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  1. He mad. Being a condescending prick isn't the best way to get people to support your cause.
  2. Omg I am crying. Should start at 2:12:22ish, "Matt Delonge" lmao:
  3. Good point, and that makes it even more pathetic that Tom felt the need to share.
  4. Funny how Travis (who literally posts everything) didn’t mention it at all. Tom knew it would get him some likes/attention and milked the shit out of it to try and stir fans up once again. He didn’t even have the balls to take a picture of Travis or ask for a pic of both of them, he just teased it sitting there waiting....How sad.
  5. And he follows it up with a post saying you can now use credit cards to “invest” in his scam... Wow.
  6. That’s my thought as well, what could Trav possibly be filming that he would drive down to TTS and do an interview with Tom? If it was BCR/Blink related Tom would definitely have some stupid hashtags hinting it. I’ll believe it when Trav posts about it, or Tom posts a pic of the two. Still funny how Tom has NEVER mentioned Mark, it’s always acting super cool with Trav... Edit: Trav liked it and commented, so he’s there for something...
  7. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    LOL classic “My opinion is the only one that matters” stance. Me saying Ben Folds sucks is just as valid as whatever you say sucks, FWIW. People have different opinions, not a big deal. Tom’s Instagram post is interesting I guess... not sure what Travis would want to interview him about?
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Couldn't remember who it was and didn't feel like digging for it. It's not meant to be negative at all, it's just pointing out how different people's tastes can be. I disagree, and yet we are both right...
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'm not gonna go down the Rabbit Hole of debating Mark's magical "intentions", or "confidence", no one knows. It's funny how everyone blames Mark, yet it was Trav's idea to bring Feldy on board. I know Tom slightly lost it awhile back, but I love Neighborhoods/The Dream Walker, so he's just REALLY f'ing lost it in the past 3 years or so. You guys are mad at Mark/Travis for wanting to be a functional band, and wanting success and money. At least they are making music, and not slanging lapel pins and fake "shares" of a Rocket Ship company. I'm sorry you don't like California/DLX, it's a comeback record with a new band member and despite what 7 of you claim on a forum, it was successful, way more successful than I would've guessed given the situation. It's all just opinion regardless. Someone mentioned "Army" by Ben Folds being some masterpiece the other day, I checked it out and thought it was a Weird Al song being sung by Napoleon Dynamite. I'd much rather listen to Parking Lot than that.
  10. California Goes Gold!

  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Nothing worse than a musician that wants to make a new album with his band and tour! What a dick!
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Nice! Even if you hate this album/era, it's still nice to see them have success. Hopefully Tom feels like a dumbass for at least a few seconds when he reads that. https://headlineplanet.com/home/2017/12/07/blink-182s-california-album-earns-gold-certification-single-bored-death-also-goes-gold/ What is @_Kyle_ going to come up with now to discredit this era? 29 million dollar World Tour, #1 album, Grammy Nominated album, Gold Record, Gold Single, happy functional band... what a failure!
  13. MLB/ Baseball Thread

    Anxious to see where Stanton ends up. I'm a Marlins fan (Donnie Baseball fan), sucks to see him go, but Jeter inherited a dumpster fire. Has to be done.
  14. Didn't he promise like 2 weeks ago that the "announcement" was a week away? Pff. TTS Academy has 2.056 million "invested" from 1,999 investors. So an average "investment" of $1,028 per person. Yeah right. Someone made a huge "investment" that is throwing that number off. Poet Anderson "advanced" copy still hasn't sold 250 copies... I'm tellin ya, even the most die hard TomBots are getting sick of giving this guy cash.
  15. I agree with the repetitive themes being annoying but I try to remind myself that DLX was originally scraps of a massive writing session where they openly said at times they would try to write a song, and then the "sister" version of that song. I forget how they worded it exactly, but there would essentially be 2 songs out of one idea or theme. So they likely weren't intended to ever be released together. The last time I listened to original California I was actually very surprised at how different all the songs were, and how they covered all the bases from OG/experimental/pop-punk/ballad/etc, with little repetition other than stupid NaNaNas and Whoassss. I cringed at Parking Lot at first, but I crank it up now and let it bang! It comes in with a punch, Skiba sorta tries to play guitar like old Blink, love Trav's drums, and it is a great bridge transition IMO even though I get what you are saying about the "war" theme.