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  1. That's the coke fueled muscle spasms.
  2. Nah ah, I have the bigger penis!
  3. You understood what hell he was saying?
  4. Are you retarded?
  5. Not since Hoover though!
  6. I won't be home, Boxing Day is great too ... same problem as UAN though ... cut and paste job putting intro as outro for no damn reason.
  7. I have an idea! Lets just all argue opinions for three days!
  8. I was born at the tail end of good music ...
  9. I'm sure they are ... all their songs sound the same.
  10. It's nice to see Muse is still around playing that one song they've written.
  11. Simple Plan is super gay, like affectionate kissing gay.
  12. I'm really curious as to how Trump is going to deal with North Korea!
  13. Up All Night, apart from the cut and paste intro as outro I like the song better.
  14. Keep the suggestions coming, I'm home now but Ice got a fuck ton of work to do tomorrow.