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  1. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    Your unintended consequences included the black market: addressed in the post you ignored; the idea that since we all want to outright ban guns (none of us here seem to want this), that we should therefore ban all alcohol too: addressed in the post you ignored. Making current law abiding citizens criminals: addressed (under my suggestion, they only would be criminals if they didn't submit to regular mental health evaluations), trying to find a jail to put them all in: not something I perceive to be an issue, we have more than enough prisons, and as long as all gun owners, submitted to the mental health checks they wouldn't go to prison, and if they don't attend their mental health check but keep their guns then I strongly believe they should be in prison anyway (again a point I addressed in the post you ignored), more police to enforce laws: again addressed in the fact that new gun legislation as I said would create new jobs (including but not limited to more police jobs), this isn't a bad thing: and what do you know, I addressed this too in that post you ignored. You can be as condesending as you want, but at least do it about something I legit did. I didn't sidestep your post at all. Nice try though.
  2. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    Except you're ignoring my post before the one you quoted here where I pointed out that your comparison doesn't work anyway because no one here seems to be arguing for an outright ban on guns. I sure as hell am not arguing for that, in fact in that post in question I gave a sensible recommendation for how we could add to gun legislation. In that context, the only one sidestepping subjects here is actually you.
  3. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    I think his argument is the innocent lives lost with drunk driving. But even still its a bad comparison, because next to no one (maybe there is a handful of examples where they did so purposefully) starts drinking with the intention of hurting or killing others with their drinking. People legit get guns with only the intention of killing other people. What he should compare it to would be something like bombs, something that people often get with the intention of hurting others, though you could make arguments for a few other things that people might legit use bombs for (science experiments, extreme landscaping, whatever). I would like to go on the record and say that I think we should have strong bomb laws.
  4. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    Again, enforced regular mental health checks for all gun owners and those about to purchase a gun. It would create a lot of jobs, and sure it would be a bitch to deal with (Again not unlike airport security), but if you have nothing to hide, then there would be no reason to not just deal with regular mental health checkups to keep your precious guns and you wouldn't end up in jail at all, if you don't want to do regular mental health checks, then you could voluntarily have your guns taken away so you don't have to deal with that and maintain a clean record. And it'd be a quick way to find people that shouldn't be owning guns, both by what would be found in the mental health checks, and by those that actively avoid going in for their regular mental health checks. Seriously, if you desparately want a gun, but wont submit to a mental health check, then I absolutely think you're hiding something and likely do belong in jail anyway. And sure, the black market would be inevitable, but whatever it takes to make getting a gun harder for the average Joe is going to help, I mean finding a black market for firearms would certainly not be as easy as finding someone who can get you marijuana if thats what you think. Again, that Virginia Tech dude, did not look like he would have even known where to start looking to find a black market dealer, he would likely have just resorted to a less deadly weapon he had access to instead. You gotta stop with the alcohol comparison, no one is saying get rid of guns altogether, so you're suggestion that we must also "ban" alcohol really isn't the comparison we're making here.
  5. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    Again, new gun legislation will never guarantee that all gun violence would end, but I don't understand why you seem to believe that due to that, it would be an entirely lost cause. As an example, its hard not to think that the likes of Virginia Tech could have been avoided if mental health evaluations as I had suggested were required for gun owndership. Now your argument seems to be that the guy would still find a way to inflict violence, and sure, fine, but if that dude was restricted to only a knife or even a car or whatever, he almost certainly wouldn't have killed nearly as many as he did. If new laws mean that 10 people die in a massacre instead of 30, that means 20 families are being spared tragedy. Yeah, it still sucks that those 10 people died, but if we can at the very least decrease the casualties if we can't identify the people that are threats in time, that's absolutely better than going on as we have been.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Personally I prefer Bored to Death over I Miss You, but both are fantastic songs that I never skip.
  7. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    Here's an idea that I think could help that I don't see what the big deal would be: enforced regular mental health evaluations for anyone who purchases a gun, every 6 months or so, including the mental health evaluation right before you get your gun (hell maybe even every 3 months). Again, its not gonna stop all gun crime, but it will be a bitch to deal with, and if its found that you skipped a mental health evaluation, they could then come and take your gun away or arrest you. No one wants to deal with that kind of stuff, its the same kind of awful Airport security BS that no one wants to deal with, but ultimately helps keep everyone safe. Keep in mind, in the analogy I was giving, our improved airport security hasn't been perfect, a few fools have tried to light shoe and underwear bombs on planes in the time since 9/11, and thankfully both times failed, but it illustrates a point: no matter what we do, it will never be 100% effective, BUT, that alone is not a reason to not enforce the new rules. If we had no airport security, beyond those two instances, we may well have had many more in the 16 years since. So just as we can assume that new gun legislation wouldn't 100% remove gun violence in the country, it absolutely stands to reason that it would help decrease the gun violence we've been seeing in our country every year. And as such I absolutely support the need for new gun laws and regulations.
  8. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    LOL, airports are different, but automobiles and guns are the same thing. Solid logic there Oli. And again, I'm not suggesting eliminating every single gun, just better gun legislation. Just as we didn't remove all airplanes but rather increased airport security.
  9. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    You really don't understand the point I'm making? Alright, here it is: you're making light of this incident as if we should all get hyperbolic just like people seem to about gun control but with automobile legislation. Under the way you think, it would stand to reason, that since only a few people weaponized planes on 9/11, that we shouldn't have changed airport security, because these outliers are few and far between, yet since the increase in airport security, no other planes have been hijacked and weaponized in America. Yeah, the extra security is a bitch, but it actually seems to work. As such I don't think its unreasonable when people suggest new firearm legislation, you can argue all you want that it would never "work," and sure, it may never 100% work, but I do believe it stands to reason that new legislation that would make getting and owning a gun as much of a bitch or preferrably even more as getting past airport security, then it could absolutely decrease the amount of gun violence we see in our country every year.
  10. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    Guess in your eyes that all this extra airport security is foolish after a few morons weaponized the airplanes.
  11. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    yeah, that's literally the incident I was talking about on the previous page. If you have 8 minutes, you should check out this promo for an upcoming new documentary on the incident that includes lots of that footage directly after the incident, as well as new interviews with those kids now 20 years later. You can only seem to watch it on their sitere here: http://www.arielphenomenon.com/new-ariel-promo After watching even just this promo for the new documentary coming next year, it is by far the most convincing eyewitness accounts I've ever seen, because every single one of them swears by what they saw even to this day.
  12. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    yup, that's the one
  13. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I know what you're talking about, it was done years ago, and I believe remade years later (though the remake is way worse apparently). I believe that the original was considered for a long time to possibly be legit, but as time went on it became clear that it was staged, though very well staged and pretty convincing. Can't for the life of me remember the name of it though.
  14. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I think if we were truly capable of utilizing telepathy we would start to think differently when it comes to communicating with others taht don't speak your native language. If its even possible, I think you'd want to teach yourself to think more with imagery and not so much the voice inside your head. This is how people that claim to have been visited by aliens claim that the aliens were able to communicate with them. At least its how the kids in what I consider to be the most verifiable alien contact case claim that the entities were able to convey to them that they should do a better job of taking care of their planet. (The case in question is the 1994 Zimbabwe incident where 62 kids of different ages and backgrounds outisde at recess came across a few beings floating around a craft on the ground, to this day, 20+ years later, not a single one of the kids that witnessed it have changed their story, maintain they saw what they saw and most say it was the most meaningful moment in their life. I'm often a skeptic on alien stories, but this one in particular has been the one that has convincred me more than anything that beings from other worlds have been here.)
  15. Tom would probably make you pay for the drinks though.