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  1. This is great, Bill Burr is awesome. He also plays drums so I could see him enjoying Ilan's music.
  2. Coworker’s daughter won the bunny at “some cancer walk.” Yup, sounds totally believable.
  3. Wonder if this was another Wally-esque story from Loliver?
  4. This movie is going to be unreal. Denis Villeneuve said it's the best movie he's ever made.
  5. I’m talking about you, not to you (aside from this post). Don’t be a dunce.
  6. Imagine getting butt hurt over criticism of Space Jam 2
  7. Are you actually this dumb? Both this post and the last one are gaslighting. It’s pretty transparent. Not sure if you’re being purposefully obtuse though.
  8. You’re trying so hard to gaslight and it’s making me sad.
  9. I think you’re getting pretty close to the end. I hated those invisible pathway sections, such bullshit.
  10. This is both bizarre and cringe. Space Jam 2 is a hilarious hill to die on though!
  11. I think it's the fastest growing sport in China - could be wrong but I swear I read that somewhere. There's a reason why the NBA plays pre-season games there though, it's the biggest market for them to grow.
  12. In a nutshell, basically: LeBron James believes Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey "wasn't educated" before he sent the tweet in support of antigovernment protesters in Hong Kong that damaged relations between China and the NBA. https://africa.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/27847951/daryl-morey-was-misinformed-sending-tweet-china-hong-kong
  13. Ghent gets easily triggered when people genuinely criticize things he likes. I don't know much about Lebron but he seems a bit less charismatic than Jordan was. The China comments were really the only negative side of Lebron that I've seen.
  14. I'm confused. Is there some argument going around that low review scores for the new Space Jam are racist against Lebron?
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