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  1. Video Games Thread

    Yeah, it makes sense though, Nintendo has kinda shifted what E3 is to them. They've made it more about what is coming in the more immediate future and not so much about teasing far away games (Fire Emblem is the furthest away reveal for this year at Spring 2019, and I think that was only revealed because last year in a Fire Emblem Direct, they had said it would come out this year, but there had been nothing yet shown off), with exception to those that get delayed or the exciting reveal of a big Zelda game or Metroid Prime 4. When they do a new Direct every month or two, the significance of their E3 directs isn't quite as big of a deal as the shows are for the likes of Sony or Microsoft. Sadly, both of those are confirmed to be assist trophies in this game. While I legit couldn't care less about how they treat Waluigi in the Smash games, fighter or assist trophy is just fine by me. For them to reveal that Bomberman is indeed in the game, but that he's only an assist trophy was my only disappointment in the whole reveal. He really could make such a fantastic fighter, but I am happy he's even in the game at all, he definitely deserves some sort of place in Smash.
  2. Video Games Thread

    Fucking amped about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it has every Smash Bros fighter the series has ever had, with additional fighters so far in Inklings, Daisy, and Ridley. Looks friggin nuts. I hope it has a return of an adventure mode though, there's been no word on anything like that yet.
  3. Video Games Thread

    What do you think about Yellow getting remakes on the Switch? There's a lot that I'm excited about for this, but there are aspects I'm not a big fan of. The reliance of Pokemon Go mechanics and interactivity with Go is a bit of a turn off. As is the fact that you don't actually fight wild Pokemon (you do in trainer battles though). However, they also confirmed that next year is when the brand new core Pokemon games for the Switch come out with new graphics and everything (the consensus seems to be that the graphics in these remakes are actually the same from Sun/Moon, just not scaled down), which likely wont have all the Go interactivity we see in these titles. So I'm ultimately ok with this new take on Pokemon as a holdover until we get the real deal next year. What I do like here is the 2 player mode, the fact that you can see Pokemon in the overworld, the fact that it's only the original 151 Pokemon, including Alolan forms (plus one brand new yet to be revealed Pokemon), and as annoying as it is that you don't fight wild Pokemon, this means that your party Pokemon's exp likely wont be tied to wild battles meaning you can skip wild battles entirely if you wish by avoiding them on the overworld, and not be penalized by a lack of exp for your party's pokemon in doing so. Which can really help streamline the experience, so that's kind of a positive spin on that aspect. Overall I get the move, its a holdover until next year, but with its foundation in Go with the interactivity within Go, this is going to attract a lot of players that only have Go, which apparently is still an active player base of 60 million people, that could result in shifting a large amount of Switchs from that userbase alone. Hell, even though this isn't the game I personally want right now, I know for sure that I'm going to buy it, because it looks like a lot of fun in its own way. Not gonna lie, I might even get that Pokeball controller as well, it's kinda adorable. Also, they better finally put Mew under that damn truck.
  4. Japanese Punk Scene Superthread

    I dunno if you'd really consider these guys punk, and not just rock or alternative or something like that, but one of the few anime that I just love is FLCL (so amped that after all these years it has 2 new series coming, one airing right now!), and it features heavily a band known as The Pillows, and I just love their music: There's a ton more, but you can get a taste of what these guys are all about. Don't understand much of anything they're saying, but damn do I love it.
  5. Poe is honestly in my opinion the strongest newcomer to the core cast, I liked him in The Force Awakens, I feel like they wasted him and gave him nothing really to do in The Last Jedi though which hurt his character a bit for me, but as an actor I find Oscaar Isaac to be quite good even when his character is way less exciting than it had been. Kylo is pretty good, Adam got better in The Last Jedi both as an actor and his character got a bit more interesting and much less lame as well. Finn is forgettable, but not bad. And Rose is just terrible, Tran might be an ok actor, but Rose is just so poorly written that it's hard for me to tell. The best female newcomer in this Disney era across all the films in my opinion has got to be Jyn Erso.
  6. I didn't say that Rey is the sole poorly written character in Star Wars, I mean I wouldn't disagree with you for a second that there are other poorly written character in the franchise across all eras of it, its a very flawed franchise as it is, but it can be quite enjoyable all the same. I'm just saying that my issues with Rey are compounded due to the fact that I find Daisy Ridley (at least in both the Star Wars films I've seen her in) to be a very poor actor as well.
  7. If she works for you, that's cool. For me she does an already poorly written character no favors.
  8. Overall i enjoy TFA, it's nothing amazing, but it's ok. Anyway, to better understand both sides of any arguments for the quality of bigger films that i have some vested interest in, I love watching content like this (Star Wars is far from the only franchise I study like this) from everyday fans like you or me. This guy makes some good points, some bad points too, but I'm completely with him on Daisy here.
  9. She's pretty overrated in my opinion, but I'd say she's got nothing on how bad Daisy Ridley is as an actor, if the timecode is correct (from about 0:55-2:15), this video illustrates just why I hate her "acting" so much (at least in what I've seen her in thus far, which is only Star Wars):
  10. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    As I recall in Album Launch they said they got 2 or 3 final mixes of Feeling This from different people and ultimately went with Jerry Finn's mix, but if I recall correctly they had Tom Lord-Alge do a mix of it as well, I'd so love to hear his. Don't know if this Feeling This was one of the other final mixes, or just an earlier mix altogether.
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Should I, the early version of Asthenia, I always wanted to hear that, I mean we can (and some fans have in the past) piece it roughly together to get an idea of what it might sound like from Album Launch and the Cheetah vids, but I'd so love to hear a coherent mix. And then I'm really intrigued obviously by Afraid and Ryan's Song. Can't imagine what either of those turned into (if they even turned into anything they did release). Then of course just the rough mixes in general of all the songs I would die to listen to. I want that content!!!! Edit: here's the poorly pieced together Should I mix I remember fans uploaded to youtube years ago:
  12. Genuinely really enjoyed the first half of season 5. Considerably better than what they did with season 4, there are still parts of it that I'm not crazy about like making Ron Howard an actual character within the series. It was a great little moment in the initial finale when he appeared, but him popping up here and there really alienates me in a weird way that I can't quite explain. It doesn't ruin the series by any means, but still I think it'd be better without it. All the same, can't wait for the second half of season 5 and it overall does feel like the return to form that I hoped it would be.
  13. Infinity War

    Not for me. While 3 was dumb, it was still fun and enjoyable. 2 was just forgettable and boring, by far the worst in the MCU in my opinion.
  14. Infinity War

    My list would look something like this 1. quite possibly Infinity War 2. Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (I'm actually not sure which Guardians I like better, its a tossup, I love them both) 4. Captain America Civil War 5. Captain America Winter Soldier 6. The Avengers 7. Iron Man 8. Spider-Man Homecoming 9. Thor: Ragnarok 10. Doctor Strange 11. Ant-Man 12. Black Panther 13. Thor 14. Avengers: Age of Ultron 15. Iron Man 3 16. Captain America: The First Avenger 17. The Incredible Hulk 18. Thor: Dark World 19. Iron Man 2
  15. Infinity War

    Loved it, can't wait to see it again, and possibly a third time (being the only time of my recollection that I'll have seen any film 3 times or more in a theater). Kudos to Marvel, they had a gameplan, stuck to it for a decade and it has paid off wonderfully. Even if you aren't a fan of the MCU, you can not deny that they've accomplished exactly what they set out to do, sure there are a few inconsistencies here and there, but they don't really ruining anything and overall, the MCU works, and works very well at that.