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  1. The only song from Enema that is on rotation in any of my day-to-day playlists is Wendy Clear and Man Overboard aswell if that one can be counted, definately the two strongest songs from that period in my opinion and lyrically they still hold up really well unlike most other songs from the record.
  2. I agree about Warning, it's to bad that the follow-up never dissapeared and they decided to do American Idiot instead. It woudl be intersting to hear what it would sound like if they would have continued the more experimental route instead of doing a rock opera.
  3. Hit one of my random playlists on Spotify today and Apple Shampoo came on and it's still one of my favorite songs of all time. One thing I'll never understand is why they retired so many good and popular songs after Dude Ranch like Josie, M+M's, Wasting Time and Apple Shampoo. Such a waste of so many great songs because they're to lazy to play long sets, they could easily have played for almost 90 minutes in 1999 and it wouldn't be to many obscure songs.
  4. The TOYPAJ-era look is hilarious, it looks like three man-childs trying to look like badasses while singing songs about how horrible their teachers are and that parents sucks. "No Mom, i wont put on my big-boy pants! I want to wear all black and look cool, I swear it's not just a phase!" "For God's sake Mark, you're 29 and married! Stop acting like a 15-year old and grow up!" "Fuck you mom! You don't get me!" Granted I thought they looked super-cool when I was 15 so I guess those ridiculous outfits served their purpose in getting an entire generation of rebellious teenagers to buy Atticus and Macbeth and lining the pockets of the owners of said companies.
  5. It's the haircut that needs to be addressed - 46 year old man gaining weight is normal, 46 year old balding man sporting a spiked haircut isn't. And were not even talking a real beer gut, just some extra pounds.
  6. The production on DTLI? bothers me, it feels very plastic. I like the record no questions asked but it could have been a lot better and like a few other said you have to admire a band that just sold millions of records deciding not doing the same record again and instead actually shaping it up and making something else.
  7. I think half the reason i fell in love with blink more than Green Day, who at the time were huge with every edgy kid "who's not like everybody else", was that Billie Joe seemed like a preachy asshole and blink just seemed like guys who acted like morons just like me and my friends. Bear in mind though I was 14 and could relate to 30-year old men so I don't know who that says more about, me or Mark and Tom. Oh, and blink is better than Green Day. Apple Shampoo, Lemmings, Waggy, Man Overboard, Dammit and Wendy Clear are still songs that I listen to on a daily basis and Mark peaked in 1997 and has been going down hill in terms of wongwriting ever since.
  8. That KROQ video was awesome, frankly i enjoyed that much more than the Camden video everyone's creaming their pants about.
  9. Emil

    Frank Turner

    Frank is awesome but like you said he gives and takes, on every record there's at least one really weak song. That being said he is on of the more amusing artists out there and truly seems like a greta guy to hang out with. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous is one truly great song along with so many others but that one is probably my favourite song.
  10. Just stumbled upon this and wow, this would be hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that it's for real. I noticed that if you click on invest you can click a box that says a financial adviser is helping you, I work as a financial advisor and if I helped one of my clients invest in this without telling them it's a moronic idea and that you will most likely never see a dime of that money again I would lose my license and consequentially my job. This might be the worst "investment opportunity" I've ever seen and I've seen some dumb shit but most of the time the companies at least has something that resembles a business plan and a plan to make money on something that relates to you main project.
  11. I never got the need for the "bass-only" parts in those songs when they're so incredibly boring. It's just like they took one part of the song and removed the other instruments and vocals which makes it just seem tacked on. If you're gonna do something at least make the part somewhat interesting to listen to like Boring or Voyeur
  12. Was not expecting much since I didn't like their last record but this was good, a little to long though. Still I wonder what it is that makes Dave always point out they are a rock band no matter what they do, it's like NFG:s obsession with being pop-punk for some reason.
  13. I used to love Rise Against, Revolutions is still on of my favourite records. Siren Song would probably be up there if it wasn't forthe annoying production. This song was meh, along with everything since Appeal To Reason. The mediocore songs aren't helped by the fact that Tim lost his voice 10 years ago and it hasn't been the same since.
  14. I think people often forget he was only 16 when Cheshire was recorded and 18 for Dude Ranch, many people continue to grow skillwise as musicans well into their 20's and he had talent, that's for sure. Just listen to Stevo from Sum 41, the drumming on HHOP is kind of boring but it continually got better over the years.
  15. I was 14 when WYHSB was released and while my english wasn't as good as it is today that album clicked with me right away. Really awesome album and along with his songs on Dude Ranch my favorite Mark songs if you look to a record as a whole. California I really wanted to like since I had such high hopes for it but gave up on it in mid July and haven't listened to it in whole since.
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