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  1. Then Kylo Ren would have been like 10 when he killed those people, right?
  2. Is this the year for DiCaprio to get the Oscar?
  3. there is barely any tickets sold for opening day on the 16th at my local cinema.
  4. Almost 8 out of 10 is pretty good. Creators had more free hands with this season. Season 1 wasnt as great.
  5. season 2 of The Leftovers is probably my favourite season of any tv show. right up there with season 1 of True Detective. Amazing storytellng.
  6. Inside Out - Them feels, man.. them feels.
  7. Everest - your typical no drama true event movie. They kept it simple and I really like that. Had me tear up a few times. They did a great job at capturing the 90's.
  8. new Hearthstone Adventure coming soon and I have no gold saved up. Don't make me pay for it Blizzard!
  9. Maybe I'm too hard on it, but the story just felt all over the place and rushing for closure.
  10. Tabitha brought in on herself! Morgan is a boring character. I'm sick of him.
  11. I am really enjoying Heroes Reborn. latest episode was amazing
  12. anyone got into Overwatch beta? sadly my specs are far too low to ever play it.
  13. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2xp-qtUlsQ playing as Han.. OMG
  14. They had the same colour t-shirt on so there is a small chance that Nicholas landed on top of him, and Glenn could crawl under the dumpster and hide. camera angle was tricky. edit: IMDB messageboard agrees
  15. I really enjoyed the latest episode.building up to something great.
  16. Love this http://metro.co.uk/2015/09/18/andros-townsends-girlfriend-hilariously-mistakes-football-manager-screenshot-for-real-life-5398031/
  17. Gone Girl - Holy fucking shit, it is a great movie. Managed to avoid any big spoilers.
  18. danish, swedish and norwegian have similarities. in text I understand most of it.
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