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  1. Not talking about acting stupid trying to be 24. what i meant is......its noticable in his body language, facial expression, vocal tone. Mark kinda seems more dull and boring every year as if someone is sucking the life out of him
  2. I always liked tom more than mark. and even now when tom is clearly a whole other person......i still like him better. just by watching interviews and stuff, i feel like mark really lost a sense of youth around him. Its like mark's inner child died somewhere during the reunion. while tom clearly has that childish spark, yes he's weird......but i still get a much better vibe from him than from mark. don't know if this makes sense. but somehow i feel like this. We are always talking about how tom changed. but mark also changed for the worse. And don't say ''age'' cause i know 50+ people who are more energized and youthfull. mark seems to be kinda dull/serious/lifeless. not all the time.....but way more than back in the day. its really weird him singing ''whats my age again'' these days
  3. You know...that ''how to make a pop hit video'' is kinda true. although i have this feeling that most people just mock pop music when a lot of pop music is actually really well written. Just because the lyrics aren't always as deep..doesn't mean its bad. I find the lyrics pretty relatable and the songs itself have a good structure. I like music with good hooks. I also think people are dead wrong when they say its easier to write a good pop song...and they''ll pretend that other genres have more original and ambitious aspects. Which is just bullshit cause every genre has cliches and rules to make it ''that genre''. Writing a good pop song is just as hard/easy as making a good punk song or a good Indierock song. (And im not talking about genres like Methrock or insane technical guitar music cause thats on another level..skill wise) But is anyone feeling me on this? (Also, I kinda feel popmusic went from its teenage years to its adolecent years. what i mean by that is that Pop Music videos are way more artsy now...then back in 2010...or even the 00s. Its more abstract and odd. there is still lots of sex in music videos. but they show it more with symbols and artsy stuff than just some hot ass in front of the camara) Not always the case....but there has been a shift in video aesthetics in recent years...especially in pop
  4. After years of playing guitar and playing in bands....I kinda lost interest in the guitar and started producing electronic music on my pc. I really like modern EDM, Deephouse and 80s Retrowave. So i always try to combine those elements. I was watching Tron: Legacy a few weeks ago and had this Angsty Idea. This is just the main idea, yet to come up with a cool bridge..or maybe play around with the accents a little. I would really like some opinions (Still is still very new for me, although i'm getting better with mixing and production) (I'm not a tom bot, but he really inspired me to do try and do stuff that i'm not familliar with) Ps. This is something i did back when i was 15...With lyrics 30x more cringy than First Date
  5. Stockholm Syndrome might be one of the best ''darker'' blink songs ever. that song is angsty as fuck, i don't think they will ever top that
  6. ever since i started experimenting with psychedelics.....i noticed how my music taste has changed. I kinda stopped listening to guitar driven music, and started listening to either 10s EDM, 10s pop music with 70s disco/funk influences, or pop with 80s synthpop influences. i really like the new busted record and these amazing gems...
  7. Has anyone heard the full Night Driver record yet? I have reached a point in my life where i favor electronic music over traditional instruments because im sick of hearing a drumkit and distored guitars.....although those are my musical roots. im really digging the 70s and 80s disco/funk/synthpop influences on modern pop music that started somehwere in 2014/2015 i was never a busted fan, but i adore this record for some reason ( ''Without It'' is such a good 80s power ballad )
  8. could not agree more
  9. i fucking hate his tone so much in i miss you it sounds thin and plastic
  10. you guys remember when blink did that instrumental bridge in the rock show during selftitled era.... they did a similar thing to ''Down'' live.....with that same 4 chord progression. that wouldve made Down a sick studio song just those 4 bass notes and some flanger guitar stuff. i also feel like the whole self titled record was a step down in guitar riffs. it wouldve been so much better with more flanger melodies over those epic rhythm guitars. the record only has little of that. enema was full of guitar melodies i always liked the second guitar riff in this obvious cover. i adore self-titled but it lacks some high end guitar stuff at times.
  11. This Is Home, MH ''date'' virus song, give me one good reason. boxing day
  12. see the difference.....atom and david seem like 2 grown up men in that picture. somehow...tom always seems like a teenage boy who wants to prove people how artsy he is. another thing...tom has been announcing anouncements for like almost 4 years....with half of the stuff never seeing the light of day. so weird
  13. and another thing, feldman gets a lot of hate here, but if we were to hang with feldman...everyone would act super nice to him...and probably like the dude at the end of the day. but talking shit is always the easiest thing to do so here we are. And i'm not in love with feldy or anything, i just like to keep things real i guess i'm all about only mark matt and travis writing the music, but once again...they seem to like seemed to work. glad for them.
  14. am i the only one who doesn't care about the whole feldman thing....... so what if he wrote some melodies,chord progressions and some lyrics.....its poppunk.....mark could've done that by himself if he wanted....but they all clearly like feldman, and they just had fun with it...just the 4 of them. so what and you have to look at it from matt's perspective.....tom was an original member for 22 years. he gets asked an he's stoked...but he has no idea how the fans are going to react at the point of getting asked to do blink. no one who gets asked for that is gonna start pulling the ropes. you just sit back and let it all sink in, youre not gonna start carrying the band right from the start. you have to see this from a human perspective. matt has toured for over a year with blink now. they are on stage every night, on tour busses, interviews, personal life......with that, only 1 thing can happen. and that is a stronger unity. it takes time to feel at home...anywhere. Matt isn't a great guitarist..but he's a clever lyricist and very artistic....i'm sure the dude will shine more on next releases. maybe im just too positive, and i hope i'm right. but isn't this obvious....calm down peoples
  15. Martin Johnson, the lead singer from boys like girls? is boys like girls even a thing anymore?. i remember listening to them in my early teens....looking back....Love Drunk is even more generic than Simple plan nowadays they came back with a full pop record in 2012 or something, which was a little better...anyway....that band always sounded like all time low injected with an even higher dose of bubblegum and disney