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  1. Rocky Braveheart

    The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    Maybe they broke up because it's safest for him and the kids, what with all the government meddling and hush hush meetings. Dudes gotta be in a shit load of danger...
  2. Rocky Braveheart

    Alkaline Trio

    I'm not going to check this out too often, don't want to be bored of it by the time the album drops, but the guitar fade in/out kinda makes me feel a bit dizzy or something, hard to explain but it definitely makes my head feel odd. Other than that, pretty damn solid. Shame Matt isn't even allowed to bring something this to the table with blink.
  3. Rocky Braveheart

    Up All Night a look back

  4. Rocky Braveheart

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    I'm proud of the squad, proud of the way we played, proud of what we achieved. I'm devastated, cried in public, but this is a strong team that will only get stronger. Southgate and the team have united a nation, it takes some exceptional to do that, especially in England. We play for extra pride on Saturday. Everyone involved should be welcomed home as heroes.
  5. Rocky Braveheart

    The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    Didn't Skye have a really high-power job at MTV before she and mark met?
  6. Rocky Braveheart

    The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    Same. It looks like an iPhone that she holding, the camera placement shows that that would be her right hand.
  7. Rocky Braveheart

    **New Song Mix ** Can’t Get You Anymore Pregnant

    I actually prefer it to the original... But I still don't like it
  8. Rocky Braveheart

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    8 changes - Harry Kane one of them - what do we think? Personally, I think wholesale changes is not a good idea, we need to maintain continuity but it'll be good for the other lads to get some minutes under their belts for upcoming games if they're needed.
  9. Rocky Braveheart

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    That was quite entertaining!
  10. Rocky Braveheart

    The Official Football Topic

    Murphy to Cardiff. Shane he never fulfilled his potential with Norwich. Hopefully we actually buy someone who can play football... Only a matter of time before Madison is gone now 😔
  11. Rocky Braveheart

    Alkaline Trio

    Didn't think to look there! Cheers bro
  12. Rocky Braveheart

    Alkaline Trio

    Anyone wanna share any of these? Wanted to buy them at the time but cash was (and still is) super tight
  13. Rocky Braveheart

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Saw goldfinger last year at Slam Dunk festival and he pissed me off so fucking much. FAR too hyperactive. You've gotta be 'into' it as a front man, but he needs to dial it back a good few notches.
  14. Rocky Braveheart

    What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    Haha, i thought the same thing when I was typing my post
  15. Rocky Braveheart

    What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    Saw Bowling For Soup, The Aquabats and Army of Freshmen on the 14th. Fantastic show as always. The Aquabats were brilliant and odd (as is to be expected) AoF were bang average, but the lead singer started speaking with me and my girlfriend after the show and suddenly started telling her that her taste in music is shit and that she doesn't get it (all because she was wearing a Municipal Waste tee) so that guy and that band can fuck themselves.