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  1. And why is it gay? If you are a grown man and can't handle a male physique and also calling it ''gay'' then there's something wrong though Me and friends will totally check out eachothers body after transformation. Doesn't mean your dick gets hard.... See it as a sculpture of work and dedication. But i will shut my mouth and come back whenever the subject changes to blink again.
  2. Brad pitt's phisique in Fight Club and Snatch were the reason i wanted to exercise. Such a handsome guy fuck.
  3. Staying lean is hard as fuck. I can diet and exercise to the point where im shredded with abs and veins. I can last that a few months and then im slowly gaining fat again. 90% of men arent build to be six-pack lean. Also. Travis isn't sucking his stomach in. He has good oblique muscles and a little loose lower belly fat. It looks sunken because in the middle theres more ab muscles and the sides look a little sunken. I also have that when i gain fat. Thats normal. Not everyone has a flat stomach. (Sorry super fascinated about body anatomy and exercise stuff...)
  4. Well travis just has better genes for when it comes to fat tissue. But i hate how people say its normal to gain a belly like tom and mark. ''Thats part of life'' Yeah sure...if you never work out..thats whats going to happen eventually. Tom has actual potential to be in a good shape. Good diet/Cardio exercises and some weight training. Same goes for mark actually. but yeah travis is a case of genes + lifestyle + burning a shitload of calories when drumming a gig. Nutrition and exercise are something everyone should invest in. I would never date a girl who eats a lot of junkfood...even if she's looking healthy. That shit will catch up with you when your're older. Tom is a classic case of that.
  5. I love marks reaction.....''Why am i wasting my time on this'' Shit song and shit vocals.
  6. I don't care for his art projects and if he ever returns in blink.....Its cool if he does but only if he's 100% invested and all. But i'm fine with Skiba also. I just want music from tom. If he makes good music ill fucking pay for it for sure.
  7. When i was young Kaleidoscope (Although most of that must have been written by mark) Natives Snake Charmer This Is home,Wishing Well and all that stuff doesn't really do anything for me.
  8. Didn't we figure that out last year in june...
  9. I will look into it for sure!
  10. Thank all of you though....for talking in depht about music and using your brains. I have met so many people that just like a song or don't like a song....but only based on the song. I truly think 50% of a songs beauty isn't the song itself...but the production,mix choices and ofcourse the arrangement and soundwise. and why they went for their choices. Its an artform on its own. Most average people don't listen to that stuff. You can clearly see how many real music lovers are on these boards!
  11. Im a guy who loves autotune and loves vocoders and effects to make vocals sound 2017. Huge pop guy here But mark could of done a few more vocal takes to the point where he almost hits the right note. Then you could pitch it a little to make it sound 100% in tune. Sometimes it sounds like mark was off a little too much and they had to push the words to the right note and also went a little to far with the knobs on the software. It sound horrible at times. It also doesn't sound like its done on purpose. It sounds like an overproduction mistake from Feldpopman and a mediocre singer.(thats what mark is..lets be honest) I do love melodyne btw cause for the most part his voice sounds really good thanks to modern production software and all. But at times its too much
  12. I completely agree for popmusic. For blink...i think you are deadwrong. And its not on purpose in the way you think. The vocals just have to be as produced as the instruments for it to sound cohesive. Thats why. Too high production standards. But its not like mark wanted his voice to sound like that. i dont believe that.
  13. jesus fuck....Those vocals tracks have been beating to death with Melodyne I mean i get it....It has to be in tune. And i don't consider mark a real singer anyway. But he's quite bad. Ofcourse i don't care cause he is a good songwriter with the skills he has and has an amazing tone in his voice. But still. Its almost robotic. You can hear it really well in ''Good Old Days'' Sometimes i just don't know where i BELONGGGGGGG *Melodyne. That part really destroys the song a bit. Super plastic fake some youtube covers have going on.
  14. I think i agree man. Some neighborhood songs could also have that title if it wasnt for the underproduced frankenstein sound.
  15. I listened to this bon jovi record a few months ago. And some songs were fun...but i can't help but cringe at some bon jovi songs. I still really love them though. They have made some good music through the years. Saw them in 2008 and they put on a hell of a show. Too bad their guitarist Richie Sambora left. Bon jovi are in the same position as blink-182 now.