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  1. Is this also an official release or just something some fan put together?
  2. I've changed my mind, these two records are what I wanted. Talk about further reinventing yourself rather than just regressing backwards like certain acts have a tendency to do. It'll be interesting to see what her live show's gonna be like when that happens again.
  3. Yeah, I got into the band in 2005-2006 and I believe this and Big Day Out were my first encounter with the stage banter and I thought they were hilarious and cool. I was 14 in 2006 and 14 years later I no longer think they were the greatest comedians or coolest people but it's fun to watch this with nostalgia glasses. Around the same time in 2006 I also found this video and it made me question if it was the same guy in both clips:
  4. I had completely forgotten about this performance: It's like Big Day Out but on speed, out of a 80 minute set I'd say about half of it is music and the other half consists of them being idiots. Pretty entertaining!
  5. If it was the only song on the record being about how hard is it to be a kid sung by mid 20's to 30-year olds I would have ranked it higher but on a record filled with songs about hating your teachers, jocks and adults in general it just feels like they were in a brainstorming session and came up with topics that junior high schoolers would relate to and divorced parents was one of them. The only thing missing is a song about how your mom sucks because she is making you clean your room or mowing the lawn. But 14-15 year old me whought it was a really deep and impactful song so i guee
  6. The band was a total trainwreck from Derycks divorce until Steve quit with cancelled dates due to Deryck getting sick, cracking his back etc, troubles with Island in getting SBM released, if I remember correctly it sat on the shelves for almost a year until it was released in 2011. Then Deryck kept on self-destructing while the rest of the guys were getting married and Steve having kids so I get why he left the Deryck Whibley Freak Show. They had to cancel so many shows and even tours due to Deryck being a drunken mess and doing his best to drink himself to death so I totally get why a 32-year
  7. Sounds like the same song they've been releasing since they reversed back to defending pop-punk after Coming Home. That record deserved a much better fate and is the only one of their releases that still holds up today on it's own merits and not something that you need to put your nostalgia goggles on to enjoy.
  8. These live videos they keep posting are such a treat: The fact that each and every one is from a different show than the last really show how solid they have become and of all the band's that emerged in the early 2000's they are probably the one that have aged with the most dignity in terms of the live act and that they haven't regressed to making All Killer over and over like som other bands.
  9. Man they sound good with three guitarists and Tom doing the piano parts when needed: There latst two album's haven't done much for me but live they are sounding better than ever in my opinion even though i miss Steve.
  10. Of the top of my head I'd say Apple Shampoo, Emo, Josie.
  11. The album was ok, nothing more nothing less and overall what I expected it to be. Something that did take me by surprise however was the music video for 555... This has got to be the weirdest thing they've ever done.
  12. I enjoyed it more than Reputation, that's for sure but all I really want is another album in the vein of Speak Now or Red. Nothing she's ever written before or after can even compare with the songs of those two albums.
  13. So this is kind of random but I was watching through some old Cheetah-videos from 2001-2002 last night and in one of them Mark apologizes for cancelling the European tour because Tom fucked up his back and was in a lot of pain but if Tom injured his back in late 2001 why did he go insane with the painkillers in 2005-2006? I just don't get the timeline at all for his injury and then blaming it for being nuts in 2005.
  14. The only I Won't Be Home For Christmas cd that matters is this one: Also the difference in image from the release in 1997 to the one in 2002 is depressing, in 1997 they looked like normal people with a look that has aged well and in 2001 they have that horrible "pop-punk-tough-guy-look" that no person over the age of 16 should sport.
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