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    appreciate the work you did to make mark balder. i've said this before on here, but even more grating than whoah-oh's and nostalgia pandering lyrics is lyrics like "we won the war". what war? what the fuck are you talking about? Wake me when this war is over The war we fought and all the battles lost We won this war, we cursed and swore We're the forgotten soldiers you left behind There's no use trying We lost the war
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    The war 14 year olds have with their parents, DUH!
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    To be fair, AHS isn't good. The first and third seasons were interesting but the rest are more bat shit than good.
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    Aaand NBC picked it up lol
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    I didn't watch it but based on the thumbnail it reminds me of Friday by Rebecca Black. Also why is she driving.
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    What's the worst Nana? I vote No Future, just really jarring. Sober the best. Online Songs for all times sake.
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    Other people liking it won't make me suddenly think it's good.
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    I always thought that listening to you parents' music has to be a similar feeling to watching them in bed.
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    Travis is now a stage dad. It's sad and borderline child abuse. You can see the trainwreck coming from a mile away.....just wait till they are older.... I rarely know of any kids who are put in that position that don't come out of it all fucked up. I do respect Tom for being the responsible family man. He is so much more tolerable and normal when he shuts up about his crazy.
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