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  1. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    Saw Bowling For Soup, The Aquabats and Army of Freshmen on the 14th. Fantastic show as always. The Aquabats were brilliant and odd (as is to be expected) AoF were bang average, but the lead singer started speaking with me and my girlfriend after the show and suddenly started telling her that her taste in music is shit and that she doesn't get it (all because she was wearing a Municipal Waste tee) so that guy and that band can fuck themselves.
  2. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    I just found out that he's block me on twitter... I feel accomplished lol
  3. Favourite Friends Character?

    Literally this.
  4. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    This is too accurate
  5. Frank Turner

    Never really listened to him, but my sister is super into him. I keep meaning to listen to his stuff but never round to it. I have Love, Ire & Song at home so will try and check it out at some point. I saw him live with blink earlier this year in Birmingham and his show was 100x better than blinks. He really connected with the crowd and told an amusing story about how the last time he was at the NEC/NIa (can't remember the venue) it was for Warhammer World 1995 (or thereabouts) which was highly amusing. But yeah, I know diddly about him, other than he seems like such a genuine normal dude and even though I knew none of his music, I was still thoroughly entertained.
  6. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Interesting, not even remotely close when I look at it. (can't uploaded a screen shot at work) I'm seeing; 629 investors idiots and $299,745 raised
  7. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Definitely, with bundle sets of overpriced shite that they can buy 'exclusively' as investors
  8. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    And we all thought he went off the deep end 18 months/2 years ago... how wrong we were!
  9. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    257 investors idiots and $145,960 = an average of $567.93 per person. Shitty death. People are dumb.
  10. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I'm at work so can't watch it annoyingly. Is he still tripping balls on coke and twitching like the lovable motherfucker we all know and love/hate?
  11. The Worst Blink Song Ever (Round Nine, Random Crap)

    I voted Dogs Eating Dogs (the song) it annoys me how it sounds like Ducks Eating Ducks. Big fan of PLG, but as seems to be general consensus, the rap is fucking hideous, i used to have the version without the rap, so thank you to who ever reposted that, i can finally enjoy that song again!
  12. Bloodhound Gang

    Great song. Saw The Bloodhound Gang live about 10 years ago. They were bloody brilliant, they'd gone round my city (Norwich) and taken pictures and made note of the fucked up roadworks we had and did a little powerpoint presentation about it during the set. Sounds shit, but was actually hilarious, had the whole crowd in stitches
  13. The Official Football Topic

    Fucking international break. Pisses me off that we get 3 games of Prem football then have to wait 2 weeks every year.
  14. The Official Football Topic

    This has been a good start
  15. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Really dude?