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  1. Evidently I'm the only person here who loves Cali (the song) lol Love how melancholic it is and I can relate to it more than most of this album
  2. Went for I Miss You, never got the appeal of that song. Was close between and Down
  3. Read the main points of their manifesto a little while ago, scary reading. In all honesty though, i hadn't heard of them until this morning when it was mentioned that they could form a coalition of sorts
  4. Anyone read/see her speech after seeing the Queen? Utter shambles. The woman has no integrity, dignity or humility. Just one u-turn after another. Absolutely gagging for her to be relieved of her duties, either by resigning or being forced out, bored silly of her unhanded antics. Her campaign was almost exclusively based on buying media and attacking Corbyn. Also found it interesting/amusing that she refused to speak with Jon Snow, apparently she's the 1st PM to refuse an interview with him in 7 general elections that he's covered. Says a lot about her and her confidence and strategy for the campaign
  5. Haha, happy to help! Pretend chicken isn't as tasty as real chicken, but it's still good
  6. My gf is a vegan, she eats meat replacement stuff (I call it pretend meat lol) I always wondered why vegans eat fake meat until I met her. Turns out it's because they enjoy the taste of meat but hate the meat industry. Which makes sense to me, the meat industry is fucked up. To clarify though, I still eat meat and it doesn't bother her in the slightest. She's not one of those gay ass militant vegans -edit- when she cooks, I eat vegan because I wouldn't make her cook/buy stuff that she's against and honestly, a lot of it is tasty as fuck
  7. All valid points, but I'm finding it kind of hilarious that everyone's already guessing/predicting/wishing for what's happening on the next album before DLX has even officially been released!
  8. I actually slightly reordered Cali original. I thought Cali (the track) was FAR too poignant and good to then go into BroRhap. I haven't seen much love - or indeed opinion at all - for Cali (the track) but for me it's one of my personal favourites. Probably because i can kind of relate to the first half of the first verse quite heavily, which, as much i still enjoy the album, there's not much for me to relate to. Will probably have a slight tweak and tinker with DLX too
  9. Haven't really had a chance to give this a PROPER listen yet (despite the fact i was up and online when it leaked!) Heard all the songs but not a chance to actively bask in them. Gonna roll me a big ol' fatty now and let this happen! May or not report back with my verdict (not that anyone massively cares :P)
  10. Only one way to find out, I'll pm you in a tick
  11. Would a Google drive link work for you bud?
  12. It's up. Now downloading
  13. I'm a sucker for having as complete a collection for bands I live as I can, I won't go totally mad and buy original versions of Cheshire cat/Buddha though but I've preordered the vinyl of CaliDeluxe from Amazon. Will likely grab the cd too soon for the car (even thoughI'll probably only play it a few times)
  14. This better not be a tease sir! I fully expect to wake up, check this board and see a leak, I'm counting you buddy!
  15. Meh. Another case of a good bit of music wasted on a joke song