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  1. I can’t see the movie til next week so I can’t read this thread but I’m curious on people’s thoughts since I’ve heard very negative things. Anyone want to quote this with non spoiler thoughts.
  2. The Donald Trump Thread

    So it’s passed. The tax cuts will be happening whether you like them or not. the stuff about grad students isn’t in the senate bill so we’ll see what happens with that in conference. Of course, the senate added a bunch of fucked amendments that have nothing to do with taxes. Hopefully most of those get killed in conference at least.
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Yea there’s video of it on tmz. The same acoustic setup as they used for the live shows lol. Although it wasn’t in aoki’s House, it was a billionaires house in Beverly Hills for Aokis birthday, but also a charity event for aokis charity. At least that’s what the article said.
  4. The Donald Trump Thread

    It’s $8 with tax. DC food and drink tax is 10% so fast food or any prepared meal is taxed at 10% which is ridiculous.
  5. The Donald Trump Thread

    A chicken burrito on its own with no drink is $8 even in DC. I can get a full meal at McDonald’s for $5.50. Chick fil a is the same price or more than chipotle though and that doesn’t make sense to me.
  6. The Donald Trump Thread

    I only eat ramen 4ish days a week. I splurge on chipotle on the weekends.
  7. The Donald Trump Thread

    With regards to the graduate tuition being taxed, as a grad student my school is already talking about it sand keeping students informed. Ultimately though it sounds like what the school is saying is that the way tuition and the way they classified things at the university would have to be completely restructured, but ultimately the student likely wouldn’t really be affected. I don’t know I didn’t really understand it, but it sounded like they were saying it puts the burden on private institutions to restructure their tuition plans which I’m not necessarily against, but it might fuck people over in the short term which I am against.
  8. The Donald Trump Thread

    If you don’t have some of your savings in mutual/index funds or something of similar risk variety that is diverse, than you’re doing something wrong.
  9. I️ agree with you I️ don’t think there’s anything going on, but she has gotten more attention than 99.9% of toms fans.
  10. She posted a screenshot of at least three examples of Tom interacting with her Instagram profile in the last couple weeks so you’re a little off there.
  11. This has been going on for years. Oliver, shut the fuck up.
  12. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Any screenshots of his comments?