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  1. Ry-Bread

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    Here is a cool shirt signed in 1997 buy Tom/Mark/Scott that sold recently: Also here is an Untitled Poster signed by Tom/Mark/Travis, these are from the 2013 Untitled Reunion shows in LA and are pretty rare. If you are looking for a piece signed by all 3, this is one of the ones I recommend looking for: https://www.ebay.com/itm/blink-182-untitled-10th-anniversary-Poster-signed-rare-Autograph-AVA/223150614366?hash=item33f4d0275e:g:4BcAAOSw9ZdboFD7
  2. Ry-Bread

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    Yeah all those are forgeries IMO, no clue on whether or not the guitar was Tom's - but I doubt it.
  3. Oliver likes things black and white, so his thinking is: No money/job= gold digger Living off of significant other's income= gold digger But that assumes that the other person is doing NOTHING of value, and straight bumming. You have to take into account that being able to take the kids to/from school, manage the house, run the errands, etc. is a tremendous value (regardless of which sex does it). My point is that it is much more valuable than whatever job she could get. People weigh that all the time. Making the decision for one person to stay at home does not mean that person is a gold digger. There are stay at home moms who would probably love to work, but it makes sense for their situation/family. It's a team. There is no "my money", it's "our money". And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what a "gold digger" truly is, true gold diggers are only in it for the money. If that were the case, she should've publicly divorced him right after Untitled and been on her way.
  4. If you have enough money to where it doesn't matter, and when your own wife raises your kids and you don't have to stress about babysitting/taking care of the house while you are on the road -- absolutely. That's a ton of work, and much more important than simply "bringing home a paycheck" (which will be worthless when added to the pot). It's also harder than playing a guitar on stage for 60 minutes and then sitting on a bus for 10 hours reading a UFO book. It's not always "gold digging'", marriage is team work. So you make millions doing what you love, relatively stress/worry free. But you'd rather your wife work at Starbucks back in LA, as opposed to spending time with your kids and raising them? Or you consider her worthless because YOU chose her when you were starting to get famous and she stuck with you through thick and thin? If she were a gold digger, she'd hire a nanny/babysitter and be off on an island while Tom was on tour.
  5. If I made enough money I would LOVE for my wife to be able to stay at home and raise our own children. Especially if you are on the road doing what you love, and have a ridiculous amount of money. That is priceless, and much more valuable than whatever job she could get IMHO. Your husband is a famous rock star, do you want her to go work at Sears Oliver? lol. Whatever 40k-100k job she gets will still be pennies. She could go get a CEO job for 1 million a year, and it's still not worth it. From what I've seen she at least *tries* with the designing stuff, it's not like she's on a private jet skipping between Louis Vuitton shops blowing Tom's money. If she really wanted to be a gold digger, this alleged separation would be publicized, and she'd be raking him in court.
  6. I've never gotten the vibe that she is a gold digger (in fact his sister seems a million times worse). It does seem like she is still in the house, she stills posts pictures of the great dane dogs, whereas Tom's "house pictures" are basically that room with the couch lol.
  7. I do think the "lots of changes" and "life changes" points are quite telling in regards to his personal life...
  8. Yeah, "already planned and on the books" is probably just a note in his personal calendar. If he is really going to bring the band back together, they would want to have the new album done and out before/alongside the tour, right? I just really don't see Tom riding around in a bus playing 2,500 person crappy venues around the country, and I don't know how David/Matt could get away from their real jobs that long. I suspect AVA will do a few shows in Cali, that's about it.
  9. Ry-Bread

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    Here are some sweet "Tom Doodles" he did at the book signing on 9/15/2018, they say you are only allowed to get the book signed, but I guess people just ask. (If I knew I could 100% get my TOYPAJ/Short Bus Vinyl signed I would go out there for a signing!): This is about as nice as it gets: Epiphone (I hate how he signs this section of the guitar, it would stand out much more if he signed it all on the brown): Inside a vinyl: Most of the books got the normal "TD", he added a smiley for this female fan lol:
  10. This was the IG comment that has people excited about his "tour":
  11. I watched it all, nothing we haven’t heard - he let the TTSA guy talk a lot. When Tom was asked questions he has such a hard time giving a concise answer. Everything is drawn out. The only interesting question was someone asked his thoughts about the current punk scene, and he went on a bit of a rant about how nothing is “original” these days, and how all bands sounds the same which is dumb. He said punk/Blink was all about doing whatever YOU want to do. “Why start a band to sound like The Ramones, there’s already The Ramones?” He mentioned getting into the UFO stuff when Blink was driving 10 hours a day in a van, and he’d read books. (No internet yet). Said the last concert he went to was U2 (which I feel like I remember seeing him/Jen pix of this so that was a long time ago). He was funny here and there, but nothing new.
  12. Yeah I just see it as a weird tick/habit he has. I've met people who habitually snort/sniffle/squint/twitch etc. Doesn't mean they're on coke lol. I don't think Tom even did coke back in his crazy days. He's just ADD/manic IMHO.
  13. No way Tom is on coke IMHO, and if he takes the ~ 2.5million he stole and uses it for a Blink/AVA sounding album, that's much better use than a spaceship or time machine that will never get made!
  14. Ry-Bread

    Better Call Saul

    Watched E6 last night, still kinda boring. Does this show get good ratings? I mean I'll continue watching because I like the characters and Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows of all time, but I don't see how this could captivate random viewers. Wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on Netflix only.
  15. Ry-Bread

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Well the good news is Matt still has it, his stuff on the last Alk3 album is great IMO. Guitar work and all. So I do think the next Blink record can be great. The funny thing is through all of this, I've actually become a big Matt/Alk3 fan, and less of a Mark/Tom fan. At least Matt works, and is constantly working on music. Still love Trav, just not into his hip-hop stuff really, and the Goldfinger gig took him down a notch.