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  1. I got back on the bandwagon a month or so back, really enjoying the new pokedudes being out, feels kinda fresh again
  2. Legit love Totti. Sexy bastard.
  3. Yeah, but aren't we aware now that he was just covering for Tom's lazy ass? And now to contradict myself...yeah, he's also said those releases dates too. And i remember him chatting about an acoustic record/EP being released...
  4. I'm definitely in my own weird-ass minority! I dig the Cali artwork and think it fits but have never ever been a fan of untitleds art and the smiley! Ah well!
  5. I should've been a touch clearer, i was thinking more in a hypothetical situation. I'm absolutely certain that interview questions get vetted, there's no way in hell that he wouldn't have been asked about it by now. I agree, no doubt he would find it awful, which is amusing to me considering the amount of turgid solo/ava wank that he's put out! I'd much rather listen to this pretend-182 that we have and enjoy myself (even if it is crap) than be bored silly by ava/solo stuff
  6. Ditto. Been bored of the smiley since...well always. I was never a fan of it to begin with (please dont hurt me!)
  7. I wonder what he'd say if a journalist/interviewer asked him outright if he's heard it. Would he bullshit an answer or just be honest? Deary me, the man's more clueless than i thought! Cali IS the second coming of christ, way better than that AVA shit!
  8. He'd have to listen to it first! Does anyone know if he's said that he's heard California?
  9. The best thing is, I was the one who got him into NFL and suggested he support the Browns hehe. Although, at that time, i had no idea how terrible they are!
  10. I have mis-remembered that then lol. I just rewatched it on the youtubes, the way he broke from that sack was on point, and to follow it up with that throw, great to watch!
  11. Was it Eli who made that mental catch with one hand and his helmet? Loved that
  12. Hate the Pats. But i won't deny that that comeback last week was sensational. I'm a Broncos fan (No affiliation with them, but when i was getting into the sport 7/8 years ago I found a Broncos jersey for £12 in TK Maxx, so that kind of decided my team for me) One of my closest friends is a Browns fan purely because his last name is Brown...I take great pleasure in reminding him how useless they are
  13. Blink - enema Bowling for soup - let's do it for Johnny BFS - drunk enough to dance Alkaline trio - good mourning Something corporate - leaving through the window NFG - sticks and stones Reel big fish - cheer up! Green day - international super hits Sugarcult - start static Good Charlotte - lifestyles of the rich and famous Honestly still listen to most of those bands and albums to this day! Haven't really grown up sadly...
  14. Considering they spent a YEAR designing this, it's utterly ridiculous.
  15. It was Midnight Driver, but I'm loving On What Your On and New York. You?