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  1. i gotta say too, i always liked the extended instrumental after the bridge in feeling this they'd do. i don't think they do it anymore. i remember seeing this the night of the first reunion show and observing how much energy there was:
  2. alright, added everything from @Thibaut182 besides the photos, and i also added all of the 2004 tour dates. woo! that means aside from shows here and there, the timeline (at least for tour dates) is more or less nearly complete!
  3. ah, i forgot about one of my least favorite tom things. the drunken little kid-esque "punk rock" yelling... available at 2:28 in that vid and plenty more!
  4. @Thibaut182, thanks for your contributions. but i can't really add images to it in the form it's currently in. my suggestion is to keep collecting the photos, say keep them in a folder dedicated to each date. and whenever the regular site for blink182online opens (@Aria) we can include the timeline as one part and a tour archive as another. when you click on a date, it reveals the poster, ticket stubs, pics, videos, etc. think of it like this: but unfortunately as of now, i think it's best not to include the pics to keep it from getting cluttered in its current form. in the future, maybe we can add them, so keep/organize them if you can. as for the posters, keep em comin because they reveal dates not added and stuff. i'll add the most recent stuff momentarily
  5. i left this out for now. it's difficult, because in both 1995 and 1996, kevin-182 (from back in the day) listed blink as playing the annual SOMA new year's bash. i'm want to say this is 1996, based on their placement on the lineup (dammit was blowing up by the end of 1997, so they'd be much higher than unwritten law or DHC). but perhaps @daveyjones can shed some light on this. perhaps it was 1997? also, in the australia tour with UL in may 98, i left out the dates (for now) covered up in the photo.
  6. was that when they first started playing with backing tracks (the untitled shows)? i don't remember them being apparent before then
  7. great stuff @Thibaut182, thank you! I listed it as 6/7/1996, as they were -182 by the time, still using cheshire-era promo pic, they played a lot with UL around that time, and they were in florida that month anyway according to existing dates on there. thanks!
  8. added all the dollabill dates (including toronto) as well as ALL 2003 tour dates (summer sonic, reading). i'll get to 2004 soon (and that may be it?)
  9. lol it's alternative press. i think tom was a middling guitar player with a knack for writing melodic and catchy riffs. the type of music he made was not only already accessible but en vogue in the 1990s so he got filthy rich and famous doing it. then he took too many drugs and lost his mind a little bit. now he's convinced he's a genius artist and lacks any self-awareness. pieces like these don't help this
  10. ask @BlinkAngels182 -- he was at the show, he said in other thread
  11. thanks for all your work everyone! i'm going to incorporate the 03/04 ones when i have more time, but i threw in the dates listed above already. first off, what a strange lineup. had no idea they ever played with korn. secondly, i included this in the timeline but listed it as 12/8/1994. reasoning: there's a lot of shows with unwritten law from around that time, and they changed their name in 7/1995 -- so if this show took place in dec 1995, someone could've gotten the name wrong (which very well could happen). if you know for sure which year it is, let me know!
  12. updated once again with tour dates from the reunion tour in 2009/2010, and scattered things here and there from that time (studio updates). what a shit time to be a fan back then huh? "we're starting to work on the album"/"we haven't started yet"/"coming soon, this year!"/"no, next year." i know mark was just as disappointed with tom's inactivity as we were, but i guess a lot of us didn't expect what was to come with california. my hope is to get the 2003/2004 tour dates filled in sooner or later, and then, as far as i know, that might be the complete tour history (aside from random mid-90s dates here and there)
  13. updated this with every poster @Thibaut182 and @daveyjones added, thanks for those, since many provide new tour dates. would be nice one day to get this forum running with an "on this day" feature, since i'm sure most of the days of the year are represented over this timeline, some more than once. for all of those posters, i backed them up with links. i also updated more recent events on part two of the timeline, with cali deluxe and whatnot (but no one cares about that lol!).
  14. i stayed up late with my friends. it was jay leno. we had finals the next day. and we were all like what the fuck is wrong with his voice lol... i hadn't really paid attention to AVA before then
  15. that's certainly very odd, guess he said fuck it after he threw the pick! lol