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  1. I feel like we did, I just couldn't remember for sure.
  2. Yea he did. We just didn't know what his background vocals were for til now.
  3. It's been officially a single for over a month playing on radio. It's underperforming. Called this one. It's really a garbage choice for a single don't know who decided this one. Did they just say third single has to be a slow song and this is the only one so? It should have been sober.
  4. Yea that's still coming. This would just be for a hypothetical fourth radio single.
  5. I think these are the two catchiest songs left. There's a couple others that are catchy, but I don't think they would work as singles. So say they have another single scheduled for July, what should they do? I understand how radio friendly sober is, but I think they should have used it in place of home is such a lonely place. It would have worked better as a late winter/early spring single. Good Old Days on the other hand is an infectious dance song perfect for the summer which is why I'm going with that. If there's something else you think should be a single discuss why, but I can't see any other songs on the deluxe working as radio singles and California is being stretched thin with potential singles that would work on radio left so I think these are the two personally.
  6. I'm totally happy if they continue doing what they did with the deluxe. There's enough experimentation and darkness mixed with crazy hooks. The production isn't ideal and there's still things to improve on, but can't get everything when one of the two masterminds behind the songs has been replaced. Good Old Days and Misery are both at least top 7 or 8ish songs since untitled for me, possibly top 5 but I don't want to say that with them still fresh. That's a win for me at least.
  7. It's "Save yourself, were always saying we're not the same, we're two in a million." "We've gone through hell, the battles we've fought in. We stood as one, the young and forgotten." It's clear enough to make out easily on headphones, but still my major complaint with the song.
  8. He's not a performer, he's a songwriter for bmg.
  9. You guys didn't seem to have much of a problem shitting on neighborhoods' production, but now that it's California you can't because they're professionals and infallible. Mark and Tom on that album were the producers and they're "professionals." Rax pointed out a couple things that he thinks are unprofessional based on his engineering degree and provided evidence. I don't see what the big deal is, there can be problems like the clipping. Nothing against Cervini, but was he professionally trained? I can't remember but didn't he just bootstrap his way out of high school? The kid's like my age and he's mixing blink songs, there's going to be things that aren't perfect, he's still learning so it's very possible there can be objective problems that rax pointed out.
  10. Try 7 figures. Anyone consistently getting a million views on every one of their videos and they post often, are making a million in revenue. With that said, many of them have a lot of business costs and expenses to produce the videos (the main being a production crew or just multiple faces for the channel) so it's hard to tell what people are actually making. David Dobrik has only been on YouTube two years and he's already made at least a couple mil.
  11. I consider marks part in stockholm to be a breakdown and not really a bridge. But you just named all of the highlights bridge wise on that album. There's not really anything special about the other bridges on that album, here's your letters is pretty good too.
  12. Self titled is the best album all around no question but the bridges don't compare. Most of the bridges on self titled don't change up the song like these do.
  13. I think I can safely say this album has the best bridges of any blink release ever. Don't know how anyone can disagree with that. They all really carry the songs forward with sick melodies.
  14. Doubt it, that would have been the first thing mark pointed out in the track by track.
  15. Tied with misery for favorite track with me. Just wish marks vocals were higher in the mix on the chorus.