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  1. That RT score is clearly manipulated by troll groups. check it out, lots of one-review “users“ rating it negative
  2. Yeah they did I just don't get why they didn't bring that screen with them
  3. to anyone of you guys attending a UK show: could you grab me one of the tour raglan longsleeves (shown below) in XL? I missed out on that in Berlin...
  4. Feeling This package for the Berlin show was totally worth it. I'm still stoked
  5. I saw them on friday and don't agree with you. By far their best performance in the total of 7 blink concerts I have seen.
  6. Show in Munich last night was amazing. They performed on top of their game. no setlist variation whatsoever, though. for Always they took a fan on stage to play the whole song on Bass. Have they ever done this before??
  7. June 16 in Munich, June 29 in Berlin (VIP "feeling this" package)
  8. Just got the Feeling This package in Berlin for my girlfriend and me
  9. Guys my only device is an iPad - could you provide me with links to "streamable" songs please? ??
  10. In my opinion, the best post-reunion Tom we got was European tour 2012
  11. Being friends with several Bayern supporters, I can tell that Guardiola started to lose his credit already two years ago. I share their point of view that they played a far more attractive football being coached by old Heynckes.
  12. You're getting Januzaj back from us
  13. Congrats Scott, Schweinsteiger is pure class
  14. Watched it at imax today. 10/10
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