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  1. Probably because he realizes getting trolled is annoying and is reconsidering it now
  2. Don’t play the Oliver victim card man, that is lame. You constantly troll on here, so it’s hard to feel bad.
  3. Someone doesn’t like getting trolled back. All I’m learning is that you can dish it out but can’t take it. Soft.
  4. I mean you need some nuance involved. It’s a bit different to collaborate with one outside writer than 10-15. It also matters how it impacts the sound - Feldman’s guitar and drums sounded quite different than previous albums and still stands out as a weakness to me compared to NINE or Neighborhoods. And like Kevin said, people view Blink differently than AvA. It’s like comparing your first love to someone you’ve been on 2 dates with.
  5. I mean, he was still ripping on him for the 911 tweet on the previous page. It's pretty clear he still despises Tom even though the band's rift is long gone.
  6. The distinction between California/Deluxe being one/two albums is meaningless. It's still the quantity of songs that matters. I just provided examples of songs on California that involved outside writers and you did nothing to rebut that and then claimed victory. Lol
  7. Like I said, the two situations still aren't really that comparable. To make an analogy that fits with the thread topic, it would be like saying someone that does cocaine once a month has just as big of an issue as someone who does it every day. It's a lazy "gotcha" claim.
  8. California, Deluxe, and NINE. NINE had a lot of songwriters (weren't there like 7 on one song?), and I know California did too (Patrick Stump helped write Sober, right? And I recall the title track also was written by someone else). #triggered
  9. Nah, he hates on Tom every chance he gets and it's just weird at this point. If you don't see a difference between having a few (or dozens?) of people write 3 albums vs. what Tom is doing, then you can't really see nuance.
  10. Lol Ghent having a meltdown over having another person helping write ONE song, the fuck. Tom was one of the main reasons for Blink being the amazing band we all love. Their material since his departure is clearly a step below. No need to have such a hate boner for him years after the drama has subsided, that type of grudge can't be healthy
  11. This is great, Bill Burr is awesome. He also plays drums so I could see him enjoying Ilan's music.
  12. Coworker’s daughter won the bunny at “some cancer walk.” Yup, sounds totally believable.
  13. Wonder if this was another Wally-esque story from Loliver?
  14. This movie is going to be unreal. Denis Villeneuve said it's the best movie he's ever made.
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