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  1. also the tongue scraper gift was likely related to does my breath smell
  2. this was the best episode so far. i also agree that tom thacker from gob would have been a good replacement
  3. it's a bit subjective. voyeur was originally on a more successful album and then it eventually appeared on the mark, tom, and travis show. you're probably looking at over million CDs with voyeur on it sold by 2001. m+m's was in fact a legit single but like you said, it wasn't on MTV. and i doubt radio stations outside of socal played it often, if at all.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/Blink-182-All-The-Small-Things/master/91438 they probably sold just as many of these as the full album and it had M+M's on it. even more obscure than a dude ranch track.
  5. gonna have to clarify if we're still talking about davey havok or not
  6. maybe it had something to do with being around you
  7. i know i'm alone in this but i think AFI is the only band from that era who still manages to release really good records. brand new's last album wasn't bad either but the rest of the bands in this topic went wayyyy downhill.
  8. agree that AFI doesn't fit into this conversation but that tour happened
  9. looks like a high school photoshop class project. awful
  10. didn't mark block him once and he came on here to post and freak out?
  11. i don't care about any of this at all but the picture you posted literally has a better, more thoughtful, signature by tom on the enema vinyl and it is post-2003.
  12. i would also like to see him do this with road home and the mtv diary episode. i wonder if watching this made him miss putting that much effort into a release all on their own.
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