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  1. but its not a trailer. its a teaser trailer. there will be at least 2 full trailers before the movie hits if youre looking for more. its a pretty standard formula nowadays
  2. they're not even done editing the film yet. it comes out in december and its may. there will be at least 2 full trailers, this was just a little teaser to finally see some footage
  3. its time for the jedi to end.
  4. brohemian and built this pool made me smile, but this just really seems like a waste
  5. so that just happened
  6. refreshing to hear that its not just another bullshit pop song
  7. it's a damn shame they don't tune down. its not embarrassing, its smart and so many bands take advantage of it. it only makes everyone better at what they do, and like ghost said, you absolutely would not notice it unless you played the studio track in your ear side by side. even for skiba, who sings just fine in standard, would become a way stronger singer on these songs just a half step down. its funny seeing mark do vocal warm ups on snapchat before shows, full on knowing that he cant hit any of the notes when he steps on the stage. he cant be that oblivious can he? then again how do you step on stage every night and just flat out embarrass yourself over and over again without knowing what it actually sounds like
  8. blink has reused the same damn chord progression their entire career, on every album, but it's an issue now?
  9. California skiba sounds like a completely different person. this just sounds so much more like him
  10. i love it guys. its not a bullshit pop song like half of california was. it makes me really hopeful for the future of blink.
  11. way more of the vibe i was expecting from the 3 of these guys. for whatever reason, matt just sounds way more like himself on these new songs
  12. considering mark said in about 10 interviews it would be a song they'd be playing live for the rest of their career lol
  13. i too am a major sober hater, but they did a hell of a good job playing that live. anthem part 2 was really on point as well. it was nice hearing that song without the painfully scripted "fuck you mom and dad lolz!" before the chorus. real happy seeing those vids
  14. i still believe natives is criminally underrated. the bridge could have been more interesting, but i love that song so much. that's the sound i wish modern day blink hit just a little more. while it clearly will be in the minority moving forward, songs like san diego still give me hope