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  1. New date to add : 08/XX/2004 The song "I Feel So" by Box Car Racer is featured in the ending credits of an episode of The Fairly Oddparents on Nickelodeon.
  2. Thank you so much for this ! That interview and those live clips are now identified ! Found interview/live clips for this show : 3/21/1996: The band performs at Cheers in Miami, Florida.
  3. found original music video for M+M's (banned video on MTV) : 7/26/1995: The band films the music video for "M+M's", according to a clapperboard seen in the original music video found shirts from the US/ European Warped Tour 1997 :
  4. Erik, Nikola and Mathias from Millencolin talking about the Warped Tour 1997 in Europe with Blink as well as talking about Tom too in the latest episode of the Mike Herrera Podcast (starting at 25min) 8/15/1997: The band performs at ? in Cologne, Germany as part of the Bizarre Festival. Poster 8/16/1997: The band performs at Colossium in Munich, Germany. 8/17/1997: The band performs at Arena in Vienna, Austria. 8/19/1997: The band performs at Le Dome in Marseille, France. 8/20/1997: The band performs at Bullring in Pamplona, Spain. 8/22/1997: The band performs at Little John's Farm in Reading, England, as a part of the Reading Festival. Poster 8/23/1997: The band performs at Kempische Steenweg in Hasselt, Belgium, as a part of Pukkelpop. Video 1, Poster 8/24/1997: The band performs at Spijk en Bremerberg in Dronten, Holland, as a part of Lowlands Festival. This completed their stint on Warped Tour 1997. http://www.mikeherrera.net/ New date to add : XX-03-1998 Blink 182 are featured on the cover of No Cover Magazine.
  5. found backstage laminate pass for this show : 12/11/1998: The band performs at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, as a part of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas. found t-shirt for this show : 5/31/1998: The band performs at WBCN River Rave '98 at Great Woods Amphitheater in Mansfield, Massachusettes.
  6. Thank you @daveyjones for this ! New date to add : 04/18/1998 The band performs at Springfest 98 at USC. This show was a free show.
  7. found new date (with proof of flyer) : 04/03/1995
  8. Not Tom's guitar but there's a Blink sticker on Seb's guitar of Simple Plan ! Also a lot of other 00's pop punk bands stickers.
  9. This looks interesting ! https://www.mccarter.org/season/2018-2019/pdps/mark-hoppus/
  10. What's everyone's opinion on this ?
  11. found poster for this show : 1/23/1998: The band performs at Adelaide University in Adelaide, Australia. found promo photo for the Josie video shoot : 4/19/1998: The band films the music video for "Josie".
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