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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, thankful for this little community of people weird enough to talk and argue about blink all day every day!
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    I just know that in ten years i'll still love Nine, I got sick of California after a few months when i could listen to it without the ''new hype''...and overtime i started to really hate it Nine is just one of those albums for me.
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    Chainsmokers: " hey can we collab with you guyz?" Blink: " yeah why not, cool" Chainsmokers: " uhm this might be awkward, but is it okay if you guys turn up without that other.." Mark and trav: "sure thing" Tom delonge: "hey travis, wanna play drums on my sideproject Box Car Racer?" Travis: " sure thing" Mark:
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    I hope Matt is collabing with Tom right now.
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    Just snagged this up, it’s a 2006. Owner never played it needs new strings and setup. No buzz plays great! After 4 years of looking for one at a good price! happy to finally have a hoppus bass, calling him cabbage.
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    There’s no way Skiba declined anything they asked for, especially blink related. He was left out imho.
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    Tom will still be working on the AVA album by 2021.
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    I’d put my money on this being the case. It’s 100% a label push to have the blink-182 name on the song. Matt wasn’t interested in doing it, mark and Travis respected that and didn’t force him to do something he didn’t want to. Just a band with each member respecting the wishes of the other.
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    My understanding is that they are beginning to phase Matt out of the band so that they can bring in Tom Delonge in 2021. 2020 will mark a transitional year for the trio, with a European tour planned next summer before announcing the return of Tom late fall. If rumours are to be believed both Angles and Airwaves and Blink-182 will be performing at Reading and Leeds festival next year. Mark Tom and Travis plan on releasing an album in 2021, by then it will have been ten years since their last full release Neighborhoods.
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    Hey, sometimes we spend the day arguing about which member is the most racist.
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    Sadly not, worth picking up on DVD or Blu-Ray though, usually sensibly priced on Amazon. Unless you don't want to buy, then it should be easy enough to find on shady streaming sites or for download.
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    Boxing Day, never really got the love - pretty boring song
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    I did never really enjoy that show but I also watched the whole thing. The show is smart as hell, very complex, the acting is great and the story is interesting. Still I always felt uncomfortable when I watched it and it got exhausting + it felt like it would never end. Could have been some seasons shorter if you ask me.
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    said it before and will say it again. would pay such an obscene amount of money to read some of the legal documents around the behind the scenes stuff w blink. what tom still gets. what matt gets. how its all divided from shows/recording/merch/etc. so fascinating
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    That's kind of how I feel. Most Tarantino movies have me shook up with the crazy storyline, Hollywood had like none, was just slow meandering around with some cool scenes. How do you have Leo and Brad Pitt and not do a great story? I wasn't opposed to the violence it's more just the fireplace section that got me, and the sound effects, fuck, and I normally can handle a lot.
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    I enjoyed breaking bad but can’t remember fuck all about it tbh. I think it’s massively overrated. binging the fuck out of Top Boy on Netflix. Fucking love it
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    On Some Emo Shit is fire all the way through, love the chorus
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    Booksmart. 7/10. Heard it was like Superbad for girls. Pretty accurate description, pretty funny. Found out at the end it was directed by Olivia Wilde, Love her.
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    There’s no way Mark and Travis would just leave Matt out without discussing it with him. He was fully involved with the Steve Aoki feature. They wouldn’t just suddenly decide to stop involving him especially after recording another album with him. It’s most logical to assume he was asked/told about it, told it wasn’t a necessity and chose to sit it out.
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    Good! I rewatched Serenity over the weekend and it was a lot better than I remembered it being, but I suspect that's likely because I haven't rewatched the series for a few years now. Absolutely agree, nothing will ever come close to it. I have to make sure I only watch Firefly every now and then, I get sad that it was cancelled
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