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  1. i think this has been discussed before but are all of these tracks from the "short bus sessions"? and this was prior to recording cheshire cat, right?
  2. the slate says it hasn't been scored, mixed, or colored. that's not coming soon. he's watching a rough cut of whatever that is.
  3. yeah, exactly. podcasts are more conversational and traditional interviews, for magazines or television, are not.
  4. well, that's what a podcast usually is.
  5. if this ever happens, it would probably be best to just have a normal conversation like what was done in the rob episode (the best one, imo). having a list of questions makes it seem like an interview with a journalist and i doubt he'll be interested or open up about anything.
  6. i wish he would realize how bad he is at everything except recording music. it's fine that he wanted to try other things but it's about time he accepts that there isn't much interest in anything else he's tried to do for like 10-15 years.
  7. what's most interesting about this is that he's recording blink music with cameron webb, who is a far better punk producer and engineer than feldmann. i wonder if this will make any difference whatsoever.
  8. i always forget this exists i would have loved one last album with scott between dude ranch and enema with production like this, mutt, and i won't be home for christmas.
  9. i already have the first black pressing. i actually got it from an australian record store in the early 2000s. i want the original blue pressing as well. the majority of the ones on ebay are late 2000s pressings of it.
  10. i can't imagine any seller would take the time to do that, though. the demand is high enough to point where people will bid on these without asking any questions. i've messaged tons of sellers on ebay asking them to verify the pressing plant etching on blue copies of TCTCU and none of them will even do that for me.
  11. unless someone has ~$2000 laying around to obtain all of these tapes and do this, we'll never know. for now, i'm comfortable with the assumption that all of the cassettes mentioned in this thread, not necessarily the j-cards, are legit minus the sticker one. i personally would only buy one that resembles your copy, though.
  12. i'd still take mark's words over the other guys. you have to remember that they were just a small local band. not everything had to go through the same chain of command each time they wanted to make some tapes. the band could have easily placed more cassette orders and made new j-cards without involving those people, which is why they might not even have known about it. whatever was faster and cheaper for the band, probably.
  13. i think it's super important to keep referring to mark's response that literally says "we changed the ink and cassette color a bunch." someone making a fake would most likely try to keep it as close to the readily available photos as possible and not start introducing other colors. for that reason, i think most of these are real. i just can't get behind that sticker one.
  14. but as davey mentioned, the type on the sticker one doesn't even match the others. it's also possible that even if there was only one original order of the tapes, a few just happened to be random colors for the hell of it. it happens with vinyl orders a lot.
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