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  1. All of the Twitter/Instagram/YouTube comments are overwhelmingly positive. I'm happy for the dudes, I think they knocked it out of the park. This album covers so much ground, from slow, to fast, to pop, to dark, experimental, etc. If you don't like ANY of it then you are likely a TomBot IMO (and there's nothing wrong with that, I get it). But you probably will never like this version of blink-182 honestly. I just left Best Buy and bought the last copy on the shelf, was shocked!
  2. Hard to rate these, and I may be a bit biased due to how much I enjoy some of these Deluxe songs right now... But so far in Cali era, this is what my list looks like: 1. 6/8 2. Last Train Home 3. Bored To Death 4. Cynical 5. The Only Thing That Matters 6. Left Alone 7. Bottom of the Ocean 8. Misery 9. Hey I'm Sorry 10.Los Angeles 11.Home is Such a Lonely Place 12.Long Lost Feeling 13.Kings Of The Weekend 14.Good Old Days 15.San Diego 16.No Future 17.Don't Mean Anything 18.She's Out of Her Mind 19.Teenage Satellites 20.Parking Lot 21.Wildfire 22.Rabbit Hole 23.California 24. Sober Jokes: 25.Built This Pool 26.Can't get you more Pregnant 27. Brohemian
  3. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Tom signed up for a one-way ticket to Mars.
  4. Listened to this in order at the gym on full blast and I fucking love it all. I have actually grown to like Parking Lot quite a bit, and I was surprised at much I enjoyed Wildfire. I have so much more respect for "Hey I'm Sorry" now as well. The highlights to me are 6/8, BOTO, LTH, LLF, but I dig them all. There's really something for everyone on here. So glad I have another Blink album to blare all summer, fuck Tom.
  5. Cannot stop listening to this song, when Trav does the snare roll on the 2nd chorus I get so hype!
  6. Ehh I wouldn't go that far but I appreciate it, just glad I found a place where it's halfway normal to discuss blink-182 at work all day
  7. The vocal trade-offs are more of a reflection of the current writing process being a collaborative effort for once IMO. Tom has said that before Mark would sing songs he wrote, Tom would sing songs he wrote. For this album they were in the same room writing every song together. I didn't think they would have a "Matt" only song on California, just too risky for their debut release. I fully expected a "Mark" song, but at the same time I think Mark/Trav wanted to make Matt feel like a "real" member of Blink-182, so maybe they didn't want to hurt his feelings by saying "Hey, this is just going to be a Mark song". (I'm sure he would've understood, but it's just one of those things.) I definitely hope to hear some Mark or Matt only songs going forward.
  8. I'm a n00b and didn't even know you could "run out". Where do I check this, or how many do you get? Lol
  9. This confirms pretty much exactly what I assumed happened. Because Mark/Trav wanted to continue "blink-182" with a new member, this release had to be treated carefully, or it could've been an absolute nightmare and shit-stain on the legacy. Now I know some may still feel that way, but IMHO I don't see how it could've gone any better and I'd bet Mark/Matt/Trav would even admit to being surprised at how well the fans have handled it.
  10. I completely respect your opinion, I just think it's lame when people act like Blink/Feldmann are intentionally releasing dog shit and that neither are competent enough to release music. The songs sound great to plenty of people, sure there will be things that bug people like yourself, but to act like anyone else would magically do it better is just a silly fantasy exercise IMO. I majored in Film & Television, if I don't like a movie, I just don't like the movie. I don't blame the editor, videographer, certain production techniques, or pretend that I know so much more than them and say how dumb/incompetent they are. And I certainly don't let a minor annoyance ruin the whole film for me. It's all subjective, as Ghent said. I guess I should feel lucky to not be super bothered by this stuff, but I think you guys are in the extreme minority that listen to these songs and say "Well fuck I just wish the bass would breathe." lol.
  11. Like "Gosh I was going to like this song but that goddamn snare is 1 decibel too low, they let both lead singers sing, and then those idiots went off and sang another catchy chorus after the verse again! FELDMANN FACTORY CRAP!"
  12. Yeah I know it's cool to dissect the production and rip Feldmann/Zach (his mixer), but c'mon these guys are professionals. They know what they are doing. And as for complaints about song structures, just a reminder that most songs follow the same basic song structure: Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus/Bridge/Chorus, it's not like Blink/Feldmann invented this. To me these are just lame ways of saying you don't like the songs, or refuse to enjoy anything with Skiba/Feldmann.
  13. It's just the chorus part that gives me a +44 vibe, right at that ~40 second mark where he comes in with "Days, I've been like this for dayssss"
  14. @Olidamus the beauty of Blink and why their music means so much to me is they have gotten me through so many things in life, for so many years... It's why music is the most powerful art form IMHO. Sometimes it's best to crank the songs up, connect with it, and let the emotions flow bud. There's no shame for having feelings. Hang in there!
  15. I almost teared up listening to this song on the way to work this morning super loud, it's that fucking beautiful and powerful to me!