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  1. Cheshire Cat: Carousel, Wasting Time Dude Ranch: Pathetic, Josie Enema: Going Away To College, Dysentary Gary TOYPAJ: Reckless Abandon, Give Me One Good Reason Untitled: Down, Asthenia (and Not Now) Neighborhoods: Natives, Wishing Well DED: When I Was Young, Dogs Eating Dogs California: Cynical, The Only Thing That Matters
  2. Opened up facebook in a lecture today (£9000 WELL SPENT!) and saw Tom was trending. I chuckled to myself because I knew before I clicked that whatever it was wouldn't be great. Lo and behold article after article of "Washed up musician Tom Delonge emailed the Clintons about aliens"
  3. Harlow's the pizza burn on the roof of the UKs mouth. Harlow is the anti-Batman. Please, please, don't judge the entire UK by Harlows actions. EDIT: Source - Live about 30 minutes drive away from Harlow. I do my best to spend my life living in the opposite direction of the place.
  4. Tell Mark to smile more, he's upsetting the internet.
  5. Bumping this thread to share that Justin Roiland (Co creator/writer/voice of Rick & Morty) did a word for word reenactment of that semi viral court case from a few months back. Hilarious stuff.
  6. Yeah I've seen a bunch of bands do it recently. All of them are pretty simple (they're lyric videos after all). But they all went to the effort of not just being a horizontal scroll of text
  7. Yeah they've added some reverb to Matt in the pre-chorus
  8. Whoever did those lyric videos really just stopped caring didn't they?
  9. Yeah I saw everyone was enjoying No Futures chorus a lot and didn't really get it. Different strokes.
  10. Some of these are gunna seem nit-picky but I wanna try and give at least 1 negative for each song. Cynical - Far too short, I feel like it rushes to a close. Bored to Death - I'm not a fan of the "over and over and over and over and over and over etc" SOOHM - "Ay-Ay-Ay-Anti social" bothers me because the "Ay" sound they make doesn't match the "Ah" at the beginning of the word anti-social. LA - Not a fan of the verses. They'd probably sound better with a decent hip-hop drum beat behind them. Or at least real percussion, which is probably why I prefer the 2nd verse. Sober - They missed a great opportunity to have a WMAA type bridge by having that piano part instead of having it be on guitar. Built This Pool - Not really a fan of joke songs in general. No Future - Really not a fan of the vocal melody for the chorus. HISALP - Why is there so much damn echo on Mark saying "Drive" at the end of the mini bridge? It comes out of nowhere and sticks out like a sore thumb. KOTW - Could do with a little riffage TS - Not a fan of the chorus Left Alone - The verses feel like they're missing something, probably guitar but I can't picture what it would sound like that still gives the chorus such a good punch. Rabbit Hole - Lyrically a bit iffy. San Diego - I feel like the bridge just doesn't really fit. It's like the song grinds to a halt. TOTTM - Much like KOTW, feels like it could do with a small riff, maybe have the riff at the end show up a bit more earlier in the song. California - hahahahah this song. BroRap - Another joke song Hey, I'm Sorry - At this point I feel like they're purposefully avoiding guitar riffs and leaning a little too heavily on woahs.
  11. Yeah, it was almost definitely just to get the rights to have The Rock Show or something in the new Spider-man film.
  12. 1. Untitled 2. Enema 3/4. Cali / TOYPAJ 5. Neighbourhoods 6. Dude Ranch 7. Chesire Cat I know for sure which my favourite and least favourite are. Things get a little cloudy in the middle.
  13. Can't be bothered to make a new thread for it unless this picks up (which I doubt) but I'm weird and tend to think a lot about how artists decide the order of the tracks on an album, so here's my question for you lovely people. What would your track listing for Cali be?
  14. They're definitely sticking with Feldman if they do another album. They've all been going on and on about how great he is and how it's like a new Jerry Finn. I doubt a few people online saying the album sounds too polished will sway them from that. I'm all for them sticking with him tbh. There aren't really any songs I dislike on the album, some are meh, but still listenable. And considering the turnover for the album, I'm all for them continuing to work with someone who gets them to be so productive.
  15. Don't you mean "Watch Tom announce something on July 1st" ? The dude can't hit a deadline without announcing it then changing it twice.
  16. That autotune on BroRap is definitely a deliberate joke.
  17. So now that it's leaked, who's taking first watch to make sure we don't miss Tom going [more] insane all over social media?
  18. They'd be mad to not play this if they do anymore acoustic stuff.
  19. Holy shit HISALP sounds fantastic.
  20. If you're lying, I'm setting Liam Neeson on you. Watch the leak be 16 tracks of "Champagne Supernova"
  21. That path.com link for SOOHM does nothing for me. https://path.com/moment/47GujY in case anyone has better luck
  22. "We never want to become a greatest hits band" How's that setlist looking?
  23. https://streamable.com/pfnz For the small overlap in the venn diagram of GoT fans and Always Sunny fans Also I'm not sure if people watch the previews for the episodes, but here's a pointless fun fact for you. There's a shot of a White Raven flying. White Ravens come from the Citadel and are sent out to signify that Winters arrived. Only took 6 seasons but here we are.
  24. Brand New doesn't have anything close to a release date though I don't think.
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