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    "Its Labor Day and my grandpa just ate 7 spinach wrapped tofu links" "She brings me legumes and chai seeds from Whole Foods, just because" Yeah, doesn't sound right. Maybe he'll go back and change the lyrics again?
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    Prove us wrong Mark. I know he reads here. How can he have a writers block ffs. A father, a husband, the loss of his best friend. Some good shit there we can all relate to at the ages we are now, yet all we get is “can’t wait for the weekend to get drunk and do a kick flip outside Walmart nananana”
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    As long as he doesn’t put out bullshit liberal political garbage like greenday does, once he starts pushing his weird hippie vegan leftist lifestyle into his music , blink is done. The best thing about blink has been their almost no existence of politics In their music, lets hope it stays that way
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    Mark lurking the boards to catch up on Blink Italia drama, as the bleached dildo finishes writing the next Blink album:
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    also during the +44 / ava era Mark constantly took the piss at AVA, trying to gain sympathy... low blow iirc tom never said one bad word about +44 and even complimented them on playing blink songs again.... Edit: Tom is and was still a dick, especially back then... but mark is always playing the victim card to justify his shitty behaviour. Can't stand that shit
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    @Scott. i'm glad we got neighborhoods and DED... but they decided to not give a fuck on their legacy when tom left. mark bragged about it himself in 2006 : "We could hire a new guitarist and hit the road. It would be our right, since Tom quit. Of course we have no plans to do that. Blink-182 was the three of us. The whole thing would be very disingenuous." he was goddamn right. but then he realised +44 didn't make the bank he was used to, so now all of a sudden he sells blink out however the fuck he gains most cash from it. What a piece of shit
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    I can't imagine being in my 40's, set for life, having sold millions of millions of albums, gained worldwide acclaim..... And sitting in a studio like a little bitch having people write my music, tell me what to do, pacify a label, write tweeny songs that sell. Where is your head at when you do that shit?
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    Only because Feldmann turned him down, said he was too old.
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    This was my worst case scenario all the way back when Skiba was announced for musink. Oh well, the band is now Mark's to do as he wishes.
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    But they're active? They're releasing albums and playing shows, who cares about the quality? It's like watching your favourite player still trying to turn it on when he's 37, you love him for how good he was in the past - but you know it's over and it's time they retire.
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    Dragging the name through the fucking mud. He’s a disgrace mark. They should have left it at untitled ffs. They’d go down as a great band imo now it’s all a bit embarrassing. A damn shame nqat
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    If they would've just reformed +44....they could play all the blink songs they want while writing new tunes. but no, they had to smudge the blink name royally and hand it over to the industry . i bet tom is fuming.
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    people are commenting on how weird mark's eyebrows look in his new instagram post. how long until he deletes the picture out of insecurity and gets nicer ones tattooed on his forehead?
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    i guess no fan actually knows but that's the way it all looked from an outside perspective. +44 was going strong, really proud of the record, and committed to playing their material live without using blink as a crutch. then, they opened for FOB on the honda civic tour. nobody there knew who +44 was and i doubt many people paid attention to their set. that's when they started throwing blink songs in. after that, they had a pretty huge european tour booked that was abruptly cancelled so that they could "focus on the second album." obviously, that album never happened and was most likely never even going to happen. this is about the time mark started desperately hanging around younger scene guys in shitty bands
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    Okay, let's end this Mark pile-on now. He's probably reading this and bawling.
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    Yup. A vegan white knight feminist cuck. Actually can’t stand the bloke
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    RD2 still blowing my mind. Stumpled across a huge town at the edge of the map, i thought nothing was there. And i was casually riding my horse in the middle of nowhere when i got fucking ambushed. A wagon was blown up, i got thrown off my horse and some gang came from behind rocks and trees and just killed me! Wtf
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    Something you should learn. Just because people are famous and professional, they are still human. People with big fragile egos, like Mark, who have the truth splashed up their face that they are washed up has beens who have writers block will very easily take it personally enough to go on and block you. There is no mystery here. You spoke the truth and Mark found it offensive. I applaud you for speaking it, and I applaud you for bringing it to Mark's attention. We are the fans, we are the customer. He deserves to know how we feel about his work.
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    Tom was a dick in that it took him forever to record new material. But when they actually recorded Neighborhoods and DED, it was much closer to real Blink than what we have today. I'll take a 7.5/10 Blink album every 5 years over a 4/10 pop album.
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    Ya but its never been common in blink which is why we all hate it so much. Blink used to be a step above FOB, now theyre just one of the same.
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    this album will be trash lol. i feel ashamed for throwing so much hate towards tom from 2005-2015. yes, he originally broke up the band and strung us along making us beg for blink music we'd never get. however, at least he kept the legacy of the band in check to some degree. what mark is going for now is just laughable. not only is the music super corny, they won't pull this off. you can't buy that success when you're mostly old and irrelevant. what makes all of those pop stars relevant isn't just the music that is written for them. balding mohawk hoppus isn't exactly in the same league as beyoncé no matter how many people he hires.
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    Man those first 2 spider man films are the shiz