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  1. Hahaha oh man, I grew up loving 311 just about as much as Blink but haven't been into their last decade's worth of music really. I'm gonna check this out out of curiosity though. EDIT: a minute into Til The City's On Fire and yes this is fucking awful
  2. California the song is boring and it's annoying how he says "Califor-nee-ya" but Los Angeles is nails on a chalkboard bad in my opinion.
  3. Maybe, but nobody here says shit like that! Haha
  4. "I could see it maybe possibly happening for these reasons" = "guaranteed return of BCR" -Ghent Logic (For the record I don't think it'll ever happen either haha, but the possibility is out there)
  5. Left Alone defender here, gotta say I don't really see what's so cringey about those lines. I also think the chorus is great and sounds as close to Tom-style as Cali gets, which is cool.
  6. Can someone who is undecided please throw their vote toward LA since I blew it
  7. AH I meant to click Los Angeles but I clicked Sober!! I mean both of them are very bad but Los Angeles deserves this dishonor.
  8. I don't buy the idea that anyone who doesn't hate Tom or think he's a horrible human is a Tom-Bot. That's a huge majority of Blink fans to group in with the people who are actually getting Poet Anderson tattoos and stuff haha
  9. I just shake my head and chuckle at his insanity and obvious "like-farming", then keep scrolling haha. If it bugged me I would just unfollow his account.
  10. People who aren't Tom-bots understand what he did and are sad/angry/whatever about it, but it's an entirely different thing to obsess over it and attack his social media pages haha
  11. Haha I did this exact thing as well, it's a nice way to appreciate this era's good points! 1. Cynical 2. Bored To Death 3. Good Old Days 4. San Diego 5. Last Train Home 6. Rabbit Hole 7. No Future 8. Misery 9. The Only Thing That Matters 10. Left Alone 11. Long Lost Feeling 11 out of 27 isn't a great batting average, but it does make up for a full album's worth of enjoyable songs that ended up sounded pretty cohesive together, so in the future I can just ignore the rest!
  12. Oh totally, within the past year I've listened to new Jeff Rosenstock, PUP, Sorority Noise, Pinegrove, Paramore, Cymbals Eat Guitars, over and over and over and over haha
  13. This Is Home sounds nothing like any AVA song I've ever heard, the only similarity is that it has synth I guess