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  1. Shouldn’t we update the thread title at this point 😅🥲
  2. Damn.. not even a statement from the full band? Tom had to bring the bad news? Whut
  3. Wait its confirmed? The SA shows got canceled?
  4. Pretty high view count for a cover of a song that wasn’t a single
  5. They fucked up with Edging followed by the silence for so many months.
  6. If they open with Feeling This, WMAA, Rock Show I’m selling my tickets 🎟️😤😖
  7. Too much Travis influence with all the wannabe gangsters
  8. That would be worse than Marks remix of that AVA song 😳
  9. I forgot that song existed 😅
  10. Exactly… they need to tease us with something good and exciting. The I Miss You/Down/Asthenia of the record… Edging is such a throw away song lol.
  11. Avatar 2. Visually stunning. Story was really bland. Middle part of the movie dragged. Characters were somewhat interesting. Too many kids. 7/10
  12. Edging has the most cringe lyrics ever
  13. Get the feeling that they’re not confident in the new material… lets see
  14. Something feels off. They release an (okay-ish) song 3 months ago. Silence. Travis posts some drum samples. 0 news from Mark/Tom.
  15. Tom cant share a riff? A few chords even? Worrying….
  16. Knives Out 1 and 2. 2 was great, but 1 was super!!
  17. A few?! Id kill myself NQAT. Hope its just one 🥹🥹🥹
  18. Cash grab but had its iconic moments. I can forgive the money grab
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