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  1. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Oh my, random old UFO goobers shittin' on Tom Delonge in YouTube videos, what a time to be alive!
  2. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    This whole thing is so insane/sketchy that it is actually f'ing up my perception of even Old Tom stuff... I listened to old Blink at the gym yesterday and I was surprisingly just kinda bummed listening to Tom. Don't know how to explain it, but the way he has handled himself recently has just totally turned me off to him in general. I bought the books/comics, but this whole project and his condescending attitude (particularly in his replies to people on social media) are just really, really bad right now. He is all over the place, and we are just peons who don't know shit. I already get a weird look from people when I say Blink is my favorite band (they all think I've just listened to ATST on repeat since 1999). If/when this Academy gets made fun of on Late Night TV, or becomes a trending "Remember this guy?" meme, it is going to add a whole new layer of bullshit when I have to defend my favorite band!
  3. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I would assume that show would be catered more towards fans of his kids, who I think have a pretty big following. I wouldn't watch it, but I have no issues with him being a good dad and helping his kids get into music. At least that show is possible, and could potentially inspire more kids to get into music. So the #Academy is up to a whopping $360,000. I fully expect Tom to bring up some Blink drama soon to try and get more attention to his social media accounts!
  4. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    LOL. It's funny that Tom is like most people and just hates his real job, even when his "real job" is being in a famous rock band making millions to play guitar and yodel. It's like any of us just stopped showing up to work, ignored all emails/calls from co-workers, and then made a post asking for 50 million dollars to make a space ship.
  5. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    *perfect .gif opportunity* "And here's some for the space ship... ...and some for the brain computers ...and some for space travel"
  6. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Now this is where I do think Tom is a 100% manipulator and intentionally mentions "returning to music" or blink in an attempt to get RTs/likes,comments, etc. with zero intention of actually going back to music any time soon. Would not be surprised if he tries to stir up some blink stuff in social media soon to try and get more eyes on his timeline to spam this new project.
  7. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    "Our Two Dogs Inc" is owned by Tom, and is categorized as a Hot Dog Stand lol: https://www.manta.com/c/mhxxd5t/our-two-dogs-inc
  8. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    But don't you think if he just wanted money he would come up with something better than: "Help us build a spaceship?" and "Help us build a brain computer?" If it was just money from his fan-base he was after, he could just go back to Blink or start a GoFundMe for a new Blink/AVA album. He could pay off 600k TTS debt in 10 minutes if he is all about stealing from fundraisers. I understand that he's being a bit of a dick by not investing much himself (I really don't think Tom has much money), but I do think he actually believes in the cause. I guess the word "invest" is rubbing a lot of you the wrong way, since typically when you "invest" you have a chance of something in return... but when I first saw the website, I knew pretty quickly that I wasn't truly buying stock in hopes of return, it was simply a donation.
  9. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I actually do think Tom really believes in this project, which is what is sad. I don't think Tom's evil enough to intentionally set up this "scam" just to keep TTS alive and selling t-shirts, I just think he's obsessed/insane enough to think this "Academy" idea will work. Like I said, AVA has like 60 fans willing to shell out any money. Most his "advanced books" didn't even sell out at $100/each with only 100 total made. If they are dumb enough or willing to give a $200 donation to Tom's grand idea, whatever. Most Blink fans aren't shelling out this type of money either, you guys complain about $80 concert tickets and $400 VIP to hang out with the band. Not many of them are going to just give Tom $200 for the heck of it. (I wouldn't even give my sister $200 for a stupid idea) The primary "investors" of this are gonna be old rich white guys, contacts/followers of the DOD/CIA/Podesta people on his board and the UFO community. There's 484 backers right now, I'd be shocked if more than 100 combined were AVA/Blink people, and those that are don't even mind giving Tom $200 because they are that far up his ass. The risks are laid out pretty clearly, if idiots still want to give him $200 that's their problem.
  10. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Tom’s last Instagram post...wow. Essentially says: ”I’m Tom from Blink-182 and we need help building a space ship.” LOL. Honestly, he may have been possessed by aliens a few years back. Wouldn’t surprise me at this point. In fact, I’d believe that before I believed in this project...
  11. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I honestly just feel bad, I try not to enjoy hating on Tom because he has brought me tons of joy over the years...I even try to support his books/TTS, but this is far worse than I could ever imagine. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up front page CNN as a joke... at minimum on Colbert/Kimmel. At least for $200 Mark/Travis let you listen to soundcheck and snap an awkward picture with them.
  12. This looks like a damn good playlist IMO! Shit I can't vote for any of these... I guess it's a toss up between Love Is Dangerous/Sober, both of which I have grown to actually enjoy. I guess I'll go with Sober just because it was super cringe to me for a long time. Parking Lot/Wildfire grew on me a ton, they are both straight bangers that I still blare in my car.
  13. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    The full video is up now: https://www.pscp.tv/tomdelonge/1OdJroOQaPqxX He actually mentioned Blink, saying that when the band unraveled he was traveling around for 18 months meeting secret people and couldn't tell the band... lol
  14. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    My text to the only other die-hard Blink fan I know in real life:
  15. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Is this a SNL skit?