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  1. That band was so awful live (because of Tom), but when they played blink songs shittily they were at their worst. Yeeeeeeesh
  2. Unbelievable comparison. That's what I'm talking about when I sometimes bring up that Tom wasn't ALWAYS a sloppy embarrassment live haha. It's easy to forget that.
  3. Blue and Pinkerton are both amazing in their own unique ways haha
  4. He even fined his bandmates for being out of tune haha
  5. I gotta point out that Weezer has had multiple eras when they were definitely not on good terms with their hardcore fans haha. At this point it's just part of the Weezer lore but I remember when Rivers was one of the most notorious dicks in music in the early 2000s. He would purposely antagonize fans and talk about how Pinkerton was an embarrassment and call their most beloved songs "Disney gay" and stuff, while putting out songs with literally nonsense lyrics. With him it's hard to tell if it was some kind of elaborate Andy Kaufman type bit but hardcore Weezer fans definitely had it rough for awhile haha.
  6. Yeah I hear ya, now that there hasn't really been anything new to talk about it's just everybody reiterating their opinion over and over haha. At least when Cali came out everything was new.
  7. I think me and you generally get where each other are coming from most of the time so I don't blame you for getting bored and annoyed by that stuff because you are enjoying this era. But I think the amount of complaining and nitpicking has been pretty much the same as ever. It's just changed subjects. The whole time I've been around this site (basically since the reunion) people have complained and nitpicked just as much, only it used to be about things like Mark's tweets or Travis's kids or Tom's voice/guitar tone/other projects/delays/shirts/hats/weight/teeth and now it's about whether people think Skiba and Feldmann are good fits for Blink. I don't think it's gotten more negative or less civil or anything, I think the difference is that now you like the thing that people complain about the most.
  8. hahaha that's pretty funny. he's probably so bored with people saying that all the time.
  9. I agree and it's actually kinda crazy when you compare it to 3 years ago. When Matt joined I think we all assumed several things: great singer/songwriter/guitarist who will solidify Blink's dabblings in darker "hello there the angel from my nightmare" lyrical territory. Not only was that not the case, they've gone further than ever into weirdly generic/light/cookie cutter territory. I know that isn't his fault, but they have a pretty unique chance to do something special with this lineup and I hope they don't let it slip away!
  10. Yeah I agree with this, it's just a sign of the times that "What the fuck happened, why is this music/lineup/era such a step down?" is a more compelling conversation to most people than "Cali rules"
  11. I think about 28 hours if my math is right
  12. That's exactly what everyone means. But in some opinions, they wanted those things so badly that they kinda sacrificed their authenticity for Feldmann-style pop and that's what let them achieve the success/relevancy.
  13. Not even being a smartass here but where do other "real fans" hang out? Just on Reddit or something? Or just random Tweets/FB comments? I remember back in the day bands would have message boards with hundreds of people and posts every day, I know times change and stuff but I miss that type of thing haha.
  14. I laugh about that every time I read anything from them too haha /\
  15. Well, at the very beginning at least... haha