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  1. I think Robin Williams will come back and do a Mrs Doubtfire 2......it could happen, they could take like his DNA from a hairbrush, and clone him, speed up the aging process with this new drug they have, and then use a hologram and voiceovers for inconsistencies! That's about how stupid this discussion is.....
  2. You won't hear from Ghent till Monday morning. His work week of getting paid to surf the internet is over.
  3. Yeah, seems crazy. They did add a dinner with the crew, and a walk on the stage. But eliminated the sound check. I feel like when I paid the $300 I got more than this. They jacked that price way up.
  4. So I am sure this has been mentioned, but Blink's VIP to meet them on tour is now $750 a ticket? LMAO! I guess they saw that the VIP stuff was selling too quick which meant it needed a price adjustment. https://www.adventuresinwonderland.com/t/blink-182-us/d/hershey-park/p/kings-of-the-weekend
  5. I've done away with 2 parody accounts, one of them was a Tom Delonge parody, which was funny at first, but once it started spamming up every single thread with endless amounts of clutter I got rid of that problem and people agreed. Same went for that idiot who pretended to be Scott Raynor a few years back. It just got stupid. So I don't really see what Speedo did wrong. On the other hand, some parody accounts are funny and mod created, so maybe it kind of depends? Aria is ok with them, and Aria owns the board so....... I do think this board can be too democratic for its own good sometimes though. If there is some asshole coming in a hacking the board, there is no time to stop and consider what the rest of the board might think about this. There is this one time where the Blink section literally had 50+ spam topics in it calling Helen a Ho and I specifically left them up for a bit to justify removing the problem. I don't think it should get to that. Maybe this is more of a discussion for the mod forum. Anyway...... ....... this sure seems like a heck of a lot of drama either way over nothing!!
  6. Maybe Skiba can join too. Then they can just totally crush Mark's soul.
  7. But as an AVA fan I think you'd even be more annoyed. With Blink its 3 guys and a democracy, so maybe it doesn't work out, fine. With AVA, its just him and he chooses not to do it and he teases it for countless years and never produces. It is crazy to think that AVA literally has not taken the stage in 5 years.
  8. I agree with following your passion. If Tom didn't excessively hype shit, if he didn't make outlandish statements, if he didn't make promises he never keeps, if he didn't try to use Blink for attention, and if his ideas were actually good and not bat shit insane...... I'd 100% support him.
  9. BCR without Travis is more plausible, still unlikely IMO, but could potentially happen. But I also think, as you said, it wouldn't really be BCR. Tom already tried to do Blink/BCR on his own, it was called demos, odds and ends, and it wasn't good at all.
  10. BTW, that last post was not pro/con Speedo mod. I don't know the entire story and so will stay out of it.
  11. True, Aria made me an admin for about 10 minutes, he was like "Oliver you should be an Admin" and when it seemed like the board was not happy with it, he was like "Sorry Oliver no can do"
  12. Tom won't be back. And I doubt his buyout/royalty deal is anything close to the money he made while in the band. It couldn't be and I imagine it isn't enough to support his high cost miserable failures that he constantly creates. "Oh lets spend $3 million on a film no one has shown any interest in, because I am Tom Delonge, and I am great. It going to change the world I tell ya!!!" :::::::Film makes $120K and flops::::::: "Oh well, anyway, enough about that project, onto the next one" Amazing business acumen if I understand it correctly.
  13. We have no clue the situation. But I bet Tom got bought out of Blink. No way a label would fund an album or a tour if Tom could waltz in and put a stop to it, or sue the shit out of them every time they went onstage. There is no question an agreement with $$$$ attached was drawn up for Tom to sign which gave Blink the right to continue as an entity that is not under his control. Whether it was a full buy out is questionable, but I imagine Tom's control of Blink stops at him owning some shares in the entity or getting royalities etc. No way he has any control. Totally impossible.