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  1. Because the only leaks so far have been from hbo themselves lol. The hackers didn't even get any episodes. i was following it live last night and it was hilarious as it unfolded. So what happened was what turned out to be a technical glitch in hbo go Nordic. Basically if you watched through episode 5, it would auto play to episode 6. This glitch was available for hours after it was discovered. What was hilarious is that for hours and hours, the Spanish were only streaming it through their phones on places like Instagram, YouTube, and twitch...all obviously got killed before streaming through forgetting the potato quality of it and a Spanish person talking over the streams. This led to the #NukeSpain to trend on twitter for their true incompetence. Finally, seven hours after the glitch was discovered and the episode was available in full hd, someone from Sweden managed to rip the episode. This is my favorite comment on the situation: "Some people study for years to learn how to properly hack a database and leak episodes to the world, then they go to jail. On the other hand Spanish people got the episode on HBO GO, Full HD 1080p, not live, but ON DEMAND for over 5 hours, yet they're not able to get us a proper HD link and all we see are Instagram live recordings. I'm disappointed."
  2. Freefolk. Although beware if you go there to get the link, you're gonna see spoilers before you get to the link
  3. Okay it just finally came out in full 1080p and I got a copy. Will watch tomorrow.
  4. HBO Spain uploaded it themselves! It's still up in Spain and there's still not a fooking rip. I've never seen an entire country be so incompetent.
  5. Gendry is understandable for sure if you haven't read the books or watched old seasons in the last two years. AND OH MY FUCK EPISODE 6 IS CURRENTLY LEAKING IN FULL HD. BATTLE MOTHERFUCKING STATIONS
  6. You would have never remembered the most important storyline of the whole show? And Ghent, littlefinger is not on aryas kill list. None of the starks know that littlefinger betrayed Ned except I assume bran because he's a god. The only betrayal to the starks that they're aware of is selling Sansa to the boltons which I guess they don't see it worth killing him over because they can't prove that he knew Ramsay was a flaming twat.
  7. Well the party song is probably a bad example because it's probably way harder to recall a song with a lot of lyrics that are really fast versus remembering a riff and four chords and it's progression.
  8. I hope this clears things up for you. In that comment, tom announced the announcement of an announcement.
  9. They played dogs eating dogs, disaster, and Boxing Day after the ep came out. All in the same show. Pretty sure it was the Australia shows.
  10. Pretty sure that's the point
  11. They played 3/5 of dogs eating dogs live. Even that got love.
  12. I don't know stannis seems pretty dead.
  13. I agree I don't think the issues are his fault. I think they're problems anyone would face trying to join blink as a new lead guitarist and vocalist.
  14. Didn't you never get to see blink live with Tom? I'm not trying to invalidate your opinion, but my point was mainly ignore the live videos with Tom because it's all about the experience at the show with the energy and his stage presence where you don't notice the voice problem too much. In my experience, all of the shows I went to with Tom were way more fun with a more engaged crowd than the one with matt. I definitely enjoyed the show I went to with matt though, it was good. He sounds better overall, but I still prefer Tom's live guitar playing with the slides, the little improvisations since he knows the songs he wrote and doesn't have to play the album note by note, it just makes the experience way more exciting and the crowd goes nuts when he does that stuff. If his tone wasn't so bad at the end, I would say it's no contest Tom because I can get over the voice. I also think mark has lost some of his stage presence too moving around a lot less so it's not just matt, they're getting older cant really fault them for that.