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  1. Alternative Press wrote about us in this pretty sweet article they posted today
  2. got put on a huge 60 band compilation to raise money for pancreatic cancer. not very often you get to be on the same comp as your favorite band in the universe (bayside). pretty cool man
  3. god damn, im actually in love with her now
  4. i got it for free via a torrent, and for me and how i use it, there's not much of a difference. but im only using it for rough guitar ideas
  5. someone asked mark on twitter if there will be any setlist changes for june "definitely. we actually discussed the need for a new set list at rehearsal yesterday."
  6. someone grabbed a video of one of my favorite songs of ours from our last show. we've only played it one other time as its a bit of a slower song, but i love it! if you missed it in this section, we have our second EP out on itunes/spotify/everything
  7. dude is still at it, amazing. sad, but amazing
  8. Jedi could certainly be plural as well. you wouldn't say last jedi's
  9. shitty title, really? its just complaining to complain at this point
  10. that was always my biggest complaint with the new blink tom. a lot of what he did for the band wasn't genuine. it was what he thought blink had to do or had to sound like. ESPECIALLY that sorry excuse of an ep of "blink songs i "had" but now you'll never hear them in blink lol"
  11. i feel like i can enjoy california more, because i have other bands that i go to nowadays for that deeper meaningful connection, lyrically and musically. blink definitely offered that with untitled, and even neighborhoods. but they're not going down that road anymore (sans songs san diego/here and there type songs). and i'm ok with that because i have bands like bayside and the menzingers who offer that for me. so i can appreciate the lighter hearted blink-182 of 2016+ for what it is
  12. so damn good. its funny, been watching him in blink for a while now, but i feel like im watching a different person. im happy with him in blink, but he's still kind of playing a part. the recent trio albums may not be anything too special, but i still like them enough
  13. there's my matt skiba. praying they can squeeze in a NY show this year
  14. jimmy was always my guy going back to snl, and still is, but i just can't take the "act" he puts on with every guest. it's so insincere. i don't doubt that he's a happy go lucky guy in person, but he just puts its on so over the top its hard to watch. guest - so i went to the park...jimmy - THE PARK HAHAHA YES. he doesnt add anything to the interviews or ask even a remotely interesting question. i loved him on late night so much more. but i get that its not really his fault. he's lorn's puppet. still watch him every night though. i was never a fan of the colbert report, don't think i even ever saw a full episode, but i honestly love colbert on the late show. the show is just so much more "adult" than the tonight show. it's largely politcal which i typically don't do, hence not watching the daily show/colbert report, but he drops so many truth bombs every night. doesn't hold back at all. i really like that and yeah, seth sucks. at least they changed the format of his show to basically just be a long weekend update. he clearly couldn't handle the normal monologue/late night type of show. though i hear that the show is doing very well conan holds a very special place in my comedy heart. late night was like my bible back in high school. the current show is only a fragment of what it once was back in the day, but i still watch. TBS plans on ditching the nightly format and switching him to a weekly one. he's getting killed in the rating by colbert/fallon, but his clips/sketches always do really well online. not sure when they plan on starting that
  15. i dont think you can really overplay a favorite album, or how great you think an album is, because it just comes down to personal preference. for me the +44 album was perfection. dark and very interesting lyrics, aggressive guitar, no bullshit to feel the need to appeal to anyone. its my favorite post 2003 release from any of the guys, with cali being #2. it's just had about everything i wanted. throw in classic dark and twisted skiba from what he normally writes with trio and you got something really great. that's what i was expecting with new blink. while i'm still really happy with things, i was really looking forward to that kind of sound out of california