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  1. no inclusion of The Sekrets, Heavens, or theHELL because mark doesn't even realize skiba is "in the band"
  2. mark just left a comment on tom's IG post saying "i love you and i always will"
  3. why does mark think people are going to buy the idea that he was some poor dirty punk as a teenager? we have numerous documentaries/tv specials that show the perfectly normal middle class home he grew up in
  4. i think mark suddenly being so casual and cool about tom/ava is a publicity thing. they don't want bad blood tabloids anymore because it looks bad for a band desperately trying to climb the charts. there's a reason tom isn't doing the same thing.
  5. the guy who wrote this song actually wrote several sugar ray singles
  6. yeah, this is the worst thing they've ever released. they didn't write this song. there's nothing here that resembles blink at all. it feels good to be completely done with this band, though. i just wish they didn't get our hopes up when they brought skiba on board years ago.
  7. so, this was written by the guy who wrote "shake it" for metro station. w e l p.
  8. i never bragged about AVA selling out most of their tour but i understand why they booked those 1500-2000 cap venues. 5000 cap venues are less common and there's no guarantee they'd fill them after a long hiatus. blink definitely falls in that 5000 category now though. they have to stack their bill with other huge acts to justify the arenas/amphitheaters. but even then, it doesn't always work out (i.e. barclays center and those vancouver venues).
  9. looks like theyre mixing up the set list quite a bit on this small club tour. lots of deep cuts from half hour of power and chuck. i wish someone got a video of "open your eyes"
  10. when i saw them at barclays center a few years ago, it wasn't even close to being sold out.
  11. people comparing this to the linkin park/jay z thing are delusional. both already had rap/rock elements in their music and it was kind of a miracle that it worked so well. this is just stupid lol
  12. if tom was still in the band i bet we'd actually get that song
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