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  1. It's a great song but I'd be lying if I said I knew much more about them ... they have another great song in "About The Movies" but I had to look up the title to it. I'm sure they were pretty big here but I don't really remember ... I was maybe 10 when I Got A Girl hit so not too aware of it. The Toadies were and still are quite big here.
  2. Oliver seems to think the pinnacle of guitar talent is learning to play the stupid solo in BR ... BR being Bohemian Rhapsody ... now he's Mick Jagger strutting around like it means he wrote the fucking thing.
  3. It's honestly got me flustered and not in the way Oliver thinks.
  4. Here are the tabs ... its not a complicated solo. It takes practice, not talent.
  5. Brian May, Tom DeLonge and Johnny Ramone are better than you. You can play the solo to Bohemian Rhapsody all fucking day long (it's not a complex solo by the way), you still can't fucking write it ... which is my point ... talent isn't in imitation its in innovation and creation.
  6. It's real easy to win an argument no one is fucking having, Oliver.
  7. I never said that either, are you out of your fucking mind?! Quit making shit up, it's god damn annoying.
  8. Both are great, don't be a stinky vagina your whole life.
  9. Now I have to learn the stupid fucking solo just to prove my god damn point. It's fucking annoying and I don't want to do it.
  10. The silly thing is I've not once bragged about my guitar skills. They're shit. Oliver said I couldn't play the solo to bohemian rhapsody when I never said I could. I just said muscle memory isn't a true showing of musical ability. Creation is.
  11. Furthermore, what point are you trying to make? Ramones aren't the hot sellers they used to be 40 years prior?
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