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  1. It's not going to change. He may add some of the newly recorded songs, but it's not going to change. Mark is too full of shit.
  2. Down, Go, ILWY, MH 1243245. I disliked them after the first listen and the feeling is still the same.
  3. The AVA Movement? More like the bowel movement.
  4. I definitely have more hope in Johnson than I did in Abrams. Johnson directed Looper which was great and pretty original whereas Abrams has always been so safe/dull. I really hope Johnson can deliver. Colin Trevverrow I have no faith in. He's a hack and episode 9 will suffer for it.
  5. What's not a coincidence? That fact that he was killed by bears?
  6. I really want to hear that tape.
  7. The Switch still interests me. I'm a sucker for that portability feature and those JRPG's look pretty good (especially Octapath Traveler). I still hate the idea of paying to use online services, though luckily I mostly play single player stuff.
  8. Probably because his face is noticeably more bloated?
  9. Cheshire Cat - Wasting Time and Does My Breath Smell? Dude Ranch - Josie and I'm Sorry. The former being perhaps my favorite blink song and the latter when that 3rd riff starts it just sounds like pure blink. EOTS - Don't Leave Me and Dysentary Gary. Pretty hard to choose honestly, but when I saw blink play Dysentary Gary live it was just so awesome with the animated screen behind them synchronizing with song. That just really stuck with me for some reason. TOYPAJ - Online Songs (always been another favorite) and SOALG (the last chorus in particular). Reckless Abandon gets an honorable mention. Selftitled - Perhaps my least favorite blink album. I'll go withe Feeling This and Here's Your Letter since those are the ones I really enjoy hearing. Not Now too. Neighborhoods - Natives and Even If She Falls. The latter being one of blink's best songs. California - TOTTM (I like the fast paced songs) and No Future.
  10. If Tom ever does another band then he needs to let the other members have creative input. Tom, being the control freak that he is, only hampers songs when he thinks he should write everything. It always makes everything sound so repetitive and the same. Of course that's wishful thinking. It'll never happen.
  11. Are people really stroking themselves off at that mediocre "riff"? It sounds so generic. Get help please.
  12. Why would anybody want a live album of the current blink? It'd be a lame, greatest hits setlist like usual. They don't do anything unique either. You'd basically be paying for youtube vids. They should play A New Hope acoustically though. That would sound pretty rad.
  13. I appreciate that the cast was killed off. Having a safe ending would've made it much less interesting. They tried something different and I think it worked out.
  14. So are large, CGI, tentacled blobs the new "beam shooting into sky final act" of movies now? TFA had one, Rogue One had one, and now the new GOTG is having one. It's such a lame design although R1's version is the best of the three so far. In regards to the R1 movie, I felt that Saw Guarara was pretty underwritten and almost pointless and Jyn Erso had the least character among the entire cast. The first 2/3 of the film kind of dragged, but the final act pretty much made it all worth it, especially with how they were able to pull off Vader fighting without seeming ridiculous. I'll have to let it sink in more and I'll be seeing it again soon, but overall I enjoyed it despite not being too enthralled with seeing it in the first place. ALSO it was cool seeing Tarkin, but they way overdid it with his facial twitches. I know they wanted him to seem more lifelike, but his constant eyebrow twitching only made him seem more uncanny. Compared to the real actors faces who didn't really twitch or spasm at all. They still haven't perfected this technique.
  15. Well going by the band's spotify they have an album and a EP. Does he plan on "forcing it" the whole time?