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  1. I took it as the exact opposite, as in it is so crazy that he hadn't even really considered it, which is why he responded "I dunno...that's a hard conversation. I dunno." Everyone is shitting on this article but they asked some pretty important questions that no one else seemed to have the balls to ask them, and got pretty honest answers: 1. To Mark: "Could Tom come back?" 2. To Matt: "What do you think about Tom's shitty comments saying you are essentially filling in for him?" 3. To Travis: "Would you do a BCR reunion with Tom?" These are all questions we all talk about here damn near everyday...but when they answer them honestly it's "bla blaaa grumpy old Mark, same shit, bla bla. so lame and wack nowww"
  2. I mean he says "It's number one right now because it's the new record and I'm really proud of it." not sure why anyone would be mad at him for this, he explained himself clearly and obviously isn't going to put it last while they are touring it lol. Agree with the part about Mark/Trav essentially blocking out that "era" due to bad vibes/memories. I think Matt would know his place in the band if people would quit bringing up Tom and his shitty quotes every time they interview him. It's just awkward and I could understand how it would be hard for someone who is pretty emotional. I feel like Matt knows his place with Mark/Trav, but it's everyone else that he is unsure about deep down. Surely you are trolling on this lol.
  3. They show up for me embedded, even on my phone, but try these image links. For mobile peeps, save the photo to your phone and zoom: http://imgur.com/RtLyiEi http://imgur.com/Ryl8h8l http://imgur.com/LhXmH8r http://imgur.com/43fY4ep
  4. Here's the full Rotterdam show, ~72 minutes...wow. Also the "FUCK" sign said "UCK" lmao...
  5. Kerrang scans I jacked from Reddit and rotated, it's actually pretty good although I almost stopped reading at "California's instantly memorable guitar hooks...". You may need to save these and zoom. Highlights were Mark ranking Neighborhoods last (he even forgot about it at one point), saying "I dunno, that's a hard coversation." when asked if Tom could rejoin. Matt saying "Oh no, no" when asked if he's talked to Tom lol... and Travis saying he doesn't know if he'd do BCR again because he doesn't want to mess up the dynamic of blink right now...
  6. Isn't Wildfire the one song they actually came out and said Mark/Matt wrote 100% of? Which is odd because it's ironically one of my least favorites of Cali-era Blink.
  7. Wow what a cool project, @daveyjones @Q182 ! Can't wait to see the final replicas. I feel like Tom would get a kick out of this, would be interesting to see what he did/didn't remember about it.
  8. Why aren't they playing HISALP when it's their current single? I can't believe they aren't playing that or anything from Deluxe... a big part of Skiba being "boring" is he is stuck singing karaoke for 80% of the set. Let the man jam out to songs he wrote and you'll get some more emotion out of him IMO! You would think they would want to switch up songs often just to keep from being bored, but apparently not...
  9. @theedge00 wow that looked like a fun crowd, never thought I'd see moshing to Sober lmao.. Thanks for the videos, so nice to see people rocking out enjoying the music and not just pointing a cell phone!
  10. How was the show?!
  11. Not sure what you mean, like are you worried you'll never listen to your favorite albums again? You can still manually load playlists/albums on your phone if you want, but Apple Music has pretty much every album. (Other than some Kanye/Beyonce/Taylor Swift stuff I think). But you can always instantly listen to any Blink or whatever you want. I have an aux chord in my car as well, so when new albums come out I just download them to my phone so I can play them "offline" (and not use cellular data), and as soon as I get in my car I plug it in and listen. If the album sucks, you can delete it to free up space. For only $10/month it's pretty crazy because you have pretty much every old album, and every new album that comes out instantly. No ads, no hoping a song gets played, etc. It's literally like you bought it and it's sitting in your music library on your phone. So for example, 311 had a new album out last week, previously I would either pay $14 for it through iTunes, or go to Target, buy the CD, then rip it to iTunes, then sync my phone. Or on bands I didn't really care for, I'd have to find a download online, then import to iTunes, sync to phone, burn to CD, etc. With Apple Music I downloaded it in about 10 seconds and it was on my phone ready to listen. It's just so much more efficient, legal, and great to listen to so much different music as opposed to just listening to the same stuff over and over IMO. Of course I still jam to my favorite albums/songs when in the mood, but I'm really enjoying diversifying my intake.
  12. I was this way until I took advantage of the free 3-month trial of Apple Music and my god it is totally worth $10/month. I've listened to so many albums, and it's actually improved my health as I now look forward to listening to new music so much that I go on bike rides or run while listening. It was such a pain in the ass to download music, add it to my iTunes, plug in my phone, sync it, burn a copy for my car, etc.
  13. I predict the Strange Times film takes 2 years to finish, Tom releases the "Strange Times" soundtrack under the AVA name, which has a few decent tracks, but mostly on the same level as his demos album. Sometime during the next 2 years he gets Travis to lay drums down on 1 or 2 "punk rock" tracks on it, Tom posts pictures on Instagram of Trav in his studio and the masses go wild. Next summer we'll get the WDNTW acoustic album which will hold off fans as Strange Times continuously gets delayed. Mark/Trav/Matt get back in the studio with Feldmann this winter, and we get a new album next August.
  14. The worst is when you pay to meet someone and they are a dick... I've had this happen before and I'm like wtf nobody forced you to sit here and sign shit for 2 hours? At least Blink is nice, or pretends to be. @Olidamus I usually ask for "To Ryan" when getting signatures as well, to me it lets them know I am a true fan and don't plan on selling it lol. It pisses me off when I have to pay extra for "To Ryan" though (usually their inscription fee), because I am essentially paying extra $ to make the item worthless or incredibly undesirable in the resale market.
  15. Yeah see Travis Barker will never be in Evansville, Indiana. They wouldn't even stop here to take a shit. So I basically HAVE to pay to meet them... @_Kyle_ compared it to sex, saying he'd rather not pay and let it naturally happen. Well what if you knew it would NEVER happen, unless you paid...lol. Because that is more accurate.