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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    The song, Bottom of the Ocean is the biggest fucking earworm. Hearing it while a sleep and all day. Not in a good way, in a way that I was to shoot myself to make it stop.
  2. Up All Night a look back

    Me getting ready to listen to Up All Night for the first time.
  3. So what. What are we going to do to stop another government from favoring a candidate? It's not possible to stop it. Anything we do to counter could be seen as us trying to influence the election. If Obama fought Putin, I could make a CIA case that he was trying to get Hillary elected. The only reason you care about this is because shillary lost. Get over it.
  4. So instead of thousands of girls lining up, only hundreds? The guy off the street with even a modicum of skills can get laid pretty easy. Its not quality, but its not that difficult. So of course Tom can. There are still plenty of tombot chicks who do it in a heartbeat.
  5. Oh course girls would screw him what kind of question is that?
  6. That's not why you'd be banned. We have people here who still support Tom. You'd be banned for trolling up the place.
  7. Guy probably is who he says he is, decided he had enough Tom bashing, made a post, suddenly loves the attention he is getting, continues to post, will probably be banned.
  8. Most guys dicks don't work by age 60. Many like to think of Hue Hefner getting laid by a bunch of playboiy bunnies in his 80's, the truth was, he hadn't had sex in decades.
  9. I bet Travis totally just got with her because she was in the adult industry. I mean, I am sure a relationship developed after that, but even he admitted he would just marry people spur of the moment. His first wife he was walking down the aisle thinking "why am I doing this?"
  10. Not saying its easy, just saying its not a good excuse to justify gold digging.
  11. I remember an article, where it said she bought houses, redesigned them, and then flipped them for a profit. However, I remember it had nothing to do with her "talents" and everything to do with the housing market. The one house they sold they took like a $3 million loss, $1 on original price, and $2 mil she spent on the redesign. #richpeopleproblems
  12. Oh wow, she was a mother? That's pretty rare man.
  13. It truly is hilarious, the outraged liberal over income inequality, who wastes no time celebrating living a life of excess. The hypocrisy.....OMG, I can't even do it, I might blow a gasket.