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  1. The pussy video was from 2005. I doubt Trump was considering running for office then. Anyways we are living a high-tech age where everything is being recorded. Our future president could be saying some fucked up things on a message board. Should that shit matter when they run 10-20 years from now?
  2. Lewd jokes and banter shouldn't seem that out of the ordinary to someone unless they have lived a pretty sheltered life. I'm just speaking from personal experience.
  3. A lot of our Presidents have done questionable things behind the scenes. Trump is no different. Expecting a radical change now is crazy talk.
  4. Do you have a male group of friends?
  5. And that example was pretty much disproven. You claim to have a plethora of examples but have failed to provide even one.
  6. So far you haven't supplied any reasons. Instead you keep repeating your blanket statement of "evil". Is this your only defense?
  7. That constitutes evil to you? Rude, yes, but not evil. Let's hear some more.
  8. I'm glad you decided that for us.
  9. Your desk-chair theories and name-calling have definitely convinced me that you are totally right. Well done guys! Wahoo!
  10. I don't think he deserves it, but considering the bullshit that consists of modern news sources and ShareBlue, most opinions of him are biased from the get-go. It's hard to know who to believe nowadays since you have to sift thorough the lies and deceit that has infested mainstream news.
  11. I finally watched What We Do In the Shadows after finally seeing it on amazon prime. It was pretty good after hearing all the hype.
  12. That doesn't seem like he's super open about it. "Ego" and "Insanity" is pretty substandard information.
  13. Let's hear it.
  14. Good thing we don't know the context so people can post baseless accusations.
  15. I don't even get what point he was trying to make. Blink sings about girls? Pretty much every band does that. Sounds like a douche.