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  1. ironic statement to make on message board for a band that also tanked in terms of quality. however, i disagree about NIN. not as good as before but still interesting.
  2. how? atom has played with way better bands than travis has as a whole. ilan is trent reznor's top pick to play with NIN. it's not even a far fetched thing to say.
  3. what i said wasn't related to his drumming. but i personally haven't cared about his drumming since +44. the "plays like an asshole" quote kinda makes sense to me. he overcomplicates everything he plays. remember that stupid band dragonforce from guitar hero like 15 years ago? travis is the drummer equivalent of that now. if we're talking about blink universe drummers, i actually prefer atom willard and ilan's playing over travis.
  4. go join ry bread if you can't handle people on here finding travis's publicity stunts to be lame. it's mild criticism at best. the guy is nearly 50 years old. every day the world is greeted with a heavily photoshopped image of him shoving his tongue down a reality tv star's throat. it's just yet another thing that kills the memories i had of this band growing up.
  5. well that was deleted quickly. i'm on board. can't stand the guy anymore.
  6. maybe it's less about the quality of music and more about how things are released now (streaming). we'll never experience the excitement of buying a record at the store on release day again. we also rarely experience the excitement of an album leaking early anymore either. instead, we get whatever the hell they decided to do with this album.
  7. i don't remember the last time an album came out that i listened to constantly. maybe neighborhoods 10 years ago? so, for me, it's not even a valid critique anymore. music kinda sucks now.
  8. ava is also not the only band on that label. i'm sure album sales and streaming revenue of all of their artists combined keep them afloat.
  9. that's exactly what most labels do these days.
  10. i doubt the label dictates this band's set list. losing my mind would be on it if that were the case. i don't think rise records gets any money from these shows. they just distribute the record.
  11. i wouldn't say that's terrible set list but it's too short and has a few duds. here's my unsolicited list of songs i'd like to hear - losing my mind a fire in nameless town distraction do it for me now call to arms sirens shove
  12. curious about the set but i also want to be surprised. would like if they played more stuff off wdntw. the last tour had too much shit off the love albums.
  13. i'm curious to see what you have and whether or not davey can help verify their legitimacy. some of those "trusted" collectors back in the day did circulate fake tapes. if they realized something they had wasn't legitimate, they would sell it to someone else. if they were real, it's unlikely they'd part ways with the rare items unless they were selling off their whole collection.
  14. i think anyone who reads this is more interested in how you were ripped off $4000? i also doubt anyone here has either variant of this tape. both of them are stupidly rare. i remember collectors having them nearly 15 years ago but they were all in europe and likely don't post on message boards anymore.
  15. he's not even talking about aliens anymore he's claiming he started the band to show everyone that we are all "one being connected through consciousness" and that the success of this album is due to people realizing that. it's mindblowingly stupid. he started the band for pure ego driven reasons and the only reason people listen is because it's tom from blink and occasionally he still writes good songs. that's all that's happening here.
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