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  1. About as much time as Ghent. This really isn't worth it though, you're right, I spend way too much time here. I'm really not sure exactly what I've done to piss you all off (the handful of you that seem so passionate) ... I mean, sure, I post a lot but I'm mostly benign these days, half the man I used to be but you guys win. I'll log off. Catch y'all on the flip side, it's been ... something.
  2. The sidekick is throwing heat!
  3. Oh, okay. So, thats a no then ... you and JarJar wanna talk about it?
  4. You okay? Is Ghent okay? Leo?
  5. Don't bother, it's just time for the tired routine again ... another day or two and then the three month lull will start again.
  6. I quoted what Leo said ... that's not racism.
  7. Name one time I was racist!
  8. My racism is silly and charming.
  9. Why would I take a break, I enjoy posting here? It's Ghent's and Jan's problem, they can go away.
  10. Ghent is talking about when he makes up some random insult about me like I'm a pedophile, or a racist, or a trump supporter, or whatever the shtick of the week is ... I just respond with "oh, okay" 'cause what the hell am I supposed to respond with, a counter argument? I found out long ago that that only makes the bullshit worse. So, instead it's easier to just shut it down. If you don't the other miscreants will join in ... like Jan does incessantly.
  11. I'll be sure to do it more often! How old is that screenshot, Jan? The last time I posted in the photos/art section was in January ... you just save 'em up? Bizarre.
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