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  1. I'd take Linkin Park over Dudebro: The Band any day.
  2. I can't stand MH. The song gives me a migraine.
  3. They both aren't great, but Wishing Well is the more tolerable one of the two.
  4. California's alright. I put it on every now and then.
  5. Mike needs to learn to break up his paragraphs. A big wall of text is a major headache to look at (and read). I like Kylo Ren. The angry, temper-tantrum villain isn't one you see often and I feel like he does it well. I want more Jedi stuff and how Luke failed to train the next generation. I'm a sucker for mystical stuff.
  6. Please, spare us your sympathies. It's not needed.
  7. Is the new season out or is it just the original episodes?
  8. Care to give any examples? Or are you just going to say Trump?
  9. That sounds completely made up.
  10. I wouldn't say he's dumb. Just has a very warped view of reality.
  11. No, he's referring to not doing Alkaline Trio in the meantime. He never implied that he was done or is finished with AlkTri.
  12. What's with these shmaltzy goodbye posts? Take this blog shit out of here. If you "quit" 😏 The band then just leave quietly. Dont let the door hit you one the way out.
  13. What? He never said that you dweeb.
  14. No Warbrain? C'mon, man. We Can Never Break Up gets an honorable mention as one of Dan's best songs.
  15. First season is pretty mediocre, but it's fantastic beyond that. If you liked The Office then you'll like this.