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  1. I wish i could live a life where i would still be acting like a kid at 50 Seems like the absolute dream in my opinion (But then again i stopped counting my birthdays since 20)
  2. The video is kinda dumb tho Beta male finds out hot chick is sexually into alpha male, beta male gets mad because of being naive and makes a total scene
  3. Wikipedia says there will be an album in 2020 called ''Just Touch It'' Anyway, Adrenaline / Strange Love / How To Live / One Little Lie / NVM is the direction they should take It sounds catchy, poppy, sort of an electronic version of +44 and All Time Low together which i really enjoy The odd songs are fun, but i would skip them for catchy chord progressions anytime
  4. To be fair, i really like the re-recorded chorus parts. I get that Mark's voice is pitched more perfect than the 1999 version during a few melody moments but i really like it Its just that i can't take lil wayne serious, who would like that kind of vocal tone...
  5. I love how we are ignoring the new re-recorded version of WMAA
  6. I wish i just had a sore muscle in my back... Its now 1 year ago that i started having back troubles and i lost all joy in life. I'm taking pictures next week cause i am physically, mentally, emotionally tired from this stuff I went from being 23 to 60 and i'm popping pills like Tom
  7. So the new version of WMAA is out Lil Wayne sounds horrible, but the re-recorded stuff is cool to hear i guess I guess its a mix between that live performance, with lots of studio re-recordings over it
  8. I saw it on reddit, thought it was a joke On the other side...it would be fun to hear the chorus as a re-recorded version with Mark's recent vocal sound and different sounds on guitar and drums I hope they re-recorded it, instead of being lazy with old vocal masters and such from 1999
  9. Its weird how i have been in love with Selftitled and Enema since 2009 (When i discovered blink at 14) I grew out of TOYPAJ after my mid teens tho Such a weird album in terms of lyrics, Enema has those kind of lyrics but it fucking works TOYPAJ wants to be friends with 14 year olds so bad, those lyrics lose everything after a certain age And then Self-titled has such different lyrical style
  10. The only problem is there are 3 weird frankenstein sounding songs, while the other 3 are really pop. I miss something like Strange Love / Adrenaline on this ep, or something weird but with a better balance like Lucy One Little Lie is still the best and most catchy song on the EP tho. Would love a video for that one
  11. Both Sony and Disney are such a pain in my ass They might work on a compromise still, but if the news is true and final, that means the entire MCU canon story is fucked, FFH + end credits are ruined, Endgame is ruined cause Seeing Peter's photograph was a huge factor for Tony in Endgame. Fury's speech to Peter, Peter bonding with Happy, J. Jonah Jameson in End credits for MCU is also fucked. Everything is fucked If only Stan Lee was still around Anyway, its unclear what will happen, FFH made enough money so by the latest contract that means the MCU might get 1 more movie, or not..im not up to date on this.
  12. Mark in Simple Creatures > Mark in Blink-182 this shit is great man
  13. A reddit hero helped me out. Gonna give that bad boy a go
  14. nah the link leads to a browser page instead of the actual app. I give up
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