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  1. Fuck me... but Schmeichel, what a keeper
  2. The Cloverfield Paradox - Decent space drama without the added Cloverfield elements Chris O'Dowd was great comic relief and as usual JJ Abrams got a small part for Greg Grunberg.
  3. Hang the DJ has taken the spot as my fav. Black Mirror episode
  4. I've been playing a bit of the indie sensation They Are Billions. Not really a fan of horde defence games but the RTS elements makes it pretty fun.
  5. I found out some time ago that she is a danish actress.
  6. He really is. I so want him to shine at the World Cup, He deserves it. And Lord Bendtner scored on penalty. Life is good.
  7. yeah episode 7 was the Outcasts. Disliked all across the internet from what I can tell. I'm still not sure what to make of Billy's character. If he is just a bully or they are going to build him up to be the antagonist of a season.
  8. Loved season 2 except episode 7 the kids did amazing again.
  9. home from work and excited to try out the new expansion for XCOM 2... but first a 30 gb download because no preload
  10. Luke Cage is such a boring character otherwise enjoying Defenders 4 episodes in.
  11. finally got around to watch Guardians of The Galaxy 2 - so fucking good. Favourite Marvel movie.
  12. I'm loving the latest Path of Exile expansion.
  13. Shot caller - solid movie with a great cast 7/10
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