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  1. BTW i fucking hope the experimental songs on deluxe are good. They really have to evolve on the next record. Don't really care if its dark and angsty or with 80s new wave/pop influences for all i care (would actually be cool). But just something progressive and real fresh.
  2. The offspring never did it for me. I really love that ''rise and fall'' record. The songs are good and it gives me high school memories. But thats about it.
  3. Obvious is such a good song by the way. One of blink's best. That guitar tone....
  4. So ''6/8'' in 4 days! (the 26th) What the russian site said: April 1: misery / April 15: Pregnant / April 29: 6/8 Real dates: March 29 / April 12 / April 26
  5. I'm also a huge 80s fan and i love 80s aesthetics. Really good song!. Nice video, Good chorus, Awesome ending with vocoders Looking forward to the full album
  6. I never got into Linkin Park. I think all their songs sound generic and i hate the way their records sound. Terrible band in my opinion. (but hey...they don't need me as a fan...they are still quite successful and a much better live band than blink)
  7. yeah youre right. Some modern metal''ish bands do have these coloured ibanez guitars though..
  8. That guitar looks ungly as fuck it doesn't go at all with the blink aesthetic. That guitar screams: Modern metal + energy drinks
  9. My generation (i'm 22) has it harder on one hand. There's so much insecurity....a lot of the time you will get hired for a few months and that makes things very hard. I did a study after graduating from high school but it didn't work out cause i was 17 and i didn't know myself very well back then. I have found the things i'm good at and im starting a new study in thats another 3,5 years. I will probably have some crappy jobs on the side for money but i'm still gonna live with my parents for the next years i think. (Not because i want to...but its way easier when still studying) I also have to repay the money from my last study that i didn't finish....great! I also have to save up money for my driver license and lessons...cause jobs without a car is a pain in the ass. (I had lessons a few years back but then my health went bad with pfeiffer disease and a paralyzed face) And when i finish my study i will probably live in a small room somewhere in a crappy house with other random people till my very late 20s. I really don't mind that actually...cause i'm the opposite of materialistic. But yeah.....lots of friends have the same problem. Elders just don't get it...they don't get it at all. On the other hand....this generation including myself can be immature as fuck...not lazy....but we don't grow up. And i'm really fine with that actually. I really like to watch cartoons for hours and eat cereal for dinner........i'm scared about a real relationship and bonding and i don't want kids untill i'm at least in my late 30s. I'm 22 but i feel more like 16 or whatever. People are always shocked when i tell them my age cause they think i'm in my mid to late teens cause i have a very boyish look and i tend to hang around with younger people and date girls that are a few years younger because i know older girls are looking for different kind of guys. I actually think i have Peter Pan syndrome. Not kidding. I mean i work because you have to have money...and i hate every minute of it...but i'm really on that spectrum.
  10. I keep coming back to this video!! Such an angsty +44 riff. I would pay serious money if he'd use this for blink. They need to go in this direction If i could erase the 2009 - 2017 era of blink for the second +44 that never came.....I would do it in a ''heartbeat''
  11. So true!! - The late 90s and early 00s saw the rise of boybands and teen superstars like never before. Overnight succes on such a massive scale...looking back you could see the 00s were the era where marketing became different and with the whole boy group/teenage pop singer stardom. things like reality shows and making people famous just because. - This was the last era before the modern internet took over in the mid-late 00s. There was still a wall between the artists and the fans. If you wanted to see a music video in the early turned on the tv and had no control when it would air. You could not look up interviews and other social stuff like we can now. You knew the face and the voice....but had no idea what kind of person was really behind it. This was even more so back in the 80s. The artists had something mysterious and they felt like non-humans.....more like gods in a way. (Madonna and MJ) this started to change with the birth of youtube in 05...but started to REALLY change by around 2008. (I feel like 07 was the last real 00s year and 08,09 was such a transition period to where we are now). Anyway....Everything we want to watch is now 1 click away....thats crazy. We really feel like we know all the artists now. I also think the bussiness changed quick and there are lots of humble popstars out there. Ed Sheeran being a great example of that. The people can help someone get famous instead of only a marketing team. Sorry for the long as post though. I find this really interesting and amazing how social media and the internet changed the whole game. I remember seeing this pepsi commercial in the early 00s as a child....Different times. Imagine seeing something like this now in 2017. It would feel so out of crazy.
  12. BTW....That new Katy Perry song ''Chained To The Rhythm'' is a banger. Never liked her stuff but i adore the 80s feeling. Also: The Weeknd: I Feel It Coming Feat. Daft Punk / Taylor Swift: Style. I like that kind of pop music we hear since 2015. Loving the retro vibes. There is some kind of groove really sucks you into the beat of the music. Early 00s pop is also great...huge nostalgia factor. Pop from 2006 - 2013 is what i hate for the most part though. Very stale...
  13. Britney's Blackout record was actually ahead of its time and influenced a new kind of pop music around 2008 when there was a shift from mid 00s pop to the early 10s pop. I actually like some songs from Britney. I feel uncomfortable to say it actually. I gues everyone has guilty pleasures. EDIT: And she lost weight and got really fit again....she looks great for her age now
  14. Well....There are great songs on both records. The thing all starts to sound the same. (Thats why TDW was such a departure). The LOVE project is awesome if you combine your own favorite songs from both records and put it into one playlist.
  15. I just see the deluxe album as a part 2. Like ''LOVE / LOVE II''