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  1. Fuck yeah! Can't wait!!
  2. Long Lost Feeling, Last Train Home, and Good Old Days
  3. Or, conversely, come here several times a day and post a variation of the same complaint in every thread from now until the end of time.
  4. great first post!
  5. Ná ná ná whõa
  6. so basically we're just waiting for his selfishness to kick in at this point
  7. I think it would be a nice touch/gesture if Tom featured on a song. It would be good for the fans, and it would show that they're capable of burying the hatchet and being "friends" in some capacity. It would also show that Tom is at peace with the situation and all in all would probably be a really cool track if they all 3 contributed some vocals.
  8. The bridge into the last chorus is fucking sweet imo
  9. If there's 10 songs you like then just enjoy that fact and don't focus on the negative. Most albums are around 10 songs anyway
  10. Do we know definitively which songs were written in the initial sessions and which are entirely new? I know parking lot was written recently and 6/8 is from the initial sessions, but what about the rest?
  11. Finally! I loved and defended Cali, but it really did bum me out that everyone here wasn't into it. I know not everyone is on board but it's great to have a lot of people digging the new songs!
  12. We Hate Everything: A Critical Discussion
  13. It sounds like people on reddit scared him by saying he could be traced and yadda yadda yadda