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  1. Speedo


    I just picked this up ... I've a couple of books going right now though so I probably won't get to it until early next month. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  2. Speedo

    What's Your Favorite Lyric?

    Save your breath, I never was one.
  3. Speedo

    What's Your Favorite Lyric?

    For instance: @Ghent, I know it's gonna be hard to choose just a few but do you have any Taylor Swift lines that give you the tingles?
  4. Speedo

    What's Your Favorite Lyric?

    Everyone has one or two that they love more than the others, share!
  5. Speedo

    Tom Delonge 97/98 Black LP Replica

    Are they not? Huh, never noticed.
  6. Speedo

    What's Your Favorite Lyric?

    Just one line that hits you for whatever reason? I'll start it out with a couple. 1. Against Me! - Fight every fight like you can win, an iron-fisted champion, an iron-willed fuck up! 2.Nirvana - Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.
  7. Speedo

    New Feldmann Topic

    More like "State Chumps", right?!
  8. Speedo

    Tom Delonge 97/98 Black LP Replica

    Looks good, bud! Great job! You plan on filling the holes?
  9. Speedo

    Video Games Thread

    I have it on Xbox, I almost started a game once but played Doom instead. I keep meaning to get to it.
  10. Speedo

    Jurassic World

    I loved IT, enjoyed the fuck out of it. It's the only movie I saw in theatres last year. I don't care about an over abundance of CGI, it never bothered me. Done poorly or done well. I know some people get taken out of the story by it but, for whatever reason, it was never something I gave a shit about.
  11. Speedo

    Jurassic World

    I am a gigantic Jurassic Park fan ... I saw Jurassic Park in theatres 6 times, made my parents take me. I read Jurassic Park and The Lost World in 4th grade and twice more since but ... Holy fuck is Jurassic World shit ... it's basically an action packed commercial for Mercedes. I jist watched the trailers for the new one and they look fucking awful too. What do you guys think?
  12. Good Christ, man! He's gone mongo!

  13. Who said you were the one enrolled?