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  1. Annual Top 10 Blink songs.. (2018)

    1-15 cause i can and those are all worthy to mention always -- everything i like about blink going away to college -- blink at their most sentimental feeling this -- the model blink song with some mild experimentation, fun to listen to dumpweed -- classic blink to a t, everything is rad about the song apple shampoo -- one of (if not) mark's strongest songs asthenia -- tom's greatest, IMO waggy -- just a great mark song, wonderful bridge/lyrics josie -- just a fav of mine! love it wmaa -- same as above. just good ol classic blink don't leave me -- same as above m+m's -- great early song emo -- underrated, enjoyable tune gotdf -- probably listed a little too high, but i always dug this song. nice marriage of new tom + mark/travis pathetic -- great opener stockholm -- should maybe be placed higher, but as we all know, amazing song. as dark as it got
  2. Blink Vegas Residency

    uhhhhhh that is suuuuuuuuuuper rad. i might snag a ticket if that's the case. i would KILL to hear an all enema/DR/CC setlist. wow.
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    agree. i mean, i’m not happy with skiba fucking up either. and half the time he also seems like he’d rather be elsewhere and looks a little robotic/out of his element onstage. and i think his inclusion in the band is a mistake. but people on this board quickly forget just how bad tom was
  4. California alternate version

    we've done this thread before. but for the hell of it: cynical bored to death SOOHM los angeles sober built this pool HISALP long lost feeling TOTTM teenage satellites san diego parking lot (yup, parking lot's not that bad, come at me)
  5. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    i’ll get to fixing this when i get home guys, good research!
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    i believe they're talking about one of the on this day tweets. i mentioned alternative press in the tweet and they retweeted. ghent is probably going by impressions, which tells you how many times it came up on someone's timeline, not necessarily that they interacted with it. the tweet garnered 62 retweets and 304 likes, which are great numbers, really, but 36,000 is sort of a stretch
  7. The Infamous Mark Hoppus b182 Interview 2006

    omfg yesss that lyric kills me! here's my favorites off WYHSB: "Take all you can from me I've got weak constitution I'm led so easily So easily" "Let me slip away, I'm barely holding on Every now and then I feel the end of us" "Lay rotting where I fall I'm dead from bad intentions Suffocated and embalmed And now all our dreams are cashed in You swore you wouldn't lose then lost your brain You make a sound that feels like pain"
  8. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    just saw the band partner in chattanooga tn at the palace theater last night. short set, but really fun, amazing energy, good vibes from crowd, and i really appreciated their goofy banter and charisma! the band looked to be having a lot of fun. recommend em to anyone here, they’re very weezer-y
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    i like TOYPAJ...online songs has grown on me over the years, and it’s got some strong deep cuts like every time i look for you, shut up, and roller coaster. the only thing that leads me to declaring my least fav of classic era blink is the plethora of teenage songs. i like first date and all, but give me one good reason, anthem part 2, STFTK are among my least favorites across the whol catalogue, mainly because of how stupid the lyrics are
  10. The Infamous Mark Hoppus b182 Interview 2006

    i love the +44 album! i can see how one might say it’s missing a standout track, but... i like it lol. some songs are more creative than mark had ever been (lillian, weatherman) and every single lyric is painfully honest. i really think it’s marks best work outside of his contributions to untitled and dude ranch.
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

  12. The Infamous Mark Hoppus b182 Interview 2006

    this is what gets me when i think about where we're at now. he's as honest as it gets, and even this answer is still guarded. as a fan, you seem to get to know these people after years of heavily following their music and videos. and through watching clips of them together, the hundreds of hours that were published as DVDs or webcam footage from '03, you get the sense you really know who they are. and this is a really harsh, all-encompassing answer for mark to make as his best friend. he doesn't seem quick to do things out of anger, and with how he listed all of the egotistic aspects of the "new tom"... we're left to believe we never really knew them at all. based on the humorous image they gave off, i would've never guessed tom would be such a delusional, self-absorbed idiot.
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    i was listening to TOYPAJ driving around today — it sounds SO good still, jerry finn and whoever that engineer was (joe mcgrath or something?) were fantastic, especially on travis’s drums. that said, it’s long remained my least fav classic era blink album. it’s got a lot in common with cali in that it feels forced and like pandering. except they were 17 years younger or something and it was slightly less creepy, and also felt like a logical progression (or lack thereof)
  14. The Infamous Mark Hoppus b182 Interview 2006

    one of my faaaaaav mark interviews. lets it all spill out, unapologetically honest, and super interesting to read as a fan. wish he were as upfront about it these days — that rolling stone interview the day they kicked tom out is as close as we’ll get. his remembrance of details here and there really made it interesting for our timeline... for example, you can tell the big fight happened on like nov 30 2004... their first tour date in england (i think birmingham). his account of +44’s origins are fascinating as well. anyway, this is like a dream mark interview, right down to his most personal songs question. it was done very well. sometimes i wonder if it’s even real lol
  15. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    added everything above this post!