." as far as i know, there isn't any information available that suggests otherwise. shane and craig's involvement with the writing and recording process is a mystery. it's more likely that they weren't really involved at all, like david kennedy and the bassist in box car racer. the style of guitar playing is pretty consistent across the entire record and similar to both the early demos and mark's songs on neighborhoods. for this reason, i think it was all him. interviews with mark suggest craig joined when the album was practically finished and shane was allegedly "around" during the recording process. mark was regularly doing his podcast during the recording of the album and from what i remember, he really talked about being there alone with chris holmes every day.
  15. doesn't change the fact that it's at least 15 years old
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