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  1. Fuck i just realized there is a song out there that sounds better with power chords on acoustic Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag You cant play that intro /verse with nice sounding odd chords. It fucking has to be power chords
  2. Go make that record and prove me wrong!
  3. Well it sounds kinda okay with fresh strings but thats it. It sounds so boring tho
  4. True, they are supposed to be proper musicians Really easy to put a capo on and play some nice sounding chords with open strings or rich alternative chords with an open string and a dissonant note half step down to create something interesting and dramatic. I can not believe they play everything based on power chords. Thats not how you play the acoustic guitar. It blows my mind cause i could just pick up any acoustic guitar and have that song sounding awesome in 2 minutes. Skiba absolutely sucks as a live musician
  5. It makes no sense switching these songs up. Mark and Alex both made a reason for the tracklisting for both EP's. You just follow the 2 EP's from Lucy to Special. Works great and you have 2 batches of songs in their respective order
  6. I'm completely empty inside and i don't know what to do on this earth yes
  7. I just listened to the bridge of The Rock Show... what is going on This is the best Mark has ever sounded live. Energized and really in key, breath control His voice is always dead and suddeny he sounds really damn good...
  8. WOW Pin The Grenade chorus is awesome and Hungover You might be my favourite blink song ever
  9. I just listened to both Cali albums and boy they quite suck to be honest..i mean, if you compare it to Nine I enjoyed Cali a lot when it came out but it wasn't very high when ranking the albums in my head The production is actually a little different on Nine tho. Yes its overproduced and glossy but: 1. It works a lot better with the Nine material 2. It actually does breath a bit more Compare the distorted chorus guitar parts between ''Good Old Days/San Diego'' vs ''Pin The Grenade/Happy Days''
  10. The second.... thats what i thought
  11. Anyways....im gone for a couple of hours. I figure enough people now have the links... Help eachother out guys!
  12. wow....the file is 18.2 MB after i did all the album tags Magic like this...
  13. Okay guys. its here Please PM me all and i will send you the link FLAC with all album tags and NINE album cover attached
  14. Well.... thanks to a great japanese dude and myself.... we'll have the bonus track in FLAC in about half an hour stay tuned!
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