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  1. Blink Vegas Residency

    It’s a bit troubling. Especially for a band that use to sell these clubs out in about 3 mins or less. If they maintain at only a few unsold seats it’s not a huge deal for the promoter. If they start playing to half filled venue it might be very bad.
  2. Blink Vegas Residency

    You got it man. I’ll post it and I totally did not fail at proving I’m a better guitarist and overall musician than Matt ( minus the songwriting part of course)
  3. Blink Vegas Residency

    Surprised in a good way. They sounded good and although the set list is still not perfect, its a vast improvement and a surprise that they actually went outside the box. The only thing I didn't like about those videos, was having to listen to famous burritos stupid ass.
  4. Feldmann

    He literally rewrote no future for another band...... fucking guy.
  5. Feldmann

    Unreal The new album is probably going to be a joke and kill what’s left of their popularity
  6. Blink on Kimmel

    Niku I’m actually glad you enjoyed the show and I’m glad it brought back good times I mean that. I’m sure this thread is a huge downer for you. my critique of them stands. But if blink fans still enjoy this especially old school ones like you.... that is totally a positive.
  7. Blink on Kimmel

    Yeah it’s not just here unfortunately it’s a lot of the blink fans. was surprised to see Feldman hate is not confined to here. It’s fairly mainstream now that Feldman has fucked this band.
  8. Blink on Kimmel

    The problem is there is no new era of blink fans. Blink are now had beens. Let’s face facts. its possible they turn the ship around. It has happened. Hell Bon Jovi did it. but as long as they stay stuck in this stale writer for hire tribute band atmosphere that’s all they are going to be.
  9. Blink on Kimmel

    Great! and Speedo left the boards. But I talk to him and he is doing good. Still his crazy self.
  10. Blink on Kimmel

    Like I said I don’t care if you bury your head in the sand. you are better off in the safe space thread because you look foolish..... you got the entire board basically disagreeing with you with valid points and all you are saying is ”you re a poopy head” yoo said they sucked live in 2004 and that shit was easily turned on it’s head again all you got is ”no you are a poopy head”
  11. Blink on Kimmel

    Stupid one last liners. Care to refute what I said? bury your head in the sand. I don’t care
  12. Blink on Kimmel

    The problem has become very apparent in these last couple pages and all roads lead back to John Feldmann. Its not really Skiba's fault. Because Skiba sounds great in that 2010 video, and has stage presence. So why is he so fucked in Blink? Because he has no creative control, he has no ability to take the band and reinvent it to his liking. Instead he has some suit and tie saw off prick running the show. So he is just a guitarist for hire. I wouldn't be inspired onstage either if I was Matt.
  13. Blink on Kimmel

    You nailed it And that performance is a heck of a lot better than Miss you from last night.
  14. Blink on Kimmel

    I enjoyed the VIP, and finally meeting Blink. The shows sucked balls for me. The crowd for one thing, was full of total assholes, the sound wasn't that great, the show itself, wasn't that exciting, Skiba just stood there. They rushed thru their greatest hits setlist and ran off the stage.
  15. Blink on Kimmel

    Bullshit. I'd post videos of Miss You from 2004 and compare them to now, but it would be a waste because you'd just say "lol" or some other one liner.