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Look what I made! (Blink art)

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So I wanted to get more into art, so last week, I started and completed a simple project, I made the self titled album art into a poster with all the song titles written (as they appear in the insert, except for Not Now which was written as it appeared on the back of greatest hits) around the smiley.  It was done with accrylic paint for the green and pink, black sharpie, and colored pencils for the part behind "blink-182".

Unfortunately, I lost my camera a few weeks ago at a new years party (got too drunk, don't remember where or when I lost it), so I could only take pictures with my cell phone, so please excuse the poor picture quality, this is why it gets all distorted on the sides of the frames.

Anyway here is a central view:


view of top:


view of bottom:


view with me (for size comparison):


again, I ask that you excuse the poor image quality, fucking lost my camera, had to use my phone

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Yes.  And that's pretty cool stuff, you did quite well on the smiley.  But my favorite is all the different styles of text.  Bien fait!

Thank you!  :lol::-D

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