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  1. I'm sure that dragon fire will destroy most of the White Walkers and two of the dragons (maybe even all three) will get killed.
  2. My stomach dropped when I found out. I was never a huge fan but I'm still stunned nonetheless.
  3. "It's a new one." *winks at camera*
  4. He was kidding...
  5. If UAN is considered a riff then Allsystemsgo definitely is.
  6. It's kind of cool. Too bad he's only selling some pretty lame ones right now. He should put up some more of the title cards.
  7. I concede. I got nothing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Care to elaborate on how they sold out? They said they'd make new music and they followed through despite mixed results. Are you just throwing out buzzwords?
  9. Well get another one so I don't have to read how Point B>Point F=Point S<Point A != Point C. Or
  10. More like stupid and a complete waste of time. Get a hobby, fellas.
  11. It took Katy Perry saying that for you to figure it out? For years people have been saying that these award shows are basically circlejerks.
  12. I think Matt's at an age where he wants to do all the things he can (make lots of money to retire comfortably, travel, get more recognition) and blink is too good of a deal to pass up. While Alktrio is great, they never quite took off with popularity. I don't blame him for choosing blink and I also don't see him leading on the fans like Tom did.
  13. Feeling This is a pretty unique song. How is it a rehash exactly? There really isn't another song like it. I've never heard another song similar to the main riff's style.
  14. The line never bothered me either, in fact when I used it as a Facebook status in high school it got a bunch of likes. So I guess it can't be that bad.