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  1. I find it amazing how someone over 40 can be that stupid in terms of politics.... Tom should keep his mouth shut and play his songs
  2. After 12 years of being a true fan.....Im done with tom and i have lost all respect for this sicko NWO puppet, Now i get the freemason symbols. This idiot is insane. How can you support the UN and W.H.O..... (I still have some affection left for Mark and Travis dispite their disliking of donald trump but whatever...Also lost all respect for Skiba liking the church of satan) https://imgur.com/a/EKvjTM8 what a fucking clown... The older i get the more i realize most musicians are a complete joke
  3. HAHHAHAHA The XXXTentacion song is the best out of the 3 songs we got I fucking knew it. Dammit (Kingdomleaks)
  4. Only blink can release a full album of stuff i'm in love with And then release a harmless Christmas song that i already hate to death Song absolutely sucks
  5. Thanks, I Hate It Studio version has major issues - Guitar sounds like absolute artificial thin plastic with some odd reverse reverb. No other words for it - Hoppus is rushing some vocal lines a few milliseconds to early. Fucks up the vibe of the song - Pre-Chorus has shitty vocal harmony so loud that there's no real ''lead'' melody. It sounds chaotic for some reason - Entire production is such a miss. It's like i turned the ''volume equalizer'' on on my computer. Sounds so compressed This is like the time i heard the first live recordings of After Midnight/GOTDF and they sounded so good...And then i heard the studio versions and was let down I hope the FLAC file sounds better than this mp3.
  6. So....it leaked and it sounds like absolute shit. Mix sounds terrible, mark does not sound good...and he's rushing his lyrics over the instrumental. His timing seems off I hope i just listened to a rough unfinished version....cause thats what its sounds like
  7. I would've love a blink-182 collab with modern artists like Machine Gun Kelly/YUNGBLUD/Blackbear I mean...much more so than Chainsmokers/XXXTentacion Still looking forward what we'll get to hear Friday This chorus reminds me of Simple Creatures tho I don't really keep up with modern music but i'd see these guys fitting in on blink-182 collabs. It's also just 1 Travis phonecall away
  8. I'm putting all my money on the XXXTentacion track being way better than the Chainsmokers song. It's just a shame that dude had some nasty skeletons in his closet. His music is actually better than i would've expected. It's just hard to take lyrics seriously when someone has a history with violence and stuff like that.
  9. Its a harmless pop song It sounds catchy nothing more nothing less. Most Chainsmokers songs use that 3 chord progression that either moves up or down. The F/G/A-Minor kind of thing. It's basic but nothing offensive in my opinion I'm looking forward to all these odd collabs. December 6th we'll also get that XXXTentacion/Blink-182 collab - All Fading To Black
  10. I just know that in ten years i'll still love Nine, I got sick of California after a few months when i could listen to it without the ''new hype''...and overtime i started to really hate it Nine is just one of those albums for me.
  11. Tom used instant autotune in that video tho, but it does sound great cause he actually really tries and his notes are probably real close so they get a little boost to perfect pitch. Entire band sounds fantastic and i like the new bassist a lot!
  12. I listened to Cali last night with only 1 earbud in and it sounded so much better. Way too much distorted guitars on Cali...everything is always blasting. I suddenly heard the parts with some guitar work missing and a lot of the verses became so much better and therefore also the choruses. Cali just doesn't breathe. It's all chaos compressed into a box. It's a tiger behind a glass wall
  13. Likes California for the mature lyrics, dislikes Nine for ''try hard, wannabe'' How can someone be so wrong...
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