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  1. Kim Jon un is enslaving millions of suffering people at this very moment. Yet the PC snowflakes are worried about statues and how much they offend people, people who never once suffered under them. As for Kim Jon un, I mean he seems like a nice guy, big bad Trump shouldn't do anything about him. Let him live in peace. You got to love liberal bullshit logic.
  2. I told you, Trump was annoyed that he is being unfairly treated. Yes, they are a part of his voter base, that isn't his fault. I don't see how condemning them "in the strongest possible terms" is catering to them. Yes, I will concede that Trump is likely going a bit soft on them for political reasons. BUT, welcome to the world where everyone pretty much does that. Obama was soft on Castro who murdered how many people? Because Castro is on the far left. I am not trying to say because other people do it that makes it ok, but it is what people do. Notice how not a single person here on the liberal side condemned the actions of those animals who destroyed private property? Same exact tactic. My very initial comments on this matter were that Trump should be ashamed of himself for the comments he made. If I didn't have to search 100 pgs I'd find it. So like, I understand what you are saying. But taking that final press conference and doing an analysis of it, I don't think Trump was saying that he condoned the violence. I think he was annoyed at the hypocritical media, I was too watching it, to be honest. That is a very fair position on Obama.
  3. I agree with this, there is no sense in having a confederate memorial in the middle of nothing historical except to create issues. Of course I think union memorials in the middle of nowhere are also stupid. They have a John Reynolds memorial at City hall in Philadelphia and I always wonder what the point of that is.
  4. Gettysburg has tons and tons of Confederate monuments, thousands upon thousands, and the millions of people who visit there on a yearly basis never seem offended. Isn't that strange?
  5. And people who said that would be completely ignorant. Actually a lot of the progressive reenactors that I do living history with are professional historians. The guy in my sewing circle who reenacts has his PHD in History and is a supervisor at the museum of the American revolution. So that certainly doesn't mean ANYTHING if you choose to reenact. Although I would concede that I am a hobby historian.
  6. I wasn't taking jabs at your intellect, I said I didn't doubt you credentials or knowledge, well I did say it is weird that you apply 1869 logic to present day, but I mean, it is weird. That is the thing though, I love history, and I've known you how long? and it has never been apparent to me that you have a passion for it. Which is odd. True, we did the genealogy research but I felt it was more family based and less historically motivated. Although they do go hand and hand. I certainly don't think history is a personal hobby, far from it, but maybe that is because I do living history where its a tight knit group of historians.
  7. You can have all the degrees you want, when you compare a thought process from 1869 to modern times, you don't know what you are doing. I am not doubting your credentials and I am sure you have knowledge, but you sure as heck don't strike me as the historical type at all. Most historians, even if they don't have a job in it, are out their pursuing their passion in the form of research, lectures, etc. Never seen any of that from you. I am actually giving a lecture tonight to about 50 people on New Sweden. You should come on by.... https://www.eventbrite.com/e/history-quiztory-the-bank-barn-tickets-30140569254 August 17 - The Swedes in Delaware During the 17th Century. "Colonial Swedes in Delaware -perspectives and occurrences not usually presented", presented by James Stone. James is a board member at the Pencader Heritage Area Association and a dedicated Revolutionary War re-enactor. With a love of history and aspirations to becoming an author, James offers facts and uniquely thoughtful perspectives.
  8. I think most soldiers don't know what they want. Most of them are brainwashed to feel pride in their organization and follow orders. That is really about it. I did know some African americans fought for the south, very few though. More in the north, but the north didn't treat them well, look at the 54th Mass, all black, they basically sent those guys in to soften up the lines before the more respectable white troops could proceed. Don't believe Hollywood on that one, (Glory)
  9. You can't admit that Obama was wrong for supporting a hate group that you yourself dislike. Sad.
  10. It is interesting watching those idiots tear down that statue and spit on it, if they had been in that guys position, every single one of them would have been racist slave owners fighting for the confederacy. These people are just too stupid to understand time and place and how it relates to your thought patterns. High Horse losers.
  11. Lets try again, , the order was, we were talking about Trumps press conference, and I said Obama has also stuck up for hate groups. That ball was in your court. You chose the stupid distraction
  12. I don't get why there were so many confederate racists back then, clearly they heard Martin Lurther King jrs "I had a dream speech" Weren't they inspired? Obviously they saw our first black president get elected. They need to get with the times. Sheesh!
  13. You don't know how to analyze history at all. When you've seen what Lee saw, of course he'd never wanted it remembered in any way, shape or form, plus, he lost. Has nothing to do with him wanting equality. You do know that when you study history you have to look at it thru a certain lens right? I mean, why didn't Washington just use his cell phone on the night of the Xmas crossing, his men were hungry, why didn't they stop at the local mcdonalds for a big mac?
  14. The same tactics you and your cohorts use daily.
  15. Wrong, the order was, we were talking about Trumps press conference, and I said Obama has also stuck up for hate groups. That ball was in your court. You chose the stupid distraction.