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  1. It's probably about time I rage quit again until this is over.
  2. I'm too much of an asshole purist for this to be something I participate in. There's no conceivable conclusion of this that won't leave me angry.
  3. This isn't my gig and I don't care to do it but it's just "Ramones" ...
  4. Damn. I have a drummer for one project but need one for the second.
  5. I narrowly avoided getting my ass beat for liking Blink182 in those days. The punk scene was ... "opinionated" here in San Antonio and Austin back then ... I'd have been hung if I had done anything short of cruelly mock Simple Plan and anyone who listened to them.
  6. That one NFG album was good ... the one with Dressed to Kill. I never gave a shit about the others. Simple Plan was/is/always will be, lame as fuck ... 13 yr old hot topic scene girls loved them, that says enough.
  7. New Found Glory. Simple Plan is for cisgender white men.
  8. She didn't open my eyes, I'm just not an asshole. If I have personal dealings with you and I know and respect you then I'll call you Hot Toddy Titty Tinkler if you want me to, it's whatever. It has nothing to do with being appropriate with whatever lingo the ever changing landscape is on this minute and everything to do with me respecting that individual. Mostly, I just don't care, life is short, do whatever you want, just don't inconvenience me about it.
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