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  1. This has been a good start
  2. Really dude?
  3. Tom looks like he's about to/already has shit himself
  4. They all look photo-shopped into it to me
  5. LOTR is so dull to me. I fell asleep in the cinema during all 3 (I got dragged along by various family members when they came out). Love me some Star Wars, I'll agree it's a bit childish but it's so much fun. TDK definitely not in the same league, but enjoyable for what it is.
  6. Bit late but I'm with you there pal. Seen S1 twice. Struggled like a mofo and checked out. Not for me. Glad it gets people talking though, always a good sign of a good series.
  7. Tbf, his stats probably aren't that great. But he was a really important player for us, he was either assisting goals, scoring goals or - more frequently - 'the assist to the assist' if that makes sense? He's got a lot of room for improvement but he's got bags of potential. I just hope we can keep hold of Josh, he finished last season slightly stronger than Jacob. Would LOVE to have kept both mind
  8. Jacob Murphy off to Newcastle for £12m They better treat him well
  9. I do wonder about the energy of the crowd changing due to mobile (cell) phones. Back in 2004 for example, everyone would go nutso for every song, jumping, screaming, shouting, singing, whatever. Now that everyone and his/her dog has a phone that can record video, people - particularly the younger generation (16-25ish) - are SnapChatting/Instagramming/FaceBooking all the time and seeing the show through the screen instead of actually watching properly and having a damn good time. I only really noticed this properly at the Birmingham show, there was a small group of about 5/6 girls in front of me for most of the show (i'm too fucking lazy to move lol) and they were ALL SnapChatting the whole damn thing.
  10. Absolutely ADORE Bowling For Soup.
  11. I was at Birmingham last night too (seems to have been a popular show lol) They came on at about 9.05pm, and left the stage at 10.15pm. 70 minutes bang on. I enjoyed the show, already knew pretty much what the setlist would be which was a bit of downer, I remember seeing them in 2003/2004 and the set being really varied, LOVED the medley in 2004 (was at the Wembley show that's on YouTube). There's just no variation anymore. Still astounded that they've dropped CDX, wanked off about much they love it, how its better than Cali yet won't play any of the songs live. Matt either had some legit technical issues or forgot how to use his pedal, but he definitely had a few clangers tone wise, but other than that was pretty solid from what i could tell. Mark pretending to be bored during the verses and waiting for the chorus to kick in in Reckless Abandon amused me. Travis was on point as usual. His kid was pretty fucking impressive too. Can't help that they feel the use of the big screens, light shows, pyro, smoke canons(?) and the confetti at the end is meant to 'distract' the audience from the stale as fuck setlist. Looked pretty fucking cool though, I'll give them that lol. As someone previously said, Frank Turner was bloody brilliant, never heard his stuff before but he was interacting with the crowd, running around like a madman and clearly enjoying himself immensely! Did anyone else notice how freaking ODD his bassist was btw?! Could hardly watch anyone else because he was so strange! I'd give it 6/10. Definitely enjoyed myself, but MAKE THE SHOW LONGER AND CHANGE THE FUCKING SETLIST!!!!!! £50 for 70 minutes is fucking disgraceful
  12. The final episode of KOTH hits me right in the feels every damn time
  13. I was pissed off. But only because me and some friends did a mini sweepstake. We had 1 'good' team each and 1 'crap' team each. My mate, who organised it had Portugal and Greece. We were only paying out on 1st and 2nd lol. Bastard.
  14. Evidently I'm the only person here who loves Cali (the song) lol Love how melancholic it is and I can relate to it more than most of this album
  15. Went for I Miss You, never got the appeal of that song. Was close between and Down