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  1. i feel like we have this exact same conversation in a sum 41 thread once per year. i think the production quality of UH is pretty great but most of those songs are just corny and dumb to me. "this is goodbye" and "no apologies" are my favorite songs from it and they didn't even make it on the actual record. i've been enjoying 13 Voices a lot more recently, though. the bad production and mixing holds that one back.
  2. i guess "low key traumatized" would be a better phrase to use? i certainly wouldn't use "gracious" to describe any of the interviews i've read. his most recent one was an email interview with a blink podcast and he skipped over nearly every question relating to the band. for those who believe he's received royalties for all sales of buddha, cheshire, and dude ranch; how do you know? i'd have to imagine he would have been pretty well off in the early 2000s if that were the case.
  3. i really like scott's work on dude ranch. with the limited info i have, he seems like somewhat of a difficult person who is still to this day bitter about what happened. however, he was barely an adult in 1998 (maybe 20 years old?). he gets a pass for being a moron. and i'm sure something happened where he never got paid for the millions of records sold that he worked on. most of those sales came post-enema. doesn't help that mark and tom practically erased him from all origin stories of the band as well.
  4. those aren't the videos tom showed him when he was on his podcast. he had him look up random stuff on youtube that was clearly fake. these military videos came out year or two after he did the podcast.
  5. oh man. i know i'm late to this but it's impossible to back tom on this one. no, none of us really know exactly what happened so everything is pure speculation; however, we're all adults and know how these relationships originate 99% of the time. so, it's not unreasonable to think it's a cold move. this was probably a friendship ruining decision. i doubt he talked to chris cote about it. he probably had rick devoe email him. the fact that chris cote was with this girl since he was a teenager is a really bad look especially because tom went out of his way to claim she didn't know him as musician, yet there she is waiting in line to buy dude ranch in 1997. either way, i'm excited for the album.
  6. blink is featured on the show in archival footage and in interviews because they worked with one of the LA artists that the show focuses on, estevan oriol. he did a lot of videos and photos for them during the untitled era. they aren't claiming to be from LA.
  7. it's growing on me a bit. the lyrics are a little too topical, in what seems like a forced way but all three of these new songs prove that tom is still a great songwriter imo
  8. i don't think this is an album track. sounds like he threw it together for charity a week ago
  9. i recently picked up an OG yellow lemmings for a pretty good price. i've had the OG black lemmings and tctcu for a super long time but never pulled the trigger on the color variants. i just need the blue tctcu but i think it's hard to track down considering all of the represses. most sellers don't show the name of the pressing plant etching to help narrow them down either. i can't help but to wonder if all of those late 2000s color variants are bootlegs. surely cargo music isn't still around and paying to press those?
  10. all of you need to calm the fuck down. don't ask for feedback and freak out just because it isn't all praise. i can listen to as few or as many episodes of something as i want and still give my opinion if you're asking for it. a lot of the counter points make sense and i get it, which is why i said "i could be wrong" from the beginning. also, have i not expressed excitement for certain episodes? i've even spread the word about them to other people who don't know about it. i'll happily not listen to them at all if it's such an offense that i don't plan on listening to every single episode. i guarantee most others won't either if the guest doesn't interest them. it's not a big deal. that's why most podcasts aren't serialized. but apparently all of this is justification for middle school level name calling and wild assumptions that i spend my days absolutely dying to get information about 2006 from audio engineers and former band managers and run away with it. i guess i should be honored by the weird hatred/fan fiction but really this is all just a good time killer for me while i'm working. i've been posting here for nearly 15 years. it should be no surprise by now that my opinions are usually the polar opposite of everyone else's.
  11. the success of joe rogan's 3+ hour podcast totally defeats this theory that everyone prefers a shorter podcast. also, there are people who binge watch entire tv series in two days who claim they don't have time to listen to a long podcast. last time i checked, the entire world is stuck in their homes indefinitely so i'm not sure what makes all of you so busy.
  12. perhaps you should take a poll on here from your listeners and see what they would prefer vs what you prefer? just a thought. if more people prefer hearing the full interview, you could actually be losing listeners. i could also be wrong and it might go the other way. i didn't listen to part two of the tsurt one because i had no idea when it was coming. i eventually just forgot about it because i wasn't on the edge of my seat by the end of the first part dying to hear what was next. i would have powered through it all of it wasn't split up, though. i also haven't listened to the enema photographer one due to lack of interest in that particular guest. but i am genuinely excited about the holmes and devoe podcasts. im not trying to grill you, just giving feedback. successful shows take a while to nail their formula and i guarantee i'm not the only listener with this same opinion.
  13. i gotta say, as excited as i am for some of these interviews, i'm not a fan of you splitting the podcasts in to two parts. especially if they're going to be released a week away from each other. it completely kills the momentum. it's not like we're watching an episode of Lost and dying to know what happens after the cliff hanger. at least release both parts on the same day if you really feel the need to split them up.
  14. really looking forward to that one.
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