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  1. No it's just the icing on top of the annoying cake.
  2. Apprentice I work with who is annoying as fuck and kinda a little bitch has a goatee and it makes me hate them even more.
  3. And in the video, they're in the I miss you set when that comes on. So good.
  4. Can drop Dumpweed, always, I like down but don't care if it's there. Feel like bored to death doesn't need to be there. And then maybe add a few songs.
  5. Ya are they gonna start cutting songs I wonder? Hopefully they switch some stuff up on the next tour.
  6. I like MTYK more, and listened to it way more yesterday, but I found myself singing the melody of OMT all last night. Is a good time to be a blink fan.
  7. He's been doing that for a while now. One of the first things I noticed in the video. Has to do a double take
  8. The thing i love about this video is you have people all over the internet saying things like "im 30 something years old and have been a fan of this band for 20 years and im crying". This bands fanbase really is something else. So great
  9. I just watched the Always video and its definitely the same. I just never remember there being a blue wall there but there is. I feel its the video ive watched the least so thats why i didnt recognize it.
  10. Yes that's the rock show wtf. Thats an easy one. The only one I would've never got unless it was for the three seperate sections is always. Don't think that's what the room looked like at all
  11. wow that was a fun few pages, if only we had something blink related to talk about
  12. Got home from work and threw both videos up on the tv. Feels like One More Time video was done by a legit hardcore fan. Like it feels like it was for us. Have listened to More Than You Know probably 30 times easily now. I'm sure im playing it too much that I'll get sick of it but it's just so good. Also, the OMT video already has like 1.3 million views. Pretty good for like 10 hours.
  13. He talks about ivy growing over awnings too. Is this a song about suing his neighbour??? 🤣
  14. This music has me in such a good mood, I'm able to scroll right past Jan and Diddy's awkward sexual tension fights and just read the good stuff. Put MTYK on again at lunch after working for a few hours and got chills again. My god it's just so good.
  15. Just watched the video again. The ending when they're showing all the old clips is so good.
  16. So do we have any more timelines for anything else now or is just Album.
  17. It is interesting to hear how for the most part, Tom is trying to sing again. I'm sure there's lots of post production on his voice now but it sounds better than it ever has in the past 15 years.
  18. Its so nice to actually have good music from them that isn't super dividing on everyone's opinion. One More Time is exactly what I thought it would be and isn't my jam really, but since we got MTYK, I can just bask in how much I love that one rather than being bummed about OMT
  19. Can we just go ahead and ban this guy now? Save the bandwidth and just get it over with now.
  20. Kinda surprised they didn't put big day out in tbh. The way they integrated them with lighting and everything was so good though.
  21. I had to rewind for a second then just assumed it was the untitled recording house. Old tv, looks like acoustic panels for the drums beside trav?
  22. I also don't hear the drums being overly too loud. I think with Edging they were way too much, which is part of why I don't like that song, but they sound fine in this.
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