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  1. I was actually going to troll the "contact us" of the TTS site, I started to write a message about Tom inventing a time machine to go back and get the sane version of himself that we all loved so much more. I was on the fence about it because I am sure they don't read that stuff.. Then my computer did a mandatory restart right in the middle of me filling it out and I took that as a sign I shouldn't send it.
  2. Yeah, I mean people don't have a clue what goes into this. Part ABC goes into spaceship. Where do you acquire part ABC? Where do you store it? How often does it fail? Could the supplier stop making it? Who comes up with the design and manual that says you need part ABC? Who determines if part ABC meets EPA standards? Who inspects it? Who determines if parts ABC is a major repaired item, a minor repaired Item? Who can repair part ABC? Who establishes contract for buying and repair part ABC? Any classified technology? Now multiply Part ABC by like 20,000 parts. There you have it. Tom is like a 3 year old kid trying to explain rocket science to you by saying "Daddy I drew a cool picture today of a rocket that will go to Mars". You just smile and say "Cool, thats no neat!" to humor him. Its a complete joke.
  3. Like I said, but perhaps it bares repeating. I work as supply specialist for the government. I was on a system called Firefinder, the AN/TPQ-36 and 37. Its a radar system that detects enemy missles and intercepts them. The system took over 2000 people, 20 years to develop and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Not to mention having to work with a government depot to stock, store, and issue parts. That was just to get the thing fielded. That doesn't include yearly sustainment, because ya know, shit breaks, parts go obsolete, systems need to be reset and rebuilt, and all other kinds of stuff. This costs at least $20mil a year just to sustain. Please tell me how Tom will do this with $2mil?
  4. Your trolling is silly.
  5. Did you just compare Steve Jobs to Tom Delonge? LMAO! Apple sold a product, that people wanted to buy in droves. What product will Tom sell that will sell like Apple?
  6. It is? Tell me how you get a $300mil+ project off the ground with a couple mil dollars? Either he just takes the money and does nothing, or he takes the money and blows it on something stupid. Either way, he's fucked relative to what he's promised. The "coming soon" will only get him so far.
  7. Josh Homme from QOTSA kicked a woman in the head

    Josh has always been a piece of shit though, he has a history of this type of stuff. This was provoked, but using those slurs against the guy was over the line. Also security bringing someone to the front to be assaulted, essentially assisting in the assault, I'd have sued the living fuck out of that venue.
  8. Josh Homme from QOTSA kicked a woman in the head

    Well I disagree, I think their music is amazing, though they haven't been as good since Josh kicked Nick out back in 2004. Its been kind of Queens lite. Also Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and that dude from that band that plays that song that goes "She's buying her stairway to heaven". Also a great band.
  9. Josh Homme from QOTSA kicked a woman in the head

    Yeah, damn woman's face got in the way of his foot. She should know better.
  10. Been a fan of him since like 2003, but what a pile of trash. Now he has made an apology and he looks like he is trying to force himself to cry.
  11. I agree I don't think Travis was there. This TTS stuff is no doubt the beginning of the end for Tom. Within a few years (or less) when this goes belly up or Tom loses interest (Like Blink, AVA, Modlife, Comic Book store, Ebay Auction Site, Poet Anderson etc) "Investors" are going to be pissed. Once they see they paid $200 at least for nothing more than an email. There will likely be a lawsuit or two. His ability to be an entrepreneur (what little ability he has) will be rendered useless. Really his only option will be some Blink/BCR tribute. But honestly, I am not sure he is mentally or physically capable of it. I really don't think he is. Normally I'd say I feel bad for the guy, but he's a fucking asshole, so I don't.
  12. California Goes Gold!

    This band is on the decline and I think they know it. They didn't even bother to put out a single or play a track off the deluxe. With any hope, Mark has come to his senses and finally realized it was time to retire Blink and save what is left of the legacy.
  13. The Donald Trump Thread

    People in America don't really care about a single thing outside of America. Kim Jon ohlalala holds millions in poverty and suffering and we sit here are bitch about tax increases. Its kind of petty if you think about it.
  14. The Sex Pest Club

    The "they do it too" mantra is getting old. Instead of just celebrating the removal of this piece of excrement it always has to revert back to Trump in some fashion. Odd
  15. The Sex Pest Club

    Its official. Of course his departing speech he called all his accusers liars. What a class act.