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  1. Meh. Another case of a good bit of music wasted on a joke song
  2. I found a series of videos of Alkaline Trio preforming on a rooftop a few years (I want to say around 2011-2013 sort of time) There was a bunch of fairy lights, small crowd and Matt had a green jacket on a bright bleach blonde hair. Does anyone remember these? I've looked since on the Youtubes and can't find them If anyone has them or knows where i can find them, please hook a brother up!
  3. I'd definitely be part of that show too!
  4. Absolutely adore 'Take Lots with Alcohol' If anyone knows of an acoustic performance of that song i would be one happy chappy
  5. Little Britain was good for the first episode because it was something new and fresh. But the rest just copied the first one too much. I know you get characters in sketch shows, but normally they have some variety but LB just didn't have that at all. Plus i can't fucking stand David Walliams. I'm not a fan of OFAH but I definitely appreciate and don't complain when someone else puts it on. As Scotty said, the falling through the bar scene is spectacular. I'll never know how he didn't flinch a single muscle doing that, so well done
  6. Basti has been so fucking classy in his time at United. I don't remember a single time where he spoke out about training with the U23s or not being picked to play etc. Just got on and did what he was told with a smile on his face.
  7. $35 for one vinyl, fine. $36 to ship to the UK? Get to absolute fuck.
  8. Honestly not gonna be much help fella, but have you made sure the folders aren't hidden? That used to be a problem for me 8/10 years ago when i was doing things like this. Worth a shot maybe?
  9. Fuck I miss Snodgrass he blew hot and cold but always wore his heart on his sleeve.
  10. I'd always rather have a full album with songs i quite like and few bangers that i adore than just a handful of bangers. 4 song EPs piss me off, even if i love all 4 songs, i'm left wanting more, even if the rest is average.
  11. I LOVE full albums, especially form bands that i'm a big fan of. Btw, does anyone really like the SONG California? I've hardly seen it mentioned at all. It's probably my favourite song on the album along with Sober, LA, San Diego and The Only Thing That Matters
  12. I got back on the bandwagon a month or so back, really enjoying the new pokedudes being out, feels kinda fresh again
  13. Legit love Totti. Sexy bastard.
  14. Yeah, but aren't we aware now that he was just covering for Tom's lazy ass? And now to contradict myself...yeah, he's also said those releases dates too. And i remember him chatting about an acoustic record/EP being released...
  15. I'm definitely in my own weird-ass minority! I dig the Cali artwork and think it fits but have never ever been a fan of untitleds art and the smiley! Ah well!