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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    This morning i finally checked that dog song out from Mark/Travis/Feldy?. 1:24 - 2:03 I really really enjoy this part more than some Cali songs. This whole thing sounds fun.
  2. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown recommenced)

    I agree 200% I often joke about him but a long conversation with him would be so much more interesting. With Mark or Travis it would be forced and awkward for me.
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Yes. Mark is very aware and doesn't care about it. I actually like that. He knows fans have been complaining and he just did 2 albums full of it. He already said the next one will stray away from the poppy cali tunes a bit. Gives me a good feeling. But we'll see
  4. Stranger Things

    Saw Season 1 this august and also watched Season 2. Man this show is awesome. One of my favourite movies are stuff like Alien/Aliens, Indiana Jones 1/2/3, Back To The Future 1/2/3, Friday The 13th 1-4, E.T, The Terminator. There's something about 80s pop culture that i really like. The movies were meant to be classics and the 80s had a ton of different genres in music thats cool. You have the romantic 80s pop ballads, New wave/post-punk, Glam Rock. Every genre is so distinct and over the top. I also love the whole cast, even outside of the whole horror/sci-fi element. Just good acting and a emotional story as well
  5. California (1 year later)

    I havent listened to blink in monthsss and i bought some various earphones for my phone. Time to revisit some gems. Enema, Self-Titled, WYHSB never get old. Great staying power. TOJPAJ just felt a little bit forced and Boxcar really isn't for me. I actually want to listen to California 2017 again. I quite like it actually. About boxcar: The rawness, dynamic range in volume and instrumentation, new chord writing for tom...its all solid. But man did i grew out of that record.
  6. California (1 year later)

    I rarely listen to the california records now. And i'm done with all AVA records(Besides The Dream Walker maybe). But put on When Your Heart Stops Beating and i'm 100% in. That record does not get old for me. I think its the best side project record and even better than Self-titled.
  7. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Well, I also love a lot of different styles now and i am not bound to a genre anymore. A good song is a good song and i kinda like that every genre has such a different flavour. I was very narrowminded as a teen. Still enjoy poppunk though. I just think i've listened to that enough and theres nothing more to explore there.
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Curious why
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I thought i would be listening poppunk my whole life when i was a teenager. only 22 but i am not that interested in it anymore. I love blink. like some various poppunk records but i really enjoy something with a groovy bassline, funky guitar and some disco drums. Listening to a shit load of MJ and some indie bands
  10. Stranger Things Season 2

    I adore the 80s and thats a fun thing that adds something to the show, But damn the writing, I saw the whole thing just last week. Everyone can act man. Hyped for halloween!
  11. Church in my country playing some Linkin Park. 3:40 Numb http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/7203265/4243c608/de_dom_doet_numb_van_linkin_park.html
  12. Feldmann

    They are trapped inside a fucking cage with feldman. fuck me.
  13. Why? So you can jerk off to it
  14. Does anyone like Busted?

    I still play these songs a few times a month. ''Without It'' is such a good song if you break it down. Incredible 80s power ballad with the right production. And the different styles on the record are cool. It blends really well.
  15. I was depressed for quite a long time and my mental health was quite bad (2015-early 2016). You feel completely empty inside but its so easy to hide because everytime your with someone they kind of pull you out of the deep and you stop thinking and start interacting with people and you forget the pain to a limited degree. And you put on a mask ofcourse. Its when your alone for hours and you can't stand yourself and all the demons inside your mind just take over. There's no way you can sleep and if you do...the nightmares will fuck you up so the next day becomes also a physical struggle. I was devestated when i heard the news the other day What pain his family and friends have to go through