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  1. Msandt is right, but I think it was kind of a sarcastic remark. Mark, well aware that some fans think Feldman controls him and pointed out to him that ever song has "nananans", sarcastically wrote that Feldman made him do it.
  2. Honestly, its shocking Blink does as well as it does. Not saying they are terrible, but just the way music is setup today, you'd think they'd be fucked at this point as far as major mainstream success goes. Blink fans are very loyal people.
  3. Not so sure. Mark's ego seems so fragile, his confidence not good, that any little thing gets him down. Got nominated for a grammy, then lost and didn't bother to even stay for the whole thing. Parking Lot gets shit and next thing you know him and Failedman got a sad case of the butt on twitter
  4. Totally agree, stories like Emmet Till or Rosa Parks are ones I think most Americans would get behind, and those racists that didn't would be exposed and marginalized. Oh course there is racial discrimination is some areas of the police force but it needs to be illustrated in a better way. I am not saying we should appease racists by treading lightly on the subject at all, but stories with more footing would be much better pushed than stories like Michael Brown. Those aren't working and doing more harm than good.
  5. This country did elect an African American man to office twice. I think the change came with a lot of the racial tensions being hyped up in the media. Which is sad, because we've gone backwards. But for example, when a guy like Michael Brown, who was a piece of garbage by the way, is killed in self defense, and BLM and everyone else is saying "hands up don't shoot" (which didn't happen BTW) and is calling all these cops horrible people and blaiming white people...........that is going to piss a lot of people off, and being pissed off about it is not racism, don't fucking accuse police and white people of shit that didn't happen, it will enpower that group to dislike you more and create a divide.
  6. I support the law that makes it illegal to remove a ticketed passenger for overbooking reasons. Airlines shouldn't over book. Sucks you have cancellations, shit happens, that leakage. Not the passengers fault. Could I check into a hotel room, get in the tub, and have them remove me from a room I paid for due to overbooking? Nope I don't think so. Airlines get away with shit they shouldn't get away with. Fuck em.
  7. I think Travis invented the term "ass pass" a backstage pass given to hot females for action. If I was famous and single, I would get something going with a whole parade of women, Freddie Mercury use to do that, but with dudes.
  8. I knew a long time ago, like 10 years +, that Msandt looks at poor and even middle class people as low lifes who are pretty much unworthy of any type of assistance. It is his hope and dreams that these vermin simply die off and/or suffer under corporate capitalism. That being said, I don't dislike MSandt, he has been interesting to have around.
  9. Bus Driver makes sense; all mine were totally off their rocker. So many great stories. Looking back I have to wonder who was hiring them.
  10. If I was Tom I would be so scared around that guy. If someone came up to me, and pretty much thought they were me, literally got the same tattoos, same clothes, same mannerisms, it was be very scary indeed. Next step is Leo thinks he is the real Tom and the "imposter" must be eliminated.
  11. Love the picture of him and Mark, I think Mark's face says it all. I imagine there are Blink fans who'd easily date a look a like Tom. There was a look a like Tom at one of the Blink shows I was at and the girls were all over him, it was a bit creepy. But it is kind of the next best thing for them.
  12. Well they got married, and he is in a band, and it looks like he travels. Not looking to psychoanalyze the guy, but he seems pretty functional for a head case who literally wants to be someone else.
  13. Well, they say there is someone for everyone. She is likely just as crazy since most people would run pretty fast once they dated him for a bit and then saw a video of Tom. I think there is such a thing as functional insanity. You can still be somewhat successful in life and be totally crazy.
  14. We are kind of going off topic but I think college is a huge waste of time this day in age, unless you are really focus driven on what you want to do (start a business), or are learning a trade (auto mechanics) ; basically you are racking up tons of debt ( unless its being paid for) to essentially get a piece of paper that no one really cares about. College use to mean something to employers, it doesn't mean shit now. How many go into college for some broad bullshit degree like Business Administration, and graduate with a "what now?" look on their face. What now? I'll tell you what now........ Get in line where its 500 applicants for 1 position, or just go work at Mcdonalds!
  15. Yeah, being around VETS all the time I've had the opportunity to talk with them and this is true, I've had a guy say this to my face. Each one has their own little issue one way or another. But there is one problem that none of them have, they don't act childish and coddled. I wasn't trying to ever make the case that war was the answer to their problems. But I do believe it is the reason that there are a lot of "failure to launches" today vs back then. The experiences are different.