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  1. The main thing about football supporting for me is following your local team, the appeal is being there with a ground full of people who are from Leeds or the surrounding area, that's what I think football is all about. I would hate to be stood next to some fans who just support the team because they were successful when they were growing up, I don't really see any excuse for not supporting your local team.
  2. Does it really matter what Pellegrini thinks though? Firstly because Perez makes all the signings and ultimately the big decisions and secondly because he probably won't be manager next season anyway. The real coach is not Pellegrini, nor Florentino, it is Valdano. I hate that fucker. Pellegrini does whatever he wants. And i think he will be the manager next season, unless Mourinho wants to go to Madrid. I've just read a book about Real Madrid and Valdano came across quite well in it, just seems ridiculously passionate about the club. I can't see Benzema leaving especially as Raul is likely to leave, would leave them short up front. Such a big game for Leeds today, an hour away. A win and we're up, we never do it the easy way though.
  3. Does it really matter what Pellegrini thinks though? Firstly because Perez makes all the signings and ultimately the big decisions and secondly because he probably won't be manager next season anyway.
  4. Apparently Florentino Perez wants to give Benzema another season to prove his worth, can't see them selling him on after one season to be honest.
  5. Haha, that serves you right for listening to Talk Sport!
  6. Yeah, with Reyes, Simao, Forlan and Aguero up there, we can score any time. The worst part is our defense, but they havent been too bad lately. Perea has been a fucking beast lately! I never used to rate Perea but of what I saw of him last night he looked really good.
  7. I don't rate Madrid but they have got a couple of players who are capable of creating something out of nothing, Reyes' ball for Forlan last night was class.
  8. Super performance from Fulham last night, great character to come back from an early setback. Looking forward to the final now. Leeds could get promoted tomorrow, we've got Charlton away and Millwall are away at Tranmere. We need to win and need Tranmere to win to be promoted, not very likely but you never know. Feeling so nervous already.
  9. I read that Balotelli had suggested somewhere that a lot of the abuse he got was because he was black. At the next game the fans had a banner saying, don't worry balotelli, we'd hate you if you were white too.
  10. What a massive game Liverpool v Chelsea is going to be. Man City deserved to lose yesterday, had possesion 92.30 on the clock and then just gave it away, so unprofessional. Nothing to do with luck for Man Utd yesterday, Man City gave it to them on a plate. I thought the second half yesterday was on of the worst Premiership halves I've seen this season, no tempo and so many basic mistakes. If i didn't know I woulddn't of even thought it was a Premiship game never mind a derby with so much riding on it.
  11. Why is this one of the sickest videos on youtube and why should they be in cages?
  12. Yeh Leeds mate. I wouldn't be too surprised if Chelsea beat Spurs by 2 or 3 today, they played 120 minutes on Sunday and worked very hard on Wednesday to beat Arsenal. Anyway, I'm having a break from the library and off to the bookies.
  13. I hope the Manchester derby is a good as the reverse fixture earlier this season, I fancy Man Utd, Man City look too vulnerable at the back from set pieces for me. Big game for Leeds at Gillingham today, Huddersfield did us a massive favour and beat Millwall last night. 3 points today would mean that because of goal difference we could afford to lose one of our final 3 games and go up.
  14. I wouldn't want a billionaire to come and just plough loads of money into Leeds, its not what football is about for me.
  15. Tony Yeboah, what a player. He's one of the only players in Premiership history to score over 20 goals in under 50 PL games, can you name the others? The thing that sucks about being a Leeds fan is there are so many other Leeds fans who are just scumbags, you go to Elland Road and sometimes you just despair! Ah well, I guess there is people like that at every club. I think Liverpool will go out tonight, anyone bet much on football? I might put a couple of quid on over 2.5 goals in Liverpool v Benfica and maybe a couple on Benfica to go through too.
  16. Yeh I love that programme, the early ones take me back to when I was young and used to record Match of the Day on VHS because it was on too late for me. Yeh if Leeds had kept everyone together we could of had an awesome team, the likes of Lennon and Milner who came from Leeds too. It's getting to the point now where i'm getting fed up of Leeds fans dining out on our 'history', we didn't win anything in the early 2000's and everywhere we go in League 1 we sing 'you're only here to watch the leeds'. It just really pisses me off, I think that attitude is why we are still here, we think we are better than everyone and we should automatically go up because we get a few more fans through the gate than other teams. It hit me on Monday when we played Yeovil, the ground wasn't even full and the fans were singing that and I just cringed. We should be getting behind the players on the pitch, not dining out of a previous era when we didn't even win anything! argh!
  17. Yeh I don't really like to see teams like Wigan in the Premiership, Wigan is a rugby league town, they don't really like football there. Having said that they are there on merit and have stayed there for a few seasons now. Yeh we can forget about Norwich now, they are up, I think we will struggle to take the second promotion spot because Swindon and Millwall are both playing so well at the moment. That means the play offs which I don't think we'll get through, its looking like now it's probably going to be one of Millwall/ Swindon, Leeds, Charlton and Huddersfield. We have never played well against Huddersfield and never seem to pick up a good result, like I said Swindon and Millwall are looking really good at the moment, plus we have just lost to them both at home 2-0 and 3-0 in the last few weeks. If we got Charlton I'd be confident of beating them but obviously we would have to meat one of the others in the final. We'll see though, few more games to go yet.
  18. Yeh there was a stat I heard at the weekend, before we won at Old Trafford we were averaging 2.3 point a game and now its under 1. I don't think it has anything to do with Old Trafford, Beckford handed in a transfer request a few days before that game, then changed his mind a few weeks later. Basically, he's a cocky twat who has got too big for his boots, the other players don't like him and he isn't going to be here next season. I think that some of the other players have lost respect for Simon Grayson because of the way he has handled it all, because he made the decision to keep Beckford it seems that he now has to play him every game despite him putting in dreadful performances. Beckford has done nothing for games, he puts zero effort in and its hard when you are effectively playing with 10 men. Haha, a few people have asked me about trading Old Trafford for promotion and I would, that was an amazing day and we gave a really good account of ourselves but we need to get out of this league we are stuck in, if we stay another season I really fear for us.
  19. Yeh, I don't. I stand by my points though if you would like to respond to them?
  20. Bayern deserved to go through, after the first 20 minutes of the first leg they were the better team and they kept the ball brilliantly and did what they had to last night, two silly bookings from Rafael but he's young and he'll learn. It did amuse me that Ferguson was saying 'typical germans' about trying to get Rafael booked, all teams do that when a player on a yellow puts a challenge in. Fergie was also complaining about Bayern targeting Rooney's ankle, why shouldn't they? Fair enough its not gonna win them any fair play awards but at that level of competition why not, expose the other teams weaknesses, it's a mans game and the chances are your going to get knocked about a bit by two centre backs like Van Buyten and Demichelis anyway.
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