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  1. Haha. Same for me. Paid a good amount for shipping to Europe. I better get a numbered poster...
  2. He has some good songs. Recommend to check it out.
  3. I don’t really buy this 100 piece thing. They are still selling it. I guess if they are only sell 100 pieces it would habe been sold out long ago.
  4. Matt isn’t really „Blink“ so no surprise.
  5. Yeah mine two. Not even an hour later.
  6. Not everybody can have an amazing name as you Speedo.
  7. I saw Goody Grace two years ago as an opening act for Hoodie Allen. He has some enjoyable songs. Easy to listen hip-hop. He liked a lot of Blink‘s post in the past on Instagram. Maybe also part of the Collaboration package. 😂
  8. Yeah I ordered one today as well.
  9. The poster seems to be available in the shop again!
  10. If I get paid for it why not. It’s a job. A pretty easy and well paid one.
  11. This! Just limit it to x copies. Collectors are happy and it’s easy money.
  12. Don’t understand why bands don’t sell signed copies every time. Easy cash grab.
  13. I guess you haven’t talked to that many people wearing sunglasses indoors, right?
  14. Not a shitty person. Just a douche. It makes it impossible to make eye contact while speaking with someone. And this for sure makes you appearance distant and arrogant.
  15. Pathetic. Take that shit off. Looks like a complete duche.
  16. We all said that about California still you listened to it.
  17. Doesn’t make sense to me. As much as you like the new stuff I would assume you listen to a performance everyone here is talking about.
  18. You think he is doing a good job performing Darkside on this radio show, right?
  19. What a strange performance. Sounded like absolute shit. Matt seems like he doesn’t want to be there. His whole body language says „I want out“! And he should stop wearing fucking shades inside. He looks like a tool.
  20. That arn’t good characteristics for an alpha...
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