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  1. Blink Vegas Residency

    Yeah I think it would be mostly EOTS with Carousel/M&Ms/Dammit/Josie thrown in there. I can already picture the EOTS cover on a billboard on the strip, people would love that in Vegas. Unfortunately 1 trip to Vegas was enough for a lifetime for me and I don't see myself ever going back, but those should be cool shows!
  2. Blink Vegas Residency

    Yup was just getting ready to reply to you and say that he mentioned that already. It seems like the band was approached by the Palms and said, hey we might as well! Mark seemed excited, and like he wanted to make it interesting. I could definitely see them playing EOTS front to back, even most "casuals" will know a lot of those songs and that would be a sweet drunken night in Vegas reliving 1999... When Matt first joined Blink he said he put on EOTS and would just play it front to back so he's gotta know most of them to *some* extent.
  3. Blink Vegas Residency

    No Meet&Greet or even Soundcheck option for the VIP packages. That sucks, especially for $300. EDIT: Listening to Mark on KROQ and he mentions having "special setlists"... one idea is to have a show where nothing is newer than 1999. OH SNAP! http://pca.st/Fwa3 (Go to 1:06 towards then end)
  4. Annual Top 10 Blink songs.. (2018)

    Wasting Time Pathetic Dammit WMAA Online Songs Every Time I Look For You (criminally underrated IMHO, bridge gets me so hype) Shut Up Asthenia Not Now UAN
  5. Blink Vegas Residency

    Apparently the Pearl Theatre only holds 2,500 people. Seems like it could be a sweet intimate show to catch if you're in the area.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'm gonna go on the opposite spectrum here and say that Matt will be the one having the breakdown which will ultimately lead to Tom returning at some point. Matt seems like such a kind soul, this "sellout" thing may get to him eventually. I kinda feel for him, he's in such a weird place, and was given such a great opportunity that you absolutely cannot turn down as a professional musician. Yet this "success" is completely at the expense of his heart and soul (Alk3) and best friends (Dan/Derek) which he spent his entire life building up. It has to weigh on him. I truly hope he feels "at home" in Blink ASAP, but it just seems like such an enormous burden that may be impossible to overcome. A former alcoholic with a year long gig in Vegas? Pressure surmounting from Alk3 to tour/write, combined with pressure from "new bffs" Mark/Trav/Feldy/Blink to continue getting huge paychecks and make a new album? There is some serious soul searching that has to take place when you are faced with those question marks. Would not be surprised if he reaches a point where he looks in the mirror and says "I'm done playing Tom's old songs to teens" every night and gracefully steps down. More money/fame is nice at first, but that will wear off eventually... ...or he'll just buy a few more Audis/Ducatis and ride off into the sunset screaming "blink-182 life for life!".
  7. Blink Vegas Residency

    The fact that it stretches through mid-November sucks, but it's steady income near their homes. Hard to blame them.
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Read the Shooman Blink book over the weekend. Knew a lot of the stuff already but I did like how on page 44 he put a + sign lol, didn't know Scott was rumored to be killed in 2003, funny that Travis said he hated Good Charlotte and GC played MusInk Saturday... Found the Finn stuff interesting, thought you guys would like this:
  9. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Reserving this spot in case it gets too large eventually.
  10. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I will use this thread to share any news on the next album. If you come across any new info, post below and I'll keep a running tab in the OP. Please try to stay somewhat on topic, you can discuss your hatred of Feldmann here , Matt here , and Tom here. 3/8/2018 Musink Article: Travis: "Now we’re playing a couple shows this year, there will be more announced right after MUSINK and then we’ll be right back in the studio recording again. I can’t wait!" 3/18/2018 Musink Interview Travis: "With California I felt like it was giving everyone what they expect from a new Blink album, and with the next one I feel like we can experiment again"
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    It gives me a lot of hope, basically sums up what was obvious which is that California was a comeback album. He also considers Adams Song/I Miss You/Feeling This highly experimental, so I will take those in a heart beat! BTW we probably should start some sort of "master New Album thread" to post news in and keep running updates on it... @Ghent not sure if you want to go down that Rabbit Hole again lol, if not I don't mind. I think we've only gotten a few "hints" from Travis on it, but it would be cool to have it in one place IMO.
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Trav on the next album: "With California I felt like it was giving everyone what they expect from a new Blink album, and with the next one I feel like we can experiment again."
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    They didn’t lol. They used that last fall/summer.
  14. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    He screws up Anthem 2 in some way every time, usually forgetting the lyrics. I don’t know why they keep it on the set list it’s not a staple by any means (and I love that song and TOYPAJ is my fav album). I put all the blame on Mark for this, they do not do him any favors. Scrap it and replace with No Future/Sober/KOTW anything he is comfortable with.