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  1. I've never actually watched a lyric video so I couldn't care less what Blink's looked like
  2. Gotta love the bizarre turns the conversations take on this board haha. I don't know how anybody would look at Travis and have any sort of doubts about his fitness level
  3. I know what you mean. I can't speak for anyone else but for me I think it just feels like a normal song. They aren't trying to recapture old magic, or trying to sound like other bands on the radio, or trying out "dark" genres, or strategically piecing it together for maximum singalongability, it's just a song that's comfortable in its own skin. In my opinion that's super rare for the Cali Era so it stands out.
  4. I wonder if that's some kind of turn of phrase that Feldmann had stuck in his head or something because 311's newest single (which was also produced by Feldmann) is called "Too Much To Think" haha. It's almost like they traded words but neither line is as clever as they hoped.
  5. I missed whatever news we got about the HISALP video, was it announced or was there an instagram post or something?
  6. Haha yeah technically it should be "doesn't" but it's pretty common to switch "don't" in there in lyrics or if you have a certain cultural or geographical dialect.
  7. New Goldfinger coming Tuesday, it'll be interesting to see whether it sounds similar to Cali Blink haha. There are certainly whoas
  8. For me this one is kinda just a couple different mediocre song ideas shoved together. "Dearest Mom/Dear Old Dad" kinda make me laugh and throw off the verses' dark vibe, and the chorus seems to have no relation to the verses and is very sugary sweet But like I said I actually do like the "long way back to the middle of the road" part haha and the bridge is pretty cool. Other than the verses this one kinda reminds me of something that would be on the All American Rejects first album or something (which I like but was always very clearly on a lower tier and a whole different "thing" than Blink was)
  9. I would like to see a Deluxe song as a single just for the sake of having a new song out there instead of a year old song.
  10. I love em both but the "waffles are pancakes with built-in syrup holders" is a pretty convincing argument
  11. Oh shit guys some might say he's gone too far now WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Does "melted butter" = MELTDOWN??
  12. Holy shit I did it! Thanks to their decision to make a Deluxe edition I was able to pick and choose enough songs I like and make an album that can at least be in the ballpark of their old albums! From now on I can pretend the other 17 songs are just weird B-sides... Haha. It would still be my least favorite Blink album by a lot, but at least I can throw this version of the album on every once in awhile and enjoy a quick listen. 1. Cynical 2. Bored To Death 3. Good Old Days 4. San Diego 5. Last Train Home 6. Rabbit Hole 7. No Future 8. Misery 9. The Only Thing That Matters 10. Left Alone 11. Long Lost Feeling
  13. Good Old Days is the best bet on Deluxe, I wonder if they plan to release one of the Deluxe songs as a single or not. I hate Sober so I hope it's never a single, but I think it and Good Old Days probably have the same chance of becoming a hit. Still wondering about that HISALP video people were talking about.
  14. I don't think he was asking when a fight will break out or something, just when the happy-go-lucky "Matt's the new guy look how much we love him!" type of thing will go on. In other words, when will they just settle in as Blink 182 and have it feel like he's a natural part of the band. I think the next real album will feel more that way, but I doubt it will ever be completely natural.
  15. What! That is so cool I had never heard that before haha