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    Matt doesn't even know if he is an official member, haha.
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    https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8473469/alkaline-trio-interview-matt-skiba-dan-andriano there's a mention of blink's new album on this interview: MS: We've been working in the studio. What is going to happen is sort of up for grabs -- yet to be determined. As far as the studio stuff, we have a bunch of great stuff written with [producer and co-writer] John Feldmann that we've been working on. So I am not quite sure how or when we’re going to go about finishing that. [Drummer] Travis [Barker] has been dealing with blood clots in his arms, and I've been unable to play, so I think we’re gonna go out and play these [Blink-182] shows we have coming up [later in Sept. 2018]. We’ll see how that goes, and from there we’ll determine how we’ll go about finishing this album. [Editor's note: Blink-182 has since been forced to cancel these performances due to Barker's extended recovery.] Do you have any idea when fans might hear new music? MS: I don’t, honestly. If I did, I would've told ya.
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    Yeah, I mean by nature of Matt being apart of it, some Blink fans will check it out. I saw 4 or 5 Blink shirts at the show I went to (and 1 AVA lmao). But all things considered, they are still playing ~2,500 person venues so it's not like it is pushing them to arenas! I hope it charts well, Derek/Dan deserve it.
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    Okay so I've had a proper few listens now and I definitely have updated opinions, I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath. 1. "Is This Thing Cursed?" - Still love it, still one of the records highlights for me, I fall in love with it more and more each time I listen to it. 8.5/10 2. "Blackbird" - My opinion on this one hasn't really changed, still think it's an alright track, still think it isn't really anything special. kinda surprised they chose it to be the first one people heard considering how good the rest of the record is. 5/10 3. "Demon and Division" - I was reserved about this one initially because I found the "anything/everything" repeats kind of annoying, but the rest of the song recovers from it. the chorus is great, love the bass in it, the mix is still really odd in places. not big on the bridge either as you just can't really make anything out because it becomes kind of a mess to listen to. but overall, it's a solid song. 7/10 4. "Little Help?" - It might be my overall favourite. I think I like it so much because it's kind of a surprise for me, Alk3 haven't done straight forward punk songs in quite some time and I love the lyrics. Yeah, simple, over done concept, but it's done very well and it's catchy as hell. It's really fun to play and that will always warm me up to a song too - I'm literally going to cover this at a show I'm doing in October. if my sister films me on her phone I'll slap it up here. 9/10 5 "I Can't Believe" - I've already stated this in this thread but I just can't get into this one. this is the worst song on the record for me. The verses are identical, melodically disinteresting, the lyrics are just not really saying much of anything. The chorus is alright, but a little monotonous for what it is. The only musical things I particularly like about it are the drums, and the ending. 4/10 6. "Sweet Vampires" - I'm not a big fan of this one either, similarly boring but has a little more going for it than I Can't Believe - I find the guitar riff sounds too synthy in the verses/intro bit and I find that distracting, would've been cool if they'd used different effects or kept it straight forward distortion. The chorus is alright but I just can't really get behind the concept. 5/10 7. "Pale Blue Ribbon" - I love the riff in this, very cool - pace of it is nice after the dip of the previous two tracks. It took a while to warm up for me but I actually quite like this song now, I like the lyrics quite a bit and the harmonies on the chorus are great. 7.5/10 8. "Goodbye Fire Island" - Yeah, the "Hey ya" lyric is annoying. I don't mind the "yeah" on the chorus though, has a weird charm to it. I like it's a good song, I do like it, although I think this song totally misses a trick. Considering what Matt said the song was about, I feel like there is so much more he could of done with it lyrically and with delivery - it doesn't have the gravitas it should considering the songs background. I kind of wish he never delved into it's meaning, maybe I'd enjoy it more. I like the general mood of the song though. 7/10 9. "Stay" - This is a weird one for me, I really liked it initially but over time I'm sort of less sure. I still quite like the lyrics a lot, and the chorus is really sweet and the "stay" harmonies are fabulous. my main gripe is it would make a fantastic acoustic song, I think it just tonally doesn't work as well with electric. I think they could've stripped this back and it would've been really lovely, but I imagine with 'Krystalline' they wouldn't want too much acoustic on the record. personally, I'd have swapped that around. 7/10 10. "Heart Attacks" - I really like the chorus initially, now I love the whole song. I love the lyrics to this one possibly the most overall and I have zero idea what it's about. it isn't necessarily very special musically (although I particularly like the guitars sound wise in this one), but the chorus does sound quite different for them to me, but the melodies are so spot on 'Matt' sounding that I'm super happy he did it with Alk3. I feel like this and a few others could work easily on something like Good Mourning and that's a comfort. overall, one of my highlights. 8/10 11. "Worn So Thin" - This might be the one that's taking the longest to grown on me. I have no issue with it, it just hasn't "stuck" for me, although again I like some of the lyrics - the second verse he almost sounds like whats his tits from Green Day in places which is weird. it's just a bit weird for me and I think considering the style and speed of "Little Help" and "Pale Blue Ribbon" it's kind of an unnecessary extra from Dan? I'd rather hear something different from him, not 3 interchangeable tracks. 6/10 12. "Throw Me To The Lions" - Might be my favourite chorus overall, quite like the lyrics to this one as well but only the ones I can make out, not researched it enough. This is another "could've been on older records" one for me, big fan overall. 8/10 13. "Krystalline" - My opinion on this one wasn't changed. I love it, but it just ends with weird ass noises and it bugs me. I think there could've been a great full song here but they cut it short and that you know, would've been fine, but then padding it out with random crap at the end makes no sense to me. IT is really basic and straight forward but the lyrics and melody are infectious and it reminds me of falling for songs like "What Went Wrong" and "Blue In The Face" so I can't fault it, I've listened to it on repeat... but it still annoys me haha. 8/10 Overall, it's a solid record. 7/10. not many I'd skip, none I'd skip every time. pretty solid!
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    bingo. i’m not surprised by this, and i feel bad for the fans that bought tix too (and hotel rooms, etc). i really think blink should be more open about things like this earlier than a few days before shows. i know they were probably waiting for doctors orders and also for the other festivals to finalize booking other headliners, but... i don’t know. dropping all this on excited fans time and time again is a real bummer, and it’s on them
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    Sometimes you can catch forgeries by simply paying attention to the details. This seller says he got this poster in 2014 and had Tom, Mark, and Travis sign it after the Las Vegas show in 2014. Hmm... 1. That's not Tom you idiot 2. This California era photo was taken 2 years later lol Always pay attention to the details, honest sellers don't make stuff up!!!
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    Looks like: "Leave me the morning I'm trying not to run away Youth is wasted on the dumb Caught me with a ricochet Somebody knows something I swore to God I wouldn't stay And ___? nights I'm falling down Through the button/bottom? of the milky way"
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    Oliver constantly takes harsh stances on unpopular opinions -> Everyone else is a contrarian Oliver makes wild claims and presents them as facts with no evidence -> Everyone else must provide bibliographies for all of their posts Oliver was supposedly in a relationship with a woman who ripped him off -> Jen Delonge, monogamous partner for over two decades who started dating her husband before he was famous, is a gold digging bitch who would "chew up and spit out just about any man" Oliver my man, I think you have a habit of projecting.
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    I loved this era of pop punk, takes me back to being a kid. High on life, no money worries, no stress, no drama.