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  1. Feldmann: "There's this rad track on the new album I'm so jacked up about. I can't get enough of it, and it's gotta be the best song the band's written in fifteen years. It's called 'donuts and coffee.' I wrote it myself."
  2. That quote from mark will be half of his interview.
  3. Looks like toms teenage daughter is gonna make a feature length film and release it before he manages to even release one. Lol.
  4. Up All Night is playing in my gym right now. Wtf I haven't heard this song in a commercial setting since 2011.
  5. I guess wdntw yea but he became pretty normal again in the i empire era so I look back on it differently.
  6. People always say Tom transformed to a different person before blink first broke up, but I think there way a way bigger change in him around 2012 or after neighborhoods came out.
  7. Ava has to be at least 14 now. Last year or something I think he was talking about how she just turned 13 and had her first dj set and was trying to get into the current pop music so he could bond over it with her.
  8. Whether it's one of the better songs or not doesnt mean it could do well on pop radio. I don't think they've released any songs since the reunion that could go really mainstream like their past music.
  9. After midnight was way too bland to make a splash anywhere promotion or not. The song doesn't go anywhere.
  10. No ones laughing at him for that and no ones saying praying is a joke. We're laughing at the fact that he can't just say it normally. He can't say something as simple as just praying for someone without making it some long drawn out pretentious paragraph to make him sound smart and justify his beliefs.
  11. He's lost his mind. He can't even admit he wants to pray for a kid so he just has to come up with some long pretentious explanation that doesn't make any sense that prayer has scientific backing. Wtf
  12. I feel like we did, I just couldn't remember for sure.
  13. Yea he did. We just didn't know what his background vocals were for til now.
  14. It's been officially a single for over a month playing on radio. It's underperforming. Called this one. It's really a garbage choice for a single don't know who decided this one. Did they just say third single has to be a slow song and this is the only one so? It should have been sober.
  15. Yea that's still coming. This would just be for a hypothetical fourth radio single.