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  1. Used to watch all of those, didn't think they were all that obscure, they were on major networks. Oblongs are closest though, it's pretty niche on Adult Swim. You know what show I loved that got shit on by FX? Terriers.
  2. Found a good one for about $1100, that's probably gonna be the route I go. I'm gonna start looking for Apple discount codes, lol.
  3. It'll definitely be a refurbished one. The M1 chips make it difficult to work with anything older so I'm not gonna bother getting a new one.
  4. Can anyone give any recommendations on a iMac or Mac Mini to run Logic Pro X? I'm trying to stay in the 700-800 dollar range, so I'm looking for something from 2016-2018 ... I'm useless when it comes to technology or specifications so any steering in the right direction would be appreciated.
  5. Fuuuuck. I forgot about Grant Hill ... remember Penny Hardaway? Ooh, fucking Shawn Kemp?
  6. It isn't, you're whining about shit you don't understand and you think you're justified because you're a consumer. So, I ask again, when was the last time you put out a record? Started with a few ideas, produced into a final project ... since your so sure it's an easy process ... I mean surely, you could give us 10 songs, right?! 15? 20?
  7. The point is that creativity isn't a limitless fountain. Hell, maybe he wrote 40 and only 10 didn't suck, who knows? It's just annoying to hear people bitch about not getting anything and then bitch again when they do. Its the same with new Blink ... whine about not getting anything and then whine when they do. So, maybe those people who like to put their own music out.
  8. When is the last time you put out a record?
  9. A lot of people should shut up and be thankful for what they got.
  10. Can you imagine the colossal back pedaling? We end up like superman, going backwards in time. It'd be travisbarker.com again.
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