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  1. the US CD single for all the small things had M+M's as the second track and the back of the sleeve showed the cheshire album art. a ton of people who didn't know the band well suddenly knew that record existed, myself included.
  2. the rick podcast was interesting. he basically confirms scott brought all of the bullshit upon himself. we always assumed that but never heard it directly from the guy who had to officially remove him. i also do not understand his opinion on toypaj. there were a couple "tone shifting" tracks but for the most part it was just enema pt 2.
  3. i don't think anyone is questioning the small budget based on that trailer
  4. what are you even talking about? please quote me where i said i believe tom has videos of aliens?
  5. that's a safe bet considering the guy barely graduated high school
  6. there must be other, richer, people giving him money. i doubt his most gullible fans have thousands to spend on shit like this. maybe some will bite on the $750 one but not enough for it to pay a salary
  7. my guess is he goes this route to get his friends and family big annual salaries under the disguise of a company whereas a kickstarter actually has to go towards a specific project to be legal.
  8. my guess is he will way pay for its own premiere in san diego and then pay another small film festival to screen it. best case scenario, it will get bought by some super small distribution company based on tom's name alone and end up on a streaming service nobody has such as "tubi" or whatever. no legitimate theatrical run.
  9. i believe his name is larry david's cousin
  10. didnt even realize the trailer was posted. the acting is terrible and he really scraped the bottom of the barrel there for "known" actors.
  11. just because i argue with you guys every few months during my morning coffee doesn't mean i support any of tom's bullshit. outside of his music, i've never read/watched/paid for anything he's been involved with. it all looks like trash and i hope TTS eventually goes away forever. i also don't think he has any legitimate ties to the military radar videos being released. but at the end of the day, he's just another multi millionaire finding loopholes to make more money doing less. that's how most of them do it and it's not going to change.
  12. all you do is mock and harass tom's fans. stop pretending like you care about them lol
  13. i think you're the one going down a rabbit hole dude..
  14. says the guy losing sleep over how someone else makes their money
  15. tom delonge's personal assistant
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