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  1. found t-shirt for the whole Warped Tour 1999 : starting 6/25/1999: The band performs at Retama Park in San Antonio, Texas, beginning their stint on Warped Tour 1999. and finishing 9/7/1999: The band performs at the Praca Sony, Lisbon in Portugal, as part of the European leg of the Warped Tour found small insert for both of those shows : 7/25/1997: The band performs at Randall's Island in New York, New York. 7/26/1997: The band performs in Bradley Park in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Blink 182 - Sports Tom Delonge on vocals, Mark Hoppus on bass and Scott Raynor on drums. These guys make up a stellar band, with a driven pop sound that keeps their fans loyal and rockin From Warped Tour 1996 :
  2. Favorite Feeder song of mine has to be High (just received the 7inch of that song today !) Buck Rogers is a classic haha !
  3. found more info about this (on the song A New Hope) : 6/17/1997: Dude Ranch is released. It is co-distributed by MCA Records, becoming Blink's first major-label album. The line : Drinking Colt 45's with Lando is a reference to the 1988 Colt 45 TV Commercial from 1988 with Billy Dee Williams (the actor that plays Lando Calrissian in Star Wars).
  4. found picture for this show : 12/31/1997: The band performs at SOMA in San Diego, California, as a part of SOMA's New Year Bash.
  5. Really liked that movie too ! It was really clever ! What do you think of it being compared to this generation's of Superbad ?
  6. Found poster for this show : 8/15/1997: The band performs at ? in Cologne, Germany as part of the Bizarre Festival. found new date to add (with proof of poster) : 04/03/1995 The band performs at Totem Inn, Alaska. Other bands include Pennywise and Dance Hall Crashers. found laminate for this tour : 4/29/1998: The band performs at Henry J. Kaiser Arena in Oakland, California. Other bands include Madness, Dance Hall Crashers, Royal Crown Revue and the Aquabats. found second video for the What's My Age Again : 4/1999 (undated, so far): The band films the music video for "What's My Age Again?
  7. I asked what memory he had of the original Josie underwater video. And he said that it was really cold haha
  8. Mark just answered my question on his Instagram live that he's doing right now ! About the original video for Josie haha OMG I don't what to say haha
  9. found ticket stub for this show : 8/3/1997: The band performs at Tsunami Complex in Orlando, Florida. found poster for this show : 7/8/1999: The band performs at Kingdome Parking Lot in Seattle, Washington. found picture for this show : 6/18/1999: The band performs at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California´╗┐.
  10. Very happy to have this amazing poster promoting the soundtrack of my favorite movie of all time !
  11. There was no picture or cool stuff for this date yet And now there's the poster ! I'll keep in mind though to not repost any dates where there's already information by the way ! Thanks !
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