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  1. Heinrich Faust

    SOOHM Music Video

    Am I the only one that's upset that the girl lip-syncing Matt's parts is holding a bass and the girl lip-syncing Mark's parts is holding a guitar? That's just poor execution
  2. Heinrich Faust

    Top Three Favorite Songs from Untitled

    This is the hardest thing I've had to do all day: 1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. Feeling This 3. Always Here's Your Letter, Go, and Violence are honorable mentions. I'll probably change my mind in 15 minutes
  3. Heinrich Faust

    Greatest Blink opening song to album

    If anyone picks When I was Young I won't be mad I'll just be disappointed. Dumpweed is the clear pick for me.
  4. I thought the same things. Here's what I came up with. Tom Araya of Slayer, Paul McCartney of the Beatles, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Geddy Lee from Rush, Sting of the Police and Dan of AK3. None of whom I'd like to see in Blink haha.
  5. Heinrich Faust

    Best Blink Song Tournament (Round 8) 2016: B-Sides

    Love AGAP. Puts me in a great mood every time I hear it.
  6. Heinrich Faust

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Absolutely. But he didn't sound condescending at all though. It was like, "Mark was always just a dude who was gonna do what he loves. Look at all these people who enjoy it." He was pumped for all of Mark's success. He asked me what my favorite album was and I said Enema, after which he gave me a high five and said "you are correct" haha.
  7. Heinrich Faust

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    So at the Cleveland show I sat by Mark's cousin. Really cool dude. Had a few funny stories about growing up with Mark and how weird it was when Blink actually took off. He said they they are all still in awe of Mark's success. He said Skye is awesome about staying in contact with all of Mark's family members around the country. She personally makes arrangements for them to get tickets when Blink comes to town. He really sang her praises. He said he hadn't met Skiba yet but was really happy the band was back and functional again. He said Tom was always a really ADD type dude whose mind is all over the place. He said Tom talked about aliens to anyone who'd listen and it struck him as an odd thing. He never guessed it'd go this far though haha. All in all it was really cool.
  8. Heinrich Faust

    2016 Summer Tour General Discussion

    I have no idea. The song started and after the chorus had began Mark sprinted on stage and his guitar tech brought him his bass
  9. Heinrich Faust

    2016 Summer Tour General Discussion

    Also, they played wishing well. Wasn't ready for that. Los Angeles in the encore
  10. Heinrich Faust

    2016 Summer Tour General Discussion

    I was in the pit in Cleveland tonight. Mark didn't come on stage until "smile fades in the summer" during feeling this. Bit of a shit show
  11. Heinrich Faust

    (Poll) Favorite Untitled Song

    Easily Stockholm Syndrome. The engineering on the guitars, bass, drums and vocals are all outstanding. It's my favorite vocal interplay by Mark and Tom on any song. I'm ready to be crucified for this, but I've never been a understood the love for AOT and ILWY. I dig Robert Smith's part in AOT but I find Tom's vocals to be grating and unpleasant. I have the same problem with ILWY. Travis's drum outro is solid though. Definitely my least favorite songs on the album.
  12. Heinrich Faust

    Predict the next singles

    Here's my opinion using my nonsense marketing degree. Sober should be the next single. Big chorus, catchy as hell "na-na-nas," and lyrics that would be right at home in the top 40. BTD slated the alternative charts but they need to to go big. Sober has the best crossover potential. After that HISALP. It's somber and very reminiscent of the Adam's Song aesthetic. I think it speaks more to an older demographic with it's lyrical theme and tempo. I imagine it would do decent on the alt charts. If they have the longevity for a 4th single, (which I think they should based off radio play, press coverage, and chart palcement) then it should be SOOHM. It's a very classic-Enema sound. It'll speak to long time fans and hit the younger pop-punk crowd. It won't chart as well but it'll definitely help with ticket sales.
  13. Heinrich Faust

    One month later: what's your favorite California track?

    I think cynical is still just flawless. SOOHM is definitely second. The song that has grown the most is KOTW. I really dig that song now.
  14. Heinrich Faust

    Poll: Favorite TaKe Off Your Pants and Jacket Song

    Online Songs is definitely one of my favorite Blink songs. I'm pretty disappointed they never play it live
  15. Heinrich Faust

    (Poll) Favorite Enema of the state song

    Enema was the first album I ever bought in second grade and is still easily my favorite album start to finish. It unalterably shaped my taste in music, my sense of humor, and the levity I try to bring to my day to day life. As I got more into classic rock and more hardcore punk as the years went on, something about Enema has always kept me coming back. There isn't a song I don't absolutely love. I've vacillated between every song as my "favorite" over the years. I don't know if it's just nostalgia at this point but frankly I don't care. Every song is perfect to me. I had to go with WMAA. I know it's a single and everyone and their mom knows that song but it was the first blink song I heard. I can still remember my mind being blown seeing the music video for the first time and thinking "awesome, not all adults are boring." Musically there's stronger tunes on the album but the spirit of WMAA is timeless.