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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Cool! And pretty random, had no idea something like that was coming. Makes me think of that other random Mark Hoppus song for some other movie, though that movie was actually new at the time:
  2. Blink-lite

    Sure, comparing to blink in their prime, their live show will always look bad. But compare today's shows with Matt to the shows with Tom from 2011-2014 and its absolutely a noticeable improvement. Tom definitely got more shitty, no doubt about that, but your complaint here would be even more valid if Tom was still in the band. Frankly, they never sounded particularly "good" live as it was, you go to one of their shows for the fun of the rock show, not to be blown away by how amazing they sound live (with exception to Travis who always puts on an amazing display with his talent).
  3. Video Games Thread

    They sold out within 30 seconds anyway, chances were slim as it was you'd get in in time. Still these stores will have some inventory that they can't put up for pre-orders. I live in a small city with a Walmart, I'm just gonna go there at midnight and hope they get a couple in stock. It worked the night the Switch went for sale, arrived 5 minutes before midnight and was second in line, I was even able to get the Neon version that I had wanted.
  4. WDNTW acoustic *OUT NOW*

    Instrumentally I like these, though I do see and understand the complaint that they are overproduced especially for acoustic renditions, still I don't mind. What does bother me though is Tom's voice. Wow, just wow, I mean you could always tell that his voice was changing for the worse over the last decade or so, but its not until you hear a new studio recording today of a song he originally released in 2006 where you notice how badly his voice has changed. I don't get it, he never had a great voice, but it was a distinct one that at least could stay in tune and had some range. Now its just a mess, and i'm not sure what to attribute it to. It doesn't seem like he's been a heavy smoker.
  5. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I saw Spiderman as well, I also really liked it. It felt like what a Spiderman movie should really be. Peter is still just an awkward kid in high school who doesn't quite yet have the whole superhero thing down, but he's getting there. So much about it just felt like what these movies should have been like. Beyond that, I was surprised at what a genuine comedy the movie was, I knew there would be quips and stuff, but I mean I was genuinely cracking up at some of the stuff in the movie.
  6. You should recognize that with everyone that you want to argue that their opinion is wrong and/or without merit. Can save this board a hell of a lot of headaches.
  7. But you love arguing that people's opinions are wrong or without merit! LOL
  8. Could be, but we'll never know for sure.
  9. Its an expression, and you know that haha. But you're right, I don't think Mark would let Tom stay in the band if he tried to come back at this point, I definitely agree with that. Hence why I think Tom is gonna try to do more BCR within the next 5 years as an attempt to get an in with Travis and at the same time show Mark that he is reliable, and maybe pressure Travis into talking Mark into the idea of it. I don't think its a terrible idea to try and get back into blink (ironic given that BCR was a leading factor in blink's ultimate breakup in '05), but I also don't think it would work. Well maybe if its on the later end of 5 years that might be enough time coupled with such a display that might convince Mark to be ok with welcoming Tom back into the band, but I'm not holding my breath honestly (not that I particularly care one way or the other at this point, maybe they could still be OK with Tom again, but he's gotta make some changes for me to really be psyched about such an idea).
  10. I personally don't know enough about what things were like behind the scenes in those early days to say definitively, but it seems like they were always a pretty equal band, I never viewed anyone as the "leader" of the band, everyone had a say, and as they've described it many times, writing new music was always a push and a pull of everyone giving their input which would morph the music until what they got was an amalgamation of all their ideas that almost always somehow worked.
  11. Tom and Mark built. Lets not kid ourselves, blink would never have become the band it is were it not for Tom and Mark. Tom's insistence that he created the whole band with his two hands, is indicative of the greater behind the scenes problem: he wanted full control of the band.
  12. yeah, its a real he-said, she-said. Frankly I believe Mark and Travis over Tom and his manager these days, but its "possible" that he didn't really quit. Even still, he could come and say he wants back in blink, but nothing is forcing Mark and Travis to work with him, and I think Tom knows that at this point, they just don't want to be in a band with him, hence why he seems to look on the band and weirdly reply to tweets that Mark makes and things like that, he still cares about what that band did for him, but knows he's not welcome in the band anymore, honestly that's gotta be pretty damn hard.
  13. I don't know enough to say with certainty, but I really think they put up with a lot of Tom bullshit on a personal level for way too long especially after they got back together (not to mention how he clearly must have been behaving prior to them breaking up in 2005). Lets not forget that the followup to Dogs Eating Dogs was supposed to come out in 2013, and if Tom was still in the band was likely not going to come out in 2015 even, and that its due to Tom's inability to meet up that Neighborhoods came out in 2011 instead of the summer of 2009 like the original plan. To try and work with someone that unreliable that was responsible for projects being delayed 2 years or more from even starting is not efficient and probably a bit of a nightmare. And while there are the fans that don't want Tom gone, there are also the fans that are glad that he's out. At this point they can't appease every fan, so they're just gonna keep doing what feels right and best for them. To me it then makes sense why letting Tom back in the band wouldn't be something they'd entertain any time soon. Perhaps if Tom did something to prove to Mark how reliable he could be (again this is part of why I think a new BCR release might happen as a backdoor attempt by Tom to get back in blink), they might consider at that point letting him back in.
  14. Mark and Travis said as much when he "quit" the band. Don't know why that's something to laugh at.
  15. He quit. And they were able to keep him out when they did. If you're a shitty employee, but still do enough not to get fired, but then one day say that you quit, the employer is in no way obligated to hire you back if you change your mind after saying you quit, especially if there is a record of you saying you quit. That should be pretty obvious honestly.