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  1. haha def not. spent the day hangin around bham. just now getting to the venue! lol
  2. left alone has always been kinda forgettable to me... it's in that section of the album where all the songs sound the same until about san diego. i appreciate the synths, and its lyrics aren't as mind-numblingly dumb as some of its counterparts. and of course, it suffers from the same whoa-oh BS as the rest of it. mh 4.18.2011 i LOVED when it came out, but it only seems worse with age for me for some reason. a lot of tom's songs on neighbhorhoods seem to be throwbacks or striving to fit a sound, and MH feels like that for me. it's really catchy, though the helicopter line is a bit of an eye-roller after all these years. listening to both side-to-side, i like MH more, and that's not out of a desire to place neighborhoods over california. because rabbit hole vs. love is dangerous will be such a hard one because they're both shit lmao. so MH
  3. yeah the tour they're doing now is a lot of small venues in smaller places where they don't usually get to play. i think it's great. going to see blink for the 2nd time tonight! hope its fun.
  4. same. amazes me people would rather linkin park over a young, hungry punk/emo band getting exposure
  5. yeah i'm still amazed they didn't choose sober too. if they wind up only going the 3 single route, it'd be a terrible mistake. i almost expect HISALP to do poorly
  6. hope it works out for you man. if you get a chance to go, let me know and ill stop and say hi!
  7. it should be said at first that i really hate AVA lol. that said, there's a handful of tunes, mainly from the first and most recent album, that i enjoy. WDNTW -- i like the stuff that coulda been blink songs, like it hurts, the war, and the adventure. i also have a soft spot for do it for me now and start the machine. the rest, though, is pretty bad ("I think i like today..."). dream walker -- dream walker was better than it had any right to be. i love the wolfpack and i think a lot of songs on that album are really interesting musically, and owe a lot to ilan i-empire -- this is where i fall off. i don't even really care about this album love -- i'm not even ranking the two parts because listening to them was such a chore for me that i don't remember which was which
  8. sorry to hear that man. that's such a weird thing, i guess the civic center there overbooked or something?
  9. yeah i never listened to lostprophets besides the rooftops song that was on guitar hero 4 lol but what a disgrace. the rest of the band handled it well, they just promptly broke up and said "fuck lostprophets" lol. gotta be disgusting when you realize the guy you've invested so much time with is a predator
  10. tuesday in birmingham. saw em last year in atlanta so couldnt pass it up lol
  11. yeah i'm not into them touring with linkin park... but i agree, there are plenty of great indie bands right now that would be so grateful to be on tour with blink, much like how motion city opened for them in 2004. turnover's a great one, as are paws, modern baseball (sadly broken up), and plenty more. agreed though, i'm stoked to see wavves! i'll be seeing blink next week.
  12. it's a good live song/was enjoyable to hear at my show. i don't really hate the song.
  13. i never really hated parking lot, i guess because i never had high expectations. just seemed inoffensive to me, kinda bland. misery i dislike more, and pregnant doesn't even count. all are among the worst songs they've ever released tho lol
  14. nice find @Thibaut182. i'm certain that's real, i've seen blink's name alongside "the skeletons" in live music listings in newspapers from that time. i'm gonna say it was 1994?