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  1. That famous burro lad is going to like 10 shows lol did anyone find out what he does for a living? I'm not sure what the system is like in the states but over here in Australia people who don't work go on the 'doll' which is a real low fort nightly payment so they can live surely he would be on the equivalent to the system we have over here looool
  2. San Diego is an absolute banger. My favourite track by far
  3. Can someone PM me a link!!!
  4. Comes out at 2:30am wooooo
  5. Yeah but the people who get the basses won't get the drum heads
  6. I was so lucky I got the drum head. Took a piss at like 2am and checked social media to see the packages had been put up and I knew I had to get it. Was half asleep but hahaha everyone that is getting a drumhead should have received an email telling them that they were lucky enough to get the drum head
  7. Kings commented on there IG saying only a couple hundred were lucky enough to get the drum head
  8. That kings road merch commented on there IG saying a couple hundred people got lucky. I really doubt they would send a fender to Australia due to money but let's hope lol
  9. What's the best way to stream the station you reckon? What app do we need
  10. Song comes out Thursday midnight for us lads in Australia can't wait
  11. Used to see Famous in surf/skate shops here in Australia but not so much anymore as we have soo many different brands of shit now it's ridiculous
  12. AvA Christmas sweater... $80 LOL
  13. I've always wanted to hear what a collaboration between Tom and Roger Lima from Less Than Jake would sound like hahaha if they made a fast paced album..... I love Rogers voice.
  14. Lol that Diego seedy bloke just posted a pic of his letter from Mark. As if this dweeb was in the army......
  15. Saw it on Facebook. So what, it's my opinion. I've seen great blink tats I'm just not a fan of that one at all. It's more the fact he's then got poet Anderson stuff on the other side of his arm. I dunno. Just makes me cringe a little but that's me....