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  1. Apparently Ticketmaster is under investigation from the Justice department for abusing their monopoly power? Saw it on twitter so don't know how true it is but thank god
  2. This doc made me realize just how short of a time they were together after untilted. For some reason i never clued into that. Felt like there was a couple years after it came out but they bascially only toured for a year after it came out and then they were done
  3. I wonder if they never even saw the footage, and just assumed since they were fighting the whole time, that it would all be filmed and in there.
  4. Youtubed the director guy and found this. I guess its on the netflix show but funny how the tour doc they seem pretty normal, but in this video, Mark talks about how bad it was
  5. also fucking love that this footage is seeing the light of day. Have always loved the style of those clips in Not Now
  6. When you watch this, it just makes you wonder what could have been if they stayed together. You would think the next album wouldve been pretty great and just put them in like Foo Fighters nowadays level status. I feel like Untitled really cemented them as being a massive band, one that wasnt just basic pop punk mtv music. Feel like the next album wouldve put them on top of the world
  7. And it's over. Dude said he was getting paranoid lol.
  8. Think he said he was gonna run it again. Also saw some messages about Mark being Ok with it but don't know how true that is.
  9. Travis just said after their last big four (in the untitled era) he went and delivered pizzas for 3 days just to have a normal job and remember where he came from. Mark and Tom's reaction was just like "are you fucking serious"
  10. Can't believe this has been in the shelves for like over 15 years and has never seen the light of day
  11. This is very strange. Just like a bunch of extra clips from stuff we've kinda already seen. Now I'm seeing album launch stuff but with new clips
  12. lot of bands posting theyll be playing shows at tiny little venus which is pretty cool
  13. This years When We Were young festival just cancelled cause of high winds lol
  14. The NHL/Sportsnet using All the Small Things in promo videos is pretty cool. And like not just Colorado Avalanche ones
  15. Anddd Tom is back to posting To The Stars shit, right on schedule.
  16. It really does sound so typical of them that era. It's funny how cut and paste so many of their songs were.
  17. Damn I kinda like that. The fuck was up with the loon call in the beginning though.
  18. Maybe Mark could do a rendition of his Hallucinations remix
  19. Apparently Mark tried to buy tickets to 2 of the shows just to see and also had difficulties. Didn't really make any mention of the price though. Said the dynamic pricing is out of their hands...
  20. Disaster is fucking amazing
  21. It blows my mind that he still has that opinion. Like play for 2 hours
  22. Just checked for here in Vancouver, cheapest floor seat was over 1000$, clicked on some other ones and came back to the floor and magically a bunch appeared for 500$ or so. Such a fucking scam. Every section shows available now but everything is stupid high price. Maybe it's not selling as good up here
  23. I feel like it's somewhat selling really good though or else they wouldn't be adding second shows in places right?
  24. Blink should come on stage to this song
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