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  1. It's gay because you constantly feel the need to share shirtless photos of yourself to a board of primarily straight men who aren't asking for it.
  2. And the award for fastest conversation kill goes to ... Jesus, dude.
  3. That's not my mindset at all.
  4. How many of these threads do we need to have?
  5. Don't listen to them ... they're pulling your chain. The dude sings that Paper Planes song now.
  6. Gross, Hitler, get the fuck off this board.
  7. Fucking love waffles. Pancakes are for fart-knocking, butt-munchers!
  8. Why complicate matters when simplicity will suffice?!
  9. Im still got my money on strangle-bation gone wrong!
  10. He should have called you 'Krazy Kyle' .. alliteration makes everything so much better!
  11. Our thoughts exactly every time you post!
  12. This album is about shitting my pants at work that one time ... It's titled Call of the Void.
  13. No one here really appreciates @thongrider but I do ... I do.
  14. That sounds terrible!