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  1. boxelder

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    i know it seems like i havent updated the main post in a while, and that's true. i've been working on other stuff. but i wanted to post to say thank you to everyone who keeps posting in this thread. work on the main website spinoff is ongoing, here's a screenshot of a work-in-progress main page. my friend is helping me work on it to where each "day" will have its own individual page where we can store flyers/posters/ticket stubs. i'm not sure when this will be done, but i just wanted to post an update.
  2. boxelder

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    "The widow of Barker’s assistant, Chris Baker, 29, who died in the crash, is suing Bland’s estate among others. The lawsuit alleges pilots Bland, 52, and Sarah Lemmon, 31, were “poorly trained” and “negligently decided to abort and/or reject takeoff.” Barker, 32, who like DJ AM, 35, was severely burned, filed a lawsuit Nov. 21 that features similar wording, although he and the mother of his bodyguard who also died fell short of suing the pilots’ estates."
  3. boxelder

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    i was shocked by this when you said it cause if true, that makes travis the biggest piece of shit in the world. but its not -- he never sued the pilots' families, but DJ AM and chris baker's widow did https://people.com/celebrity/pilots-family-in-travis-barker-plane-crash-speaks-out/
  4. boxelder

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    he said he was fire trav during the 2013 australian tour, for engaging in shady shit with that promoter over twitter. i think he was just mad he wouldn't get on a plane and come (travis mentions in his book he had to send photos of his wounds to "one band member" who didn't think flying was a big deal). also, brooks was doing a kickass job and he probably thought to himself, "what do we need travis for?" the shanna thing is different. he mentioned it in his infamous instagram meltdown briefly, and then deleted it
  5. boxelder

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    this. it's easy to hate on mark right now, and the hate is justified IMO. i don't know what direction he's trying to take this band in, but 95% of the fanbase hates it. he's really fucking up their legacy, like tom stated. but those words from tom were uttered with the same sense of self-importance and grandeur that he's had for over a decade... like he wasn't fucking up the legacy by dragging them along for years, like he didn't quit in the first place for being too controlling, for having a jesus complex, for tricking mark/trav into a modlife deal, for trying to fire travis randomly, to making the band sign a record deal and then drop out days later. at this point, i'm very unhappy with what mark is doing, but like you said, in my mind, some of the stuff tom did was the real downfall of this band. it's easy to forget that in these times. people these days are praising tom left and right, but this is the same dude who recycles guitar riffs, drunkenly croaks like a dying frog onstage, and is completely disingenuous regarding the band and its legacy.
  6. boxelder

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    mark’s so disappointing these days. unfollowing for criticism like that is such a loser move
  7. boxelder

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    that is so disappointing. remember when we had jerry finn?
  8. boxelder

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    man that’s disappointing. three years ago they were talking about hiring bill stevenson.
  9. boxelder

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    yeah, i've always suspected the "nursery rhymes on steroids" thing was something he retroactively created. he was just trying to write music like the descendents, nothing more, nothing less. he's not really the innovator he'd like to be seen as. what he is is a very solid pop punk guitarist and songwriter. that's it
  10. boxelder

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    i know all this analyzing is probably stupid, since we don't know the man, but it seems to me adam's song might've been the first indication that self-doubt was creeping in. that fits the timeline too, with EOTS breaking through and he, tom and travis becoming rockstars. yeah, this point is understated. as best i can tell, mark seems like a really great family man. tom too, tbf, but he's just wacko enough i don't really know what to think
  11. boxelder

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    as a fan, all i know is what i can observe. and mark did seem hella cocky in the dude ranch days. and then seems like when EOTS hit that evaporated or he grew up or something. or maybe the fame and money scared him a little bit. apartment with your sister money is different than five mansions money. i think he learned to be more grateful, not just as a public way of staying well-regarded but because he was. and then i think blink breaking up totally broke him. you can see it in his face in interviews in ’05, in the ways he aged, and of course, in +44. he completely lost his identity. nowadays, i can’t really tell what’s going on. i think he’s still pissed tom hung him out to dry, i think he’s disappointed with skiba but trying to say it’s okay, and i think he likes how feldmann strokes his ego and how much easier it is to write songs. he kinda seems like he might be at his lowest confidence ever… he’s hired songwriters and taken more control over the band. i think he’s still hurt
  12. boxelder

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    bingo. while i try to never treat anyone improperly, every now and again you have a bad moment. mark seeming disinterested or annoyed at oli's soundcheck could've been a bad day. everything else we've gathered of mark -- the hundreds of hours of video footage from 1999-03, interviews, signing autographs for fans -- point to him being an incredibly nice and grateful guy
  13. boxelder

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    while i agree with some of your sentiments about the band's current status, i think the one more jaded here is you. while i think mark seems less forthcoming in interviews at the moment, he's historically been the most humble and kind member of the band to fans. what do you expect mark to do? this is the predicament you're put in when you become famous and have millions of fans -- he can't sit there and fawn over everyone for being a fan. a simple thanks will do and he moves on. it's just part of where he's at
  14. boxelder

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    you’d think he’d get himself a WMAA backing track...christ.