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  1. That was awful IMHO. All these reunion videos just make me laugh at the Skiba complaints, I mean Tom yelling "Holy Fuck!" pre-chorus and moving around the stage was nice, but his voice and guitar makes me want to throw poo.
  2. The weird thing about Matt is he looks much bigger on camera than he does in person, especially his neck/throat. When I met them I was actually shocked at how little Matt seemed in person, and how big of a gut Mark had.
  3. This thread is so fascinating, awesome stuff! I never really thought about what font "blink" was in, but that's hilarious that it's just basic Times New Roman in bold!
  4. Yikes. I never saw AVA live, but it seems like it would be 10x better at a small indoor venue. The festival crowds seem bored as fuck, other than like 3 kids in beanies going crazy lol.
  5. Yup that's it, I could never find a full version it was always that comparison video so thanks for that top one @Zoltan ! I remember people asking me what the hell happened to Tom? Here I am 8 years later having to answer that same damn question! I actually like AVA, but I remember being pissed he brought all that crap back into Blink. I had some buddies who liked Blink but when these new performances started showing up they were done, citing Tom as being "too gay".
  6. "AVA" is just once or twice a month when Tom feels like picking up a guitar and paying Aaron Rubin $35/hr to get some burritos and hang out.
  7. I forgot how embarassing it was for me to watch 2009 Blink clips when Tom came back and brought his AVA voice/stage antics with him. Just so brutal. I remember watching them live on some late night show and they played ATST for the first time and I just wanted +44 back...
  8. Ugh yeah I've never understood the ones that just look like a child scribbling... it's like in the early 90's there was always some "tattoo artist" at heroin parties giving tatts for free. Some are a little more understandable, I had one that just turned out shitty and I ended up covering it up, but that was because I used to just walk into shops with a design and see who could do it for the cheapest. My advice to any one wanting tatts is to do your research and find a great artist, save your money up and get it done right. It is worth the money, or time you have to wait to get the appointment. Once I found an amazing artist nearby, I won't let anybody else touch me.
  9. Yeah it's all Skiba's fault, guy sucks @ guitar and haz no energies.
  10. TOYPAJ is my favorite Blink album, and that tattoo picture just made me realize that the colors are in the same order as a stop light... lol how in the fuck did it take me so long to realize that! I guess I just never even thought about it. I like the idea of that tattoo, I just don't have any color yet and I feel like people would constantly be asking what it meant. I still want another Blink tattoo, just not sure what. The smiley logo is a bit too "teen emo" for me at my current age, which is why I went with the subliminal Marktopus logo on my rib cage last year. I think the OG bunny would still be sweet though.
  11. That's not too horrible IMO but it's funny how much shit people give Skiba for fucking up Carousel and in that clip Tom damn near misses every single note.
  12. I was expecting something horrible but that sounded great IMO! Mark has never gave a shit at soundchecks if you're referring to him just walking around. He did the same thing when Tom was there.
  13. How in the hell can you be annoyed by a cool little pop-up shop with limited Chicago merch and the band even showed up and surprised everyone the first day and signed autographs and took pictures? That's neat as hell. You do realize Tom's TTS shop has seasonal clothing lines and essentially sells the same shirts over and over in different colors? Along with multiple "pop-up" art designs that are mostly awful.
  14. That's an immeasurable observation, and obviously being a die hard Blink fan for so many years it's hard to see someone new up there. Matt did hump Mark in the middle of a song, I'd say they get along just fine. I don't know what you guys want him to do? At the Muse concert I went to no one in the band said 1 word and it was still awesome. It's not like a few banter lines would change everyone's opinion. You can say it "doesn't work" but they had a Grammy nominated #1 album, and hugely successful tour... it's already proven to work, probably even more than they expected IMO.