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  1. Is this you Dan? lmao @ your name! Yeah the distance killed it in the end. After 9 years, being single is not so bad actually haha. Hope youre all good mate
  2. Hi guys! Glad to see everything is the same around here... Scott cussing like a sailor, Roux still looks like a model, Celtic still sucks (sorry Rory :D). Exciting times for you United fans...! In the meantime, Atletico lost another CL final, and I cried.
  3. Haha Scotty boy! Im great, thanks. Living in Abu Dhabi now, broke up with the missus, but loving life Everything else is the same haha. What about you? Ill stick around here. Missed you guys!
  4. Hi guys! It's been a while Is the guy above me for real? Left alone is in my top 3 from this record! Anyway, here's what I think about this album: First few listens I was a bit dissapointed. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, so I guess I was a bit confused. Now I bloody love it! I think there isn't a song thats a 10/10, but as a whole it works really well. Pretty solid album. I compulsively listened to San Diego for days, the chorus felt so catchy I couldnt help myself lol. Now Im really enjoying California and Shes out of her mind. The weakest songs imo are kings of the
  5. Yup, that's me! I don't understand why people get annoyed because the information is available for all the fans... a) They have every right to know, and b.) its 2015 and its the internet. I'ts impossible to keep secrets. I mean, the group is only for collectors, because thats the whole purpose of it, so its private. But making us look like the fucking illuminati is ridiculous. Im not the owner of the group though so not much I can do apart from tell the annoying people to shut the fuck up
  6. Turan is leaving. My life is meaningless.
  7. yeah, have been for about a month. Moving to Saudi Arabia in a few days!
  8. havent posted in 15 days. Just came to say cmon Atleti!!
  9. na na na noa na noa nana noa na na
  10. fucking hell someone take away his internet conection
  11. This is exactly how I feel. Skiba sounds great, but every time the music starts, my brain expects Tom singing!
  12. these videos are incredible. Matt sounds really really good in some of them. The first video of him singing i watched really weirded me out though, I guess I expected Toms voice lol. If we get a pro shot at Musink ill wet my pants!
  13. Mike, make your signature a bit bigger will you?
  14. Real Madrid for sure. They always seem to get the easiest teams
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