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  1. Turns out he is some kind of man.
  2. Until we have confirmed record title, i just kept this generic. But the first song is available and is officially out in a few hours! What do people think? There's a NA tour starting in September.
  3. Also, one of these dates is on my birthday. If Tom was still there I'd genuinely think about flying over from the UK to see it. Especially with all these older songs getting thrown in. The acoustic set was my favourite bit when I saw them with Tom in 2012.
  4. i'd like to see them mix up the start of the show. they've been doing Feeling This / WMAA / Rock Show +- a couple songs since 2004.
  5. I thought opening with cynical and anthem part II was a little refreshing. They sound pretty shit though and Matt just sounds like he's shouting into the mic. Whilst Tom was crap he at least did something interesting. Mark has to carry the charisma for the whole show now, it only really works when he has a partner up there. Big up the Cure cover though.
  6. that's legit what I did. I actually thought someone had given him all the money
  7. How the fuck did this happen?!? There must be a bug on the site, right?!
  8. They play snippets, go through the lyrics, the time it was made, find some covers of it etc. For Dumpweed they talk about how it was the first Travis song and address the misogynistic lyrics etc. Apple Shampoo was fascinating, covering the girl it was about, the response song she wrote.
  9. This new podcast blink-155 just started. The guys are going to cover one song each week, so far they've done Dumpweed and Apple Shampoo and it's awesome. blink-155 Podcast - iTunes
  10. I might take that, let me find out if any of my friends are going
  11. that first one is tricky. I love Fuck a Dog, Family Reunion and The Country Song.
  12. This has probably been posted a dozen times, but this video is fascinating. I always thought STFTK was one of Tom's weakest songs from the regular setlist, but he sounds better than Skiba imo.
  13. when/were was WDNTW instrumental released?
  14. Do we know why they're not playing Parking Lot at the shows just now?
  15. 1. Feeling This 2. Down 3. Not Now 4. I Miss You 5. Asthenia 6. Obvious 7. Violence 8. Stockholm Syndrome 9. Always 10. Go 12. I'm Lost Without You 11. Easy Target 13. Here's Your Letter 14. All of This 15. Fallen Interlude
  16. garbage sound quality but there it is
  17. Maybe they'll pull a Tom and say blink-182 is +44 someday, like when Tom said AVA was Box Car.
  18. they've done loads of recorded performances since the reunion in 09, at festivals or special gigs, so most post EoTS songs that they play have a good quality live recording.
  19. I never played harmonics but from this video it looks like he's doing harmonics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk3DtYWibto`
  20. I think £50 is ridiculous. They were £20 in 2004, £30 in 2012, and £32.50 in 2014. £50-£60 is a price typically reserved for stadium gigs. The only arena shows that should be that expensive are stupid pop acts like lady gaga, or bieber or old big acts from the 80s. The soundcheck and meet & greet packages are super expensive too. I might've spent that if Tom was there.
  21. they probably do them because they play really high up in the bill, get paid a decent sum (only disclosed fee is from Australia but it was massive), it's only a few days of shows instead of weeks, they play to outside their core audience, get some TV time in the country. It's a win, win for them, but it sucks for fans because it's a more hits laden setlist, less spontaneous cool things like acoustic songs, and also festivals suck and are stupidly expensive.
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