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    It means nothing other than Mark was going through old photos and is now probably over the Tom crap, mostly because he proved he doesn’t need him IMO and it’s time to move on. Indeed a big step for Mark from a grudge standpoint, but he’s older this go around and time heals all wounds.
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    Happy birthday to one of the best albums there is. Goodbye Sky Harbor still leaves me either smiling from the beautiful sounds or emotionally wrecked from the hard-hitting lyrics. And this is why I love 90s emo music.
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    still one of the best albums the emo genre has ever produced. https://www.stereogum.com/2032965/jimmy-eat-world-clarity-turns-20/franchises/the-anniversary/
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    The overlaying vocals at the end... fucking eargasm.
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    Currently watching Charlies Angels. Man, that movie does not age well.
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    I passionately hate Impractical Jokers.
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    You all know this is set up right? Everything on tv but sport is scripted. It’s also fucking shit and I hate them all. Have a good day sir
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    I just saw an episode today and i havent laughed as much at a tv show in a loooong time. I was crying. This bit. They loose if they get sush’d at or if somone walks out:
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    On the Impossible Past is a good middle ground album for them. For something more raw, Chamberlain Waits is good but that might be closer to their Cheshire Cat/Buddha era.
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    Fucking hell City were lucky there. They were fucking wank all game. State of Chelsea though. I can’t believe the keeper didn’t come off and the players took his side over the manager. Jesus. They’re a horrible bunch of toxic cunts. Awful club. El Plastico 🤢
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    I really like it, I don't mind the dancing and think it's kinda funny that Alex is dusting of the old Tom-AVA moves
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    Liverpool are absolutely shit. Not a chance they’ll win the league. excellent effort from United. We had all the chances, Dave was on a deck chair ffs
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    Got me thinking when they will reunite eventually. If not this year maybe in the next 5 years. But i wonder if they will ever get together and make that magic again. They've been saying that the upcoming album is gonna be more like the untitled album, i also wonder if that is true or if its a marketing move. Considering California was all very....easy, chord/rythem wise.
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    I wonder if it'll be even more or less cringey seeing his dancing in person.
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    Phwoar. That’s pretty good like
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    fucking adore this record. Goodbye Sky Harbour opened my goddamn mind musically. Start to finish it's a beautiful album.
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    The management at blink-182online is so corrupt
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    I like this song more than the first partly because it's not pop punk. It actually sounds different than something you'd see in blink nowadays. I've also gotten a little more into All Time Low and kinda like Alex's voice, so I'm looking forward to the EP. Also the dance moves are cringy. I like it.
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    I actually quite like the first song. Its pretty catchy. Im not really into this song though. I like the chorus melody but the musical side of it sucks. Also Mark dancing in the video is cringy as fuck edit: since i posted this ive been listening to it lots and actually really like it now
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    Haha yes! But I'm more into her tbh 😉🙈
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