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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXe5EG2JfkN/ If any of you are at 6pm pst i suggest you tune into this. This guy manages to get the stems for tracks and he breaks them all down and gives his own commentary on things. Its usually quite good and entertaining. Sometimes band members will join in and talk. Recently he was doing a weekly Jimmy Eat World session where all the members of the band would be in the chat giving tidbits out. I highly suggest everyone to check it. Theyre not recorded and released on youtube so you have to be there live.
  2. True. I think he's 100% run out of ideas if he's solo. I mean he straight rehashed an old Ava song on this album
  3. When he sings hey there little sad girl in Timebomb, it sounds so weird. Like he sang it too low. Doesn't sound like him at all
  4. Automatic is just such a disappointment. If he would sing the chorus better it would be so good. The way he says automatic is just bad. Should've sang a long held out automatic, not like the shit he did.
  5. I love "OG" AVA and i also love the Dream Walker. I would say the Love albums are defineitly the worst albums hes done. This album isnt that great though. Its like the Dream Walker was a certain percentage Tom, a certain percentage Ilan/Aaron and it worked and I really enjoyed it. This album seems like it turned into more of an Ilan and Aaron show and its not great. Kiss and Tell and Losing my Mind are the only two songs I love on this album. Time Bomb is good but not quite there, the rest I can take it or leave it.
  6. I listened to automatic on YouTube. Unless they took it down
  7. The chorus in automatic kinda falls flat. This album has the most randoms songs on it. Gonna have no flow what so ever.
  8. Echoing what most are saying with the disappointment with time bomb. Was looking so forward to it and it's just meh. Something about his voice in the recording kills it and like others have said, there's like no guitar.
  9. Automatic sounds like it's a cure beside. Like exactly like the cure
  10. Song isn't terrible but it's not great either. That chorus just doesn't suit Tom's voice/singing style and just ruins it. I was into it until the chorus hit and then it just sucked. Looks like Aaron Rubin had a big part in this song.
  11. Sigh this song is kinda a stinker. Sad when Tom hyped this album up so much when so far it's pretty 50/50 on good and bad songs. Had higher hopes.
  12. Not to mention the couple million subscribers he has on YouTube
  13. Came here to post this. Hopefully he can finally finish this thing. Turning into blinkimentary of 2. I love his stuff though so can't wait to see what he comes up with
  14. Finally got a good watch of the video and it made me smile. Are any of those people in the video famous?
  15. Loving both Time Bomb and Losing my mind. After some sub par songs before this im all pumped for the album again. When does it come out again?
  16. Done. Great idea to everyone who is involved
  17. Not gonna scroll through pages but we're all in agreance that the chorus of this new song is the exact same as Dry Your Eyes right? Litterally heard it immediately Edit. I went back. Good to see we're all on the same page
  18. Think I meant architects? Too lazy to actually go look what it is
  19. I really think chasing shadows has become my fav. Animals is a skip but some very good ones on it
  20. I enjoy the verses and riff a lot but that chorus is just not it. Last one is good when its guitar driven but overall there just isnt really a hook. Also Tom will never be able to sing that live. Is that the same girl from the kiss and tell video?
  21. Listened to the interview and am very excited for some new music
  22. Not sifting through 20 pages but I don't mind the song at all. Sounds like the Offspring, NOFX and Pennywise had a baby. Where do we stand on Matt having anything to do with this song? Seems like nothing right
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