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  1. Tom definitely got his ass spanked for appearing on Rogan. So the less publicity the better. As long as people are funneling money into his scam, why screw up a good thing with your big mouth? The last thing Tom wants is the FBI up his ass questioning the legitimacy of this.
  2. Tom on San Diego new channel

    LMAO! "TTS took off so much, Tom no longer does interviews......." More like, he got boned on Joe Rogan.
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Why is it so hard for them to just be themselves? Write from the heart and not from the saw'd off prick. Label doesn't like it? fuck the label. If I had tons of money and I was set, I couldn't image a situation where I was some puppet for the suits writing teenaged love songs in my 40's. Whats the point?
  4. Transplants is the gayest band on earth

    Different times. Most people know all this but; with the collapse of the MCA message board at blink182.com in 2002 (the main site actually use to be the place to go for the latest) Travisbarker.com (here) became the place to get the latest. I don't know how, but this place always had it first, from pop disaster tour dates, to Blink on the Simpsons. It drew massive amounts of Blink fans to the board. But there were 3 types of posters basically, the in crowd, the casual poster, and the outcast. The casual poster was given ok treatment. If you became the outcast, watch out, they ripped you a new asshole. If we did half the crap that they did back then, this board would die in about 2 seconds, but back then, there was just such a huge pool of people, it didn't matter, and the in crowd was happy, because they felt cool, so they stayed. But most people were in the age range of 13 y/o- 17 y/o. I was 20 y/o and I was an old man. Like WTF is this old man doing here? They made fun of me constantly.
  5. Transplants is the gayest band on earth

    Yes, it was an endless shit show of admins/mods screwing with people, and there was tons of racism. I told them they were racist for using the term "N***er" and their reply was to make GIFs of my picture calling me a "N***er lover" All board data from 2002-Late 2005 was wiped out. So much of it is now missing. But believe me, it was ridiculous.
  6. Transplants is the gayest band on earth

    You are just figuring this out now? Also, there is no question that the racist thing was someone editing her profile. Going to be blunt, back in 2005, Chris (admin) was not a good person, and a racist. You can write some thing off an immaturity, no, he was just a POS. Although he has come on here in recent years and has been much better.
  7. Transplants is the gayest band on earth

    I don't think that was real. But maybe. the mom sent me a PM about you harassing her.
  8. Transplants is the gayest band on earth

    Wow, this is crazy.
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I didn't like Disaster until I heard them do it live (last show I saw with Tom) They did a great job with it. But I think the huge bass hit or whatever at the beginning of the song nearly blew the walls out of the club.
  10. Breakdown of all the small things

    I am pretty sure there is a way to do this. A program or something. There are way too many instrumentals that are legit original recordings with vocals/drums/guitar removed and they are not rerecords. No way all these people have the master tapes that are likely locked in vaults.
  11. Breakdown of all the small things

    This was really cool. I love videos like this. Jerry Finn was amazing.
  12. Blink's Biggest Cringe Moment?

    Yep, I had thought of buying most of them though.
  13. Blink's Biggest Cringe Moment?

    ALmost, I considered it, but I got cold feet. Because I think it was a good amount of money for them and a bit of a gamble. I probably should have.
  14. Blink's Biggest Cringe Moment?

    Very little of their merchandise ever interested me. I did like the Tshirts for each date of the tour. That was pretty cool/
  15. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Just wait till you realize you are the same age as some of the teachers who you considered "old" back then.