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  1. i actually sort-of like teenage satellites. i really like the melody of "then you kissed me like a storm at sea [doo doo doo] like i'm the only one you'll ever need". there's parts of california i like, but are still recognizable to me as not the direction i wished they'd gone in.
  2. lmao that is crazy. now i wanna try a prediction: mark, matt and travis continue to tour the shit out of california as sober drops as fourth single and does well/crosses over etc. they get into the studio and write an album slightly better than california, with more matt influence. but its still mostly garbage with feldmann behind the boards. they tour that. matt returns to alkaline trio and realizes he misses it, blink takes time off. depending on how many albums they have on their BMG contract, they do a third one maybe. tom continues to tout BCR to help promote his shit until he has to downsize again and realize none of this is or has ever worked. then he knocks on blink's door for a reunion tour. depending on what the situation with matt is then, they go on ahead and make bank and the internet is like "tom is back, you can rest easy."
  3. great job!
  4. these lyrics are partially what fueled my dislike for california. they're really corny to me. the song is not very good either, so i picked that one. runners up are rabbit hole, KOTW, no future
  5. pinegrove is great. turnover had a new song come out today, if you're into them too!
  6. super rad -- i couldn't find anything about this photo. so glad we have people on the board who know about this shit. thanks
  7. i was going to choose up all night easy until i saw so many people choosing LID. i forgot just how bad that song is. so that's my vote. MH572048 has also not aged well
  8. they're hitting atlanta again this fall at music midtown
  9. love how he acts like he's travis's buddy but was trying to kick him out not too long ago lol
  10. saaaaame. and even i cringe during the spoken word bridge.
  11. @daveyjones describes his positions well, even if he can at times his raynor-era fandom/"i knew the band" attitude can rub many the wrong way. that said, your interest in neighborhoods and NOT untitled strikes me as the wildest of your opinions haha. but that'll have to wait till the next thread lol
  12. there's no excuse -- we're just explaining WHY it is we don't like the album, and as fans of the band, trying to decipher just how this came to be. feldmann's an easy scapegoat, for sure, but that's just par for the course for any band that works with a super-producer that alters their sound. but i think mark, matt and travis share just as much of the blame and i think most people who dislike cali would say the same.
  13. and that's just that lol -- you've just exaggerated people's disdain for the albums. i don't know anyone who thinks feldmann was conspiring to ruin the band, and i don't believe he's solely responsible for the music. i think it comes down to that they signed up to work with a dude who lazily factory assembles his product, and they had to write it quick and it sucks lol. i think matt's never fully meshed with the band and the way they made cali -- using pre-existing guitar loops or whatever, letting feldmann come up with melodies -- didn't help it. i do, however, think they know it sucks. play weatherman from WYHSB and then play don't mean anything. i think mark's enjoying being relevant again, matt's enjoying the money, and travis is doing what he always does.
  14. this is all we have to do now that our band sucks now lol