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  1. They’d probably sound even better without YouTube’s compression.
  2. I would but we are moving next weekend so this weekend is packing and cleaning. I’m probably gonna crash after we finish today. I’ll let you know when I get everything set up at the new house though.
  3. Smile. Life’s not that bad and you’re so much prettier when you smile, Jan.
  4. Makes me feel like eating a pickle, maybe even two.
  5. This guy does a pixies cover that’s pretty rad, I’m honestly impressed.
  6. “At least we had fun” the movie.
  7. Get it kids?! It’s a silly play on words!
  8. No way, Jan’s just gonna be creepy in the corner the whole time watching me Guit-Off.
  9. I haven’t run into those issues, Songsterr is good too. All the tabs are just circulated around anyway. What’s on UG is on Songsterr, I’ve just been using UG since I was 16 so I’ve stuck with it. Case in point, I did a tab on UG in like 2005 or so and it’s made its way across several different sites.
  10. They’re rated by accuracy.
  11. I wish we could do audio posts. This thread makes me sigh.
  12. I said Stockholm had a more complex arrangement, you dingbat.
  13. I see. The arrangement is more complex but that’s it. The song needed more going on with it to pull it together.
  14. In all fairness, I played it the exact same way as you do until I saw that video you posted where you didn’t think Tom was actually playing. It’s how I figured out what he was actually doing.
  15. I wasn’t paying attention to the argument. Tom isn’t a complicated writer, that’s not what makes him good.
  16. You just lightly touch the strings with the tips of your finger and pick it. I showed you what Tom was doing! Nobody ever pays attention to Speedo.
  17. There’s quite a few songs with them in the back catalog as well.
  18. Dysentery Gary’s chorus is harmonics as well.
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