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  1. Tom even left his wife for Mark.
  2. Really great music never gets old and you never get tired of it, or grow out of it.
  3. Can these guys come back please
  4. Jeez at least Oliver is older than me. I think. You can all call me granny.
  5. Still one of the most amazing bands.
  6. But why does Mark need this other band, what's the point? @Helen Hoppus please explain haha.
  7. Well it's not THAT horrible, just pretty meh.
  8. Capharnaum, 10/10 Amazing movie, but very sad and depressing. Definitely worth seeing it though.
  9. She is being 100% embarrassing and cringeworthy. Poor kids.
  10. For the first time in ages I looked at Tom's IG; does anyone actually buy them Ava clothes?
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